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My First Dog

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Young girl has older friend to teach her how dogs breed. She became a stud dogs bitch.

(This is a story as told to me by a lifelong friend. She told me this story after a long friendship and knowing she could share and I would not be judgmental.)
Growing up In the country, the neighbor girl and I (just call her Judy) about two years older than I, became friends. Her father raised and sold hunting dogs and of course he had kennels with females and stud dogs. Judy started teaching me (I did not know much about how breeding and babies were made) about sex and breeding. She taught me how to pleasure myself as my hormones were kicking in…she taught me how dogs breed and I got to watch when they put a stud dog In with a female to breed. She told me how the dogs got hung up. Actually I became aroused as I watched the dogs breed. One day Judy took me into one of the male dogs kennel and showed me how to make them “Feel good”, she run the sheath back and forth a few times and the stud started humping her hand and she kept holding his make thing as it got larger and larger and the know formed. The dog then dripped cum for about 5 minutes then his rod went back into his sheath. Of course I thought about that for a few nights as I wondered if they would breed a girl. I ask her what would happen if the dog humped a girl. She said, nothing, they can’t make you pregnant. I ask her if they had ever bred her. She sort of laughed and said that is something no one talks about. Do you want to try it? I was actually wet thinking about being a stud dogs bitch. I replied that maybe if she would show me first. She said you must never mention this to anyone, and we got into a kennel with a stud dog. She dropped her jeans and kneeled down on her hands and knees. The stud dog came over immediately and started licking her juices, then jumped on her back and started searching for her hot box, which her found right away and was drilling her in a rapid fashion, then slowed and stayed on her back for about 10 minutes and then of and cleaning Judy up.
You can only imagine how anxious I was to get into another kennel with another stud dog. Judy let me into a kennel with a stud and helped me get ready as the dog was already trying to mount his new bitch,,,meeee. I felt him jab few times near my hot box them bingo he hit it dead center and went to town, then I felt his knot form and his warm sperm being spewed into me as his penis throbbed. In a few minutes he was finished and moved off and licked me clean, that is when I had my second orgasm,,that tongue was very effective.

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    My gf and I are really into so far only let him lick her though.

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      Its a start

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      Yeah she definitely wants more.

    • Happy bitch ID:4bn00en3fia

      Then why doesn’t she

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      Nerves I think

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      Shes a big girl. Give her her privacy and she can decide when shes good and ready. I wont want an audience watching and judging me

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      Have you really had sex with a dog? How can this happen?

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    Nice well told story, I an imagine it happening as I remember how curious us young girls were growing up on a farm. Watching the animals breed. I was was really intrigued with the cork screw boar’s cock servicing the sow.

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      It is amazing how a boar pig will breed about anything that will stand still. Anyone bent over with a bare bottom and in a pen with a boar pig is likely to be bred, male or female, they are not particular.

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