Ruby the Hoe

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Let me start this of by saying thank you to the writers on here that have the bad writers backs. Writers like TARA he looks out for the other riders, when the nerds and geeks attack she said that she had her backs. And crack sniffer as well, if I don’t remember your name I apologize. As for the ones that put down everybody, I tell you right now my English is not good my grammar is not great and my spelling isn’t really that great and I figured by the time this ends you’re going to be attacking me from all ends and guess what I don’t care. I think you get up by 10 people down I have a hard enough time going through life like the people that have autism, retardation, he probably put down the people at the special Olympics. There’s a little girl on here named Jen, it has a hard enough time going through life without some bitches like you putting her writing down. Yes she has dyslexia, but I might let you in a little secret I read a comment on here, that a major movie Superstar by the name of k. Reeves has dyslexia, and he’s had it since he was a boy he’s also been in and out of foster homes as a child now I’m going to give you a good thing, let’s see how brave you b****** are by putting down a little dyslexia girl you think you can save the John wick’s face. Yes I read the comment I double checked the information and, it’s true he does have dyslexia.

Now on to our story. Ruby is a hoe, she has short 18 black hair, and small figure small boobs, but a nice round ass. Her daddy is a daddy by the name of Dwayne and yes he is black. Now let me introduce you to me.

My name is, Badass Billy G. It took me 2 years to get my reputation, me and my BFFL I ran with one of the baddest gangs back home, for years. And,, no not one of the 2 main gangs out there. Back home we were considered to be Street Legends. We had a leader or called the Godfather because he started the.gang and second in command was his BFFL. What funny is I was the last one to join.

We have all been dragged through hell and back our gang was started back in 1997 we took on a lot of rival games, we can’t say their names, let’s just say back then it was a bloodbath.

Enter our little Ruby hoe, not pretty not your typical how by any means, there was just something about her , that I was attracted to. The leader of our game, warned me about her.
He said, don’t get hooked up with her she is Dwayne’s girl.

The next night, I’m the type of person that don’t listen to No One I had made my mind up. Ruby came down through our turf, I followed her, she went down a dark alley, she turned around. I didn’t say anything, I pulled a 20 out of my pocket, and, gave it to her. And, she got on her and knees and, took out my 8 inche snake out of my jeans.

And, she started to give me a BJ, I started to get hard real fast, yes she was that damn good at it, 20 minutes she suck me to bring hard to cumming In her mouth and, she swallowed it. She got up and, she walked away. I put my cock away and went back to my homeboys. And, she went to where she went.

Next day Dwayne shows up and walks up to me, in front of my home boys, and cause me out, he tells me to stay away from Ruby, she was his property.

I told him last time I looked Bitch, I ran the hoes and, Ruby was a hoe that means Ruby is mine because she was a hoe. And that was the summer of 1998.
Dwayne West a game that was all made of black gang members. That was the year of the biggest and gang fight between our gang and his.

Again another flight broke out that year with our leader versus Dwayne that same year our little leader beat Dwayne.

April of the next year 1999, I know it was a stupid move I went to Dwayne and I was told no don’t do it by my own leader, I just couldn’t get Ruby out of my mind.
I walked up to Dwayne and I offered him money for Ruby he took the envelope and looked inside and common said no, I can make more off Ruby in a week then is in this envelope.

I go to leave I pick up the envelope and I tell him, I’ll make a deal with you, me you one on one you win you get the money and, Ruby. But, after I beat your black ass I’m taking Ruby.

He LOL and, said your going to kick my ass white bread,, and, smiled at me. His homeboys start to move in on me. He tells his boys to back of, they back of.. he says, see you in.2.hours White bread,.I said, SE you in 2 hours black bitch. I said, make sure Ruby is there. He said, she will be there, just.make sure the money is there.

I go back to my boys thinking to myself what did I just get myself into, Dwayne was built, like a black ass bear. I get back to me homeboys, our leader says, where have you been? I told him the truth. In 2 hours I was going to fight the wing for Ruby.

I didn’t think it’d be that much of a big deal. He wasn’t too happy with me, he said, this is got to stop, you’re fighting him over some bitch! He said if you insist I’m going through with this I will break the game up. I said, you don’t mean that?

2 hours later Dwayne shows up he brought his homeboys, my homeboys are ready for a fight this was our territory.

He had Ruby with him, he looked at me and said, you got the money? I show him the envelope.

I walk over to my BFFL and common and him the envelope. He said, you better win! I said, you don’t trust me cuz? He said I want you to remember that if you lose not only are you letting our gang down, but our family as well. So you better beat his black ass. My BFFL was more of a badass than me.

Anyways to make a story short, I beat his black ass his homeboys move in my homeboys move in, they looked in my homeboys they knew they were outnumbered, I told them to get the Wayne out of here he looked at me dead in the face when they picked him up, I said to him he should have took the money black bitch!

I walked over to my BFFL he was smiling hands me the envelope, and says good job cuz. I turn and look at her leader he turns his back on me and, went his separate way. I guess he was true to his word to walk away from us.

I went over to Ruby took her by the hand Ruby asked me, where are we going? I said, our place. She I’m a hoe? I smile at her and, I said, you can was but, your not anymore you are mine and, I am taking you of the market

I know you’re name is not Ruby, what is your real name? She says, Joanna I said. Joanna I think I will call you Joni
She smiled at.me I said I going to introduce to people as my girl Joni. She says, what about the people that know I’m a hoe and, my name as Ruby?

I said better not. Or I will just have to beat their asses too. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She looked at me, I said what? She said I’m just wondering? I asked her what are you wondering? She says, is this really real, am I finally really free? I told her I didn’t beat Dwayne’s ass to put you back out on the street.

I said by the way this is yours and I gave her the envelope. She looked inside it and said I thought it wasn’t going to be a w**** anymore I thought I was free. I said you are free, as for you for whatever you want. She looked at me and said I can’t accept this it’s too much.

I said, baby when was the last time he gave you any money for yourself? She taught her so, smile and ask me, so, I can really used this for whatever I want?

I said yes. She said thank you and smile, I’ve been out on the streets since I was 15. And, she kissed me with her tongue. I asked her, what was that for? She said, because I wanted to and, for setting me free.

I never thought I would get away from Dwayne until he had beaten me to death, I smile at her, and said, I guess I got you out of there at the right moment.

as I pulled her into me and, we tongue kissed, I took her halter top of, she pulled my tee up over my head and, and, she stopped

I asked her, why did you stop? She looked around and, said.so, this is my house? I said, no. She had a disappointed look on her face I said, this is our house.she smiled she kissed me again and, we keep going.

As we was kissing I reached around and unhook her black bra and next she got on her knees again.

And unbutton and unzipped my jeans and took my jeans down and off and my boxers down and she let.my snake out again but as soon as soon

As it was out it went ride into her mouth again and she suck me hard again and after about 5 minutes,

She jumped up into my arms and, wrapped her legs around me and whisper into my ear I want you to fuck me.

I carried her to our bed and lay her down, I some how managed to unhook and, and zip her black mini skirt.

Well so sexy underneath she was wearing all black stilettos, nylons, with garter belt, and a black thong.
Now I stop, now it was her turn to ask me why did you stop? I said are you sure? She says you paid for me.

I said NO,! I gave you that money as a gift, to do want to you are not my hoe I repeat you are not my hoe you are my girl. Now do you want me to?

She smiles at me and said your girl, yes I want you to four, the first time in my life I can fuck and enjoy it and not get paid and have to act like I want it.

I reach down and remove her black thong

She had a nice little black bush for, a 18 year old I know she been on the street sense she was 15

I take my cock into my hand and, put it into her pussy and, I fuck her as I fuck her as I fuck her pussy she crys out Fuck me, Fuck me!

I tell her I have never fucked anything like your pussy, as I keep fucking her.

She says Babe you ain’t seen nothing yet? And , she smiles at me.as I keep on fucking her.

She tells me to lay flat on my back. I do and, she said, I’m going to rock your world. She climbs up on top of me. Smiles at me and, tells me you are in for, the ride of you’re life.

As she takes.my cock and, puts in her pussy and, rides me.

She was right sensation was incredible and she rides mine cock she rides me a good 30 minutes.

I tell her to stop, she keeps riding me, she asked me why? I said because I m not wearing a condom, shae says that okay I’m on the pill.

She keeps on riding me and, she Makes me cum in her pussy.

She says oops I said why you say oops what’s oops? She smiles at me and, says I think I forget to take my pill to day.

I said NO! Oops ! You better be kidding me, she smiles at me and, says am I?

She smiles again at me and, says is there anything else my man what from me? I said I would love to tape your Ass?

She turns over and, lay flat on her stomach and, said you paid for, it. And smiles at me.

I said stop that you are not my hoe. She says ok then your slut? I said,.. stop that your not my.hoe, your not my slut you are.my girl. I want you to feel like my.girl.and, not my hoe or my slut.

Then.fuck.your girls.ass my man smiling at me. I get up behind her and, put my cock up into her ass she screaming out it’s so.dam.big!

I’ve never had one that big in my ass before! I fuck her up in her tight ass she cries oh yeah baby fuck mommy ass. I asked her don’t it hurt you at all? She says yes, but, I m not allowed to say that. I said oh, okay with me you can and, if you ever want me to stop just tell me.

She says ok just keep fucking my ass,.I keep.fucking.her for another 10 minutes and, I tell her I m getting ready to cum.

I cum in her ass! I said it felt like your ass was all most new, I don’t think you have been fucked in the ass that much.

She says I have not many guys want to and, I have to change.200.00

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  • Reply Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    At times I forget who I am

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    There’s something really original about your writing. Can’t imagine why you were putting yourself down at the beginning. This is good storytelling!

    • Bad brother ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Thank you

  • Reply love itt ID:645g3wvt0i

    You know, you are allowed to swear on here

  • Reply Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    One of these days maybe I.will get your name spelled right. TARA

  • Reply Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Omg.Tars I’m so sorry I. just caught that

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Badass ! Just to get your cock hard , my figure is well proportioned for child breeding with my c cup lactating tits and my curvy child bearing hips ! we could be in a swimming pool with me on top of you with my arms around your neck, as you move my bikini to the side and stick your cock into my pussy and fuck me until i squeal for you baby !! I hope you just blew your load !! your friend Tara !!

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Badass Billy !! Last time i looked i am a girl !! and you are welcome because i’ve been attacked for posting things i have gone through ! some good and some not so good ! I don’t attack people first, they attack me and i respond ! tara

    • Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Yes you got me to blow my load twice.