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OMG The Boys Are Back

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It all started on a hot humid day here in Florida. Rocky is away in business and I’m here alone. The phone rings and to my surprise it’s Tommy.

He asks Carol can I come and visit you. I tell him sure you can. Tommy asks is Rocky home and I tell him no. Tommy asks will you cook if we bring the food. I say to him who is we. Tommy says the boys and I. OMG my heart skipped a beat and I almost dropped the phone.

Tommy says I have three of the boys with me. I say to him you do. Tommy answers yes we’ll be there in about an hour. I say ok I’ll be waiting. We hang up and now I have to get ready for what I hope will be a gang bang.

I jump in the shower and play with myself. I’m thinking of all the young black cock Ill be getting very soon. OMG a I cum so hard and now I have to put on a thong and my robe and wait for the doorbell to ring.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table when the bell rings. I open the door and there’s Tommy, Aziz, B and of course Benny. They all look at me and say almost at the same time good to see you again Carol. I answer same here.

They bring the food in and Tommy says so Carol are you ready. I ask him ready for what. Tommy says to cook. I tell him yes but my heart is racing. We go by the pool and Tommy puts on some music. The boys start to dance and Benny says Carol join us.

I takeoff my robe and I look at the boys. Benny says we’re going to have a lot of fun today. I’m dancing with the boys and their grinding up against me, feeling me up. Tommy is behind me and he undoes my top.

My big tits fall free and the boys are grabbing at them pulling on my big nipples. Tommy then pulls down my thong and the boys are now out of control. Benny says lay down on your lounge chair.

I lay down and Benny pulls his shorts down and says so Carol you know we wanted to fuck you the last time we were here. I moan yes I know. Benny has a good sized cock for such a little guy.

Benny says Carol I’m going to eat your pussy before we fuck you. Benny puts his head between my legs and he’s sucking my pussy. B puts his big cock in my mouth and I’m jerking off Aziz and Tommy.

I tell Benny I’m cumming and he gets in between my legs and slams his big black cock inside me. Oh yes Benny fuck me baby fuck me. Benny is fucking me fast and hard and I’m going to cum again.

Benny says Carol I’m going to cum inside you because Tommy told us to get you pregnant. OMG yes cum inside me Benny please make me pregnant. My pussy is now full of Benny’s cum.

I see B standing over jerking his big black cock. B gets in between my legs and he’s rubbing my clit with his cock. I say to him B please don’t tease me fuck me. B sinks his big black cock inside me.

B says Carol we’ve waited so long to fuck you. I tell him B fuck me baby fuck me. Axis has his cock in my mouth and he says I’m next to fuck that pretty white pussy of yours. Aziz says Carol I’ve never had a blowjob like this.

B is still fucking me and.I’m licking Aziz’s balls. B cums inside me and now Aziz takes his place. OMG I can’t believe this is happening but I’m so happy it is. I fantasized for moths thinking about the boys fucking me.

Axiz is really fucking me. I cum again and Aziz adds to the cum in my pussy. Tommy grabs my hand and brings me to the shower. He puts the shower on and is washing my body. Tommy is enjoying washing my big tits.

I’m clean and now they all say that fucking me made them hungry. I’m still naked so I light the grill and start to cook. Tommy bends me over and says Carol I’m going to fuck you now.

I open my pussy and tell him to do it. Tommy slams his huge black cock inside me and he says all the cum you’ll get today will make you pregnant. I tell Tommy promise me I’ll be pregnant with a black baby. Tommy says I promise.

I cum again and Tommy cums inside me. He pulls his cock out of me and says be a good slut Carol and clean my cock. Benny now takes Tommy’s place as he puts his big black cock inside me once again.

I tell Benny give me all of your cock and cum Benny. He’s slamming my pussy with his cock. Benny cums inside me and says Carol I just gave you a little black Benny. He kisses me and I tell him I hope so.

I’m still by the grill cooking when B puts his cock in me. B says Carol I love them big white titties of yours. B grabs them and he’s pulling on my nipples. B cums inside me and Aziz takes his place. Aziz slams his cock into my well lubed pussy.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Aziz cums inside me and now it’s time to eat. I sit in between the boys so they can play with my tits and pussy. Benny puts his fingers inside me and says when we’re done eating we want to fuck you in your bed.

I say ok and Benny says your pussy is so wet. I tell him don’t stop using your fingers. We’re done eating and Tommy picks me up and carries me inside the house. We’re all going to my bedroom and Tommy gives ne this big kiss.

He puts his tongue in my mouth and it’s so big and fat. Tommy lays me on the bed and now it’s really fuck Carol time. Benny is laying on my bed and says Carol bring your pretty pussy over here and ride me.

I grab Benny’s cock and sink it inside me. I feel a cock probing my ass. I look and it’s Aziz. I tell him to fuck my ass I love it. Axiz sinks his cock into my ass. I’m sucking Tommy’s cock and jerking off B.

I knew letting the boys fuck me would feel good but not this good. Benny cums inside me and Aziz when he cums in my ass, I explode. Tommy cums in my mouth and B cums all over my tits. I’m licking B’s cum off my tits.

Tommy now slams his still hard cock inside me. Tommy says Carol remember when I told you I’d let the boys watch me fucking you. OMG I say yes Tommy I remember. Tommy says boys watch me fuck this white slut and fill her with my black cum.

I cum so hard when he says this because I want the boys to watch Tommy fuck and use me. I tell Tommy fuck me baby fuck me. I want your black baby now give it to me. Tommy is slamming my pussy and when he cums he says Carol here’s your black baby.

I grab Tommy’s face and say yes give ne a black baby. Benny says he wants to fuck my ass. I get on all fours and say Benny fuck my ass. Benny’s cock slips right inside my ass and he’s fucking me like crazy. B puts his cock in my mouth and says suck my black cock Carol suck it.

They took turns all night with me filling every hole with black cum. We have a huge bed so we all can sleep together.

The next morning I get up to make the boys breakfast. I have on my white terry cloth robe on. All the boys come downstairs and they look at me and say forget breakfast we want to fuck you all day. OMG will I be able to take all these young black cocks.

Tommy unties my robe and carries me back upstairs to my bedroom. These boys did whatever they wanted to me. All my holes were stretched when they were done with me.

It’s time for them to leave and they all kiss me and say what a good time they had. The boys asked me did I enjoy it. I said I loved it we have to do it again.

Tommy kisses me and says I’ll be back after I drop them off. They leave and an hour later Tommy is back. We go upstairs to the bedroom and we’re laying there talking.

Tommy says the boys really had fun fucking you. I tell Tommy I loved it. Tommy tells me Carol I told you I’d let them watch me fucking you. Yes Tommy I saw them all jerking off when you were fucking me. Tommy asks is this getting your horny.

I grab Tommy’s hand and put it on my pussy. I say see how wet it made me. Tommy spreads my legs and says I’m fucking you until Rocky gets back and you better be pregnant when I’m done with you my white slut. Tommy gets in between my legs and sinks his huge cock in me.

Fuck me baby fuck me I scream. Tommy and I fucked all week and I’m sure I’ll be pregnant with someone’s black baby.

I still can’t believe I was gang banged by a group of young black men. Thank you Tommy for bringing them here to fuck me. Now I’ll have to wait until they can fuck me again.


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  • Reply DarkAction ID:2nhiwvrk0i

    I love your stories Carol. They never fail to excite me. Just jealous I’m not black and can’t fuck you myself. Ah well, can always dream.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1e9xlwclk8jy

    @tara, hope you didn’t get pregnant and if so hope you got an abortion.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      I was lucky ! I didn’t get pregnant but i have always been a fuck magnet to just about every guy that sees me !!

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    I was a substitute teacher for a tenth grade class and i was alone in the classroom grading paper’s. when a black janitor came in and started sweeping the floor. I was dressed in my dark blue dress, white blouse and red tights with black 3 inch heels ! All of a sudden the janitor grabs me and puts me over my desk as i scream and struggle, what are you doing ! He said i’m gonna fuck you white bitch as he lifts up my dress and exposes my petite pouty red tights encased ass ! he is feeling my ass up and my pussy with his black hands making my pussy very wet. Then he pulls down my tights just enough and shoves his big black cock deep into my tender pink pussy making me squeal and whimper ! He gave me the hardest thrust fucking i ever got that i thought he tore my pussy from his pounding fuck ! I ‘m moaning and squealing still and he says you are gonna have my baby bitch ! I cried and begged him please i don’t want a black baby ! Then without warning i feel him cum deep into my pussy as i’m moaning and cumming all over his cock ! He pulls out of me and all his sperm leaks into my red tights and down my legs leaving huge white stains on my tights ! He left me and i pulled up my sticky wet tights and cried that i might be pregnant with a black baby and what will i tell my soon to be husband ! That i was raped by the black janitor !!

    • Carol ID:2t45gtcd1

      My Master thinks if he gets me pregnant I’ll leave my husband. I would have to leave. My Master has came in me so many times that it’s a miracle I didn’t get pregnant.