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My Daughter in Law. Part 7

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A mother and her daughter move in with her father in law and grandpa.

After helping Rebecca load her car with her and her daughter Olivia’s clothes. They followed me home where we unpacked her car and took their clothes in my bedroom. They would both be sleeping in my large double bed with me.

“Get cleaned up and I take you both out for dinner,” I said.

Rebecca undressed her young daughter, then after undressing herself she took Olivia into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. With the shower being so small, I said, “I will have a shower after you.”

I stood there stroking my cock, staring at them having a shower, leaving the shower running for me they came out of the shower and I stepped inside.

Olivia giggled, “Mommy, Grandpa’s cock is hard.”

A few quick pumps was all it took for me to squirted several ropes of my hot cum over the shower wall. After Rebecca had Olivia had watched me cum, Rebecca dried herself and her daughter and they walked out of the bathroom. When I had finished taking my shower and drying myself, I joined Rebecca and Olivia in the bedroom where they had already got dressed.

After I had dressed as we were going out to my car, I asked, “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

Like all ten-year-old girls Olivia squealed, “McDonald’s can we go to McDonald’s Grandpa?”

“Okay, we can go to McDonald’s,” I replied looking at her mother nodding her head.

Olivia loved eating at McDonald’s and playing in the play area. I loved watching the kids playing in the play area, and getting glimpses of the girl’s panties as their dresses bunched up around their waist as the come down the slide or watching them hanging upside down or the money bars.

While waiting for our order to be served Olivia played in the play park displaying her panties to anyone watching. There were two old men sitting there watching the children playing in the play area. Their eyes were transfixed on Olivia as she came sliding down the slide and then hung upside down on the money bars, displaying her pink panties.

When Olivia came out of the play area and said, “Mommy, I need to use the toilet.”

Her mother replied, “Make sure you wash your hands after using the toilet.”

After using the toilet, Olivia returned and asked, “Can we go to the park with the swings.”

As it was on the way home, I said, “Yes.”

The park was just off the main road and surrounded by trees and had a run down toilet block at the far side. As soon as I pulled my car up and turned off my engine, Olivia opened the door and rushed over to the play equipment and climbed onto a swing and tried to swing as high into the air as she could. Rebecca sat in my car with me watching her daughter enjoying herself on the swings.

When Rebecca opening my pants and reach inside and pull out my hard throbbing cock and started stroking my cock. I placed my hand on the back off her head she leaned down and eagerly took my hard throbbing cock into her mouth and began sucking my cock. She licked the shaft and knob of my cock as she moved her mouth up and down.

For someone who had told me only three days ago that she didn’t like sucking cocks, she was a expert cock sucker. I closed my eyes and let out a low pitched moan and took a deep breath as my cock erupted and squirted several loads of my hot sticky cum into Rebecca’s mouth and down her throat.

When Rebecca lifted her mouth of my soft spent cock and looked around the park she screamed, “Where’s Olivia? I don’t see her.”

We both climbed out of the car and went in search of her young daughter. There was no sight of Olivia

“Maybe she’s in the toilet block,” I said.

Rebecca rushed over to the toilet block and went inside the female toilet, when she came out and said, “She’s not in there.”

I entered the male toilet and the sight that I saw shocked me, there was Olivia naked on her knees in front of a old man with his pants and underwear down around his ankles, Olivia was sucking the old man’s cock.

I yelled out, “Rebecca, I’ve found her, shes in here.”

Rebecca came into the toilet just as the old man was holding Olivia’s head in his hands unloaded his cock into Olivia’s mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing with my young daughter?” screamed Rebecca.

After pulling his cock out of Olivia’s mouth, Olivia said, “Mommy this is Tony daddy’s friend.”

“That fucking bastard of a husband of mine, has brought Olivia to the park before,” said Rebecca.

“Her father told me, if I sucked his cock and let him fuck me, I could fuck his daughter,” said Tony.

“Well you’re not going to be fucking her today, Olivia get dressed,” yelled her mother.

As Olivia stood and started to get dressed, Tony pulled up his pants and underwear and left the toilet block. After helping her daughter get dressed we left the toilet block and walked to my car.

“How many times has your father brought you to this park?” asked Rebecca.

“About ten times,” replied Olivia.

When we climbed into the car, I said, “Rebecca are you going to let Daniel make a movie with you and Olivia?”

“Please Mommy can I be in a movie with you,” squealed Olivia.

“If that’s what you want, I’m not going to stop you,” replied Rebecca.

As I drove to my house, I reached over and pushed my hand under Rebecca’s dress and felt her soaking wet panties and chuckled, “You’re getting wet with the idea of you Olivia being in a movie together?”

“Yes, I am, now hurry up and get us home, I want your cock inside me,” said Rebecca.

After arriving home, as soon as we went inside, Rebecca started to undress. As soon as she was naked she undressed Olivia and once her daughter was naked the mother and daughter started undressing me. When I was naked I was pushed down on the bed onto my back.

With my raging hard cock throbbing and leaking pre-cum Rebecca mounted me and lowered her soaking wet pussy down onto my cock. She sat there impaled on my cock for several minutes before she started to bounce up and down riding my cock like a rodeo star. As I gasped for breath and softly moaned Olivia squatted over my face and lowered her hairless wet pussy onto my mouth.

I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into Olivia’s pussy and started to tongue fuck her. Her sweet tasting nectar flowed out of her pussy covering my face in her juices. When I sucked her young love bud into my mouth she let out a all mighty scream and ground her pussy hard onto my face. I was surprised that a young girl of ten-years-old could orgasm as much as she did.

Rebecca was also moaning and began to bounce up and down on my cock faster making my cock erupt in her pussy, filling her pussy with my hot sticky cum. With my cock becoming soft and limp Rebecca slipped off my cock and laid down on the bed beside me. I lifted Olivia off my face and took several deep breaths and sat her beside us as I caught my breath.

When Rebecca parted her legs, and placed her hand on the back of Olivia’s head. Olivia buried her face onto her mothers cum filled pussy and sucked out my hot cum.

Rebecca turned her head and looked at me and said, “Thank you Dad, I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

“Your welcome sweetheart, I’m going to be fucking you a lot more from now on,” I said.

Olivia lifted her cum covered mouth of her mothers cum filled pussy and squealed, “Grandpa, I want you to fuck me.”

Here I was with a horny mother and daughter wanting me to fuck them all the time. I couldn’t wait to tell Daniel in the morning that he could make a porno with Rebecca and Olivia. There was going to be a lot more actors, beside Andrew and his son Thomas wanting to fuck the mother and daughter and I had a few friends that would also love to fuck them.

After, I turned the bedroom light off, the three of us laid there in bed cuddling each other and drifted of to sleep. When I woke up in the morning the bright sunshine was shining through the bedroom window filling the bedroom with sunshine. When I reached down to give my morning erection a few tugs and felt Olivia’s mouth already there sucking and licking on my cock.

I threw back the bed sheets and watched Olivia’s mouth moving up and down on my cock. I placed my hand on the back off her head and pumped her head up and down my cock faster. When she cupped my balls in her small hands and gave them a squeeze, I gasped and removed my hand from the back of her head.

Rebecca leaned over and after giving me a passionate tongue kiss letting me taste Olivia’s pussy on her mouth, said, “Good morning Dad.”

When she broke our kiss, I said, “Good morning darling.

No mater how many times that Rebecca called me dad, it made my heart beat faster, I loved her calling me dad. I leaned over and sucked her nipple into my mouth and suckled on her right breast as I massaged and squeezed her left breast.

When my cock erupted in Olivia’s mouth and blasted my fresh cum into her ten-year-old mouth and down her throat, after swallowing all my cum like a cum hungry young slut, she lifted her mouth of my empty cock.

“Good morning, Grandpa,” squealed Olivia.

I lifted my mouth of her mother’s breast and said, “Good morning , sweetheart thank you for waking me up by sucking my cock.”

Rebecca climbed off the bed and chuckled, “I’m going to take a shower, does anyone want to join me?”

“I do Mommy,” squealed Olivia.

“Me to Mommy,” I giggled.

Olivia and I climbed off the bed and followed Rebecca into the bathroom and into the shower. I was thankful that I had installed a large shower that could fit us all. My next project was to install a four person spa bath. In the shower as Rebecca’s hands washed all over her young daughter’s body she pushed a finger into her daughter’s pussy and gave her daughter’s pussy a clean out.

I reached around Rebecca’s body and cupped her breasts and pulled her back against my recovered cock. Then after coving my fingers in body soap, I pushed my finger into her ass, making her squeal as I began to finger fuck her ass first with one finger then with another two. After a few minutes, I removed my fingers and lifted her hands above her head and up onto the shower wall. Then drove my hard cock into the gaping hole in her ass.

Olivia cuddled her mother’s leg as she watched me pumping my cock in and out of her mother’s ass and giggled, “Grandpa are you going to put your cock in my ass?”

“Yes I am sweetheart,” I chuckled.

After filling Rebecca’s ass with my cum, I removed my spent cock and gave her ass a smack, she squealed and turned around to face me and kissed me. We finished our shower and dried each other as we decided what to do for lunch seeing that we had already missed breakfast.

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