Naughty neighbor

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Ally was a neighbor of mine in an apartment I lived in. She was 14 almost 15, cute as a button, short with a great young body. Very firm because she played a lot of sports. Great bubble butt, and a perfect A cup chest. She lived with her cousin and her husband. All summer long I would see her laying out by the pool and I would sit on the balcony just wanting that young body. She knew it too because she managed to wear the skimpiest bikinis every day. And even when she wasn’t laying out, she walked around in tight gym shorts and tight tank tops or shirts.
She always smiled at me when she saw me and always checked me out as well probably thinking I was a dirty old man(I was 37). Even when she was with her friends, she smiled and giggled.
One day I was at the pool just relaxing on a rare day off, and she comes walking in with a tiny black bikini which barely covered her tiny tits and her ass. She waved at me and went to sit 2 chairs over from me. She rolled over on her stomach and undid her top. I had sunglasses on so at least she couldn’t see me staring at her, but I could feel my erection growing so I jumped in the pool.
I waited until my erection got soft and got out of pool. She was still laying face down but she had pulled her bottom around her butt cheeks to reveal a perfect round ass.
It looked so fuckable. She called me over and asked if I could put more lotion on her so she didn’t burn. I sat on the chair next to her and started rubbing lotion on her back and her legs meanwhile just staring at that round ass and I could feel my cock growing again which I tried to hide as best as I could but wasn’t working. I put my towel across my crotch and told her I was going back upstairs. I wrapped my towel around me, and almost ran upstairs to relieve my rock hard cock. And I was having my friend stopping by later so I wanted to save some for her too. But my mind was still on Ally and that beautiful ass!
I was in the shower and heard doorbell ring. Shit my friend was early. Grabbed my towel and, slipping and sliding, went to answer door. It was not my friend but Ally stand there. She brought me my water jug and glasses that I had left at poolside. I thanked her but she said she got locked out and her cousin was not coming back for another few hours from work and her friends weren’t around.
I told her to come in, make herself comfortable and I went to finish showering. I came out and she was just looking at TV but I had forgotten I had left porn tube on and she sat there mesmerizing about this young girl getting her ass pounded by her stepdaddy big cock screaming yes daddy.
I told her I was sorry, and to please change channels but she kept looking at it saying she had never watched porn but she was curious about it. My cock was stiff between her in a bikini on my couch and the porn on TV, so I turned around and went and changed into sweats!
I came out and mercifully the movie was over but she was totally in a different place now that she had seen that and she actually asked me if I had done anal before with my girlfriend and I responded honestly, yes she actually loved it. Did it hurt her she asked, And I told yes at first but you have to have lube to do it I told her.
She walked over to me, grabbed my now stiff cock though my sweats, and said do you want to do it with me? I haven’t had sex with anyone yet she told me, but I want to stay a virgin she added. My cock was throbbing in my pants and my first thought was no this is way wrong, she is a child, but she undid the strings on both too and bottom of bikini and let them drop off. Her tiny little pink puffy nipples were starting to grow hard. I told her you know I am old enough to be your dad right? She responded we can pretend we are like in that movie you were watching. I see you looking at me all the time she added. I asked her are you sure you REALLY want to do this and you will have to keep it between us forever!
She simply replied “yes daddy” with a sly smile. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom silently while I watched her naked round ass bounce. She took off my sweats and opened her eyes wide when my throbbing cock sprung out. Once again I asked her Are you SURE? all she did in reply is get on the bed on all fours and asked “,does daddy want to?” Her little pink asshole and pussy were staring at me inviting me and my temptation got the best of me. We didn’t need any foreplay or anything else so I took lube out of nightstand, generously applied it to my cock, and spread some in her asshole.she twitched when I touched it with my finger and I slowly slid a finger inside it to loosen it up. Took my finger a few tries before I got it all the way in she was so tight! She moaned in both pain and pleasure. I knew my cock was going to take a lot longer then my fingers so I slowly rubbed the head on her asshole and tried to put it in. She kind of pulled away for a second and once again I had to ask if she was sure!
Yes daddy but go slow she said. I grabbed my cock and started again but this time she didn’t pull away but trembled in anticipation.
I finally just got the head in and I thought I was going to rip that little ass apart.she let out a small scream but then she relaxed and told me “please daddy put it in. I don’t care if it hurts”. I very slowly started total penetration as she screamed in pain but she didn’t want me to stop. My cock was throbbing and also hurt like hell from her tightness even with all the lube and her asshole was twitching but I finally got it all the way in. I sat there without moving grabbing her hips. How does it feel I asked her. She said it hurt but she liked it. Do you like my tight ass daddy she asked. I responded by sliding my cock almost all the way out and started going in and out nice and easy. She was totally into it now, screaming into my pillow when I went in and moaning when I came out. More daddy she moaned. Fuck me like that girl in the movie daddy. I started going a a little faster and now it was just moans coming from her. oh daddy that feels so good now she moaned. That was inspiration for me to go faster. Yes daddy do it fast please she asked. Her entire body was shaking now with my cock drilling that ass harder and harder and I could feel that virgin pussy twitch as my balls slapped it and she kept driving her ass towards me harder and harder, arching her back to get as much of me inside her. She was screaming yes daddy yes daddy over and over and her screams were now with pleasure not pain and, unknown to her I found out later, she had the best orgasm I have ever witnessed with her ass firmly impaled on my cock. As she came with her back arched, I grabbed her small breasts hard, gave her one final push and exploded inside her ass with a massive load of cum, both of us convulsing in a simultaneous orgasm, cum dripping out of her. We fell back on the bed, me still holding her breasts and my cock still throbbing inside her ass. Daddy that was so good she said and just laid in my arms until my cock finally went soft and I tried to pull out but she said no keep it in there daddy please? And she snuggled even closer until we both fell asleep

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