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My sister and her period

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since I was 12 my sister who was four years older made me fuck her during her period.

My sister caught me jacking off in the laundry room with a pair of my moms dirty panties in my hand and up to my nose. That was it, she owned my ass from then on. I knew she was getting fucked since she was 15, now at 16 and no boyfriend, she grabbed my cock and lead me out through the house and into my room. No one home, she pushed me on the bed and then got on top of me and started rubbing her panty covered crotch on my hard cock. I was only 12 then but I had 5 inches already and it was pretty thick. She started moaning, and rubbing harder. Then she stood up took off her panties and got back on top of me. I got only a quick glimpse of her brown haired pussy. The hair wasn’t too thick so I could see her pussy lips. The first I’d seen in person. She started moving back and forth with my cock between her lips as she moved it to and fro with out insertion just between her outer lips. “You’d better not even try to stick that in me you perv” I didn’t. Then she told me she was about to cum and if I did I should tell her before. She was rubbing like crazy, moaning to hell and back squeezing her tits, then pulling my hands up to her and showing me how to pinch her nipples like she wanted. She slowed down, pushed my hands off her tits and got up. Grabbing her panties she left and told me she’d see me again.

It was that same thing, over and over again, sometimes I started to cum and she’d jump off and I ended up shooting all over myself. Then when the parents were gone a long time she’d do it with both of us totally naked. I thought she was the most perfect, beautiful woman ever. Then one time she said that I could put it inside her. I noticed her period pad in her panties, she took it off, put a dark towel under me and got on top. I was fucking a pussy, hell I didn’t care if it was my sisters pussy I didn’t care if there was blood driping on my balls and getting all over my cock. I was inside my sisters pussy and it felt great.

So from then till she was 20 we fucked on her period, and other times I got BJs, I licked her, and we did out rubbing between the lips thing.

I was so embarrassed but it turned out great. My sister loved my full sized cock by 15, I was 7 inches long and pretty thick. She even whored me out to a few of her friends. Then she’d get all the juicy details on them about what they liked to do and have done.

I’m married to one of those friends, one I knocked up when I was 22 and she was 26. It’s been 10 years now with 3 kids, and my wife knows my sister still comes over at times, and she knows what we do.

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  • Reply CryingLemon ID:1ee33cj57ul3

    Periods are hot

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    My daughter loves me fucking her when she is on her period . Started when she was 13 and she is now 38 and we still fuck .

  • Reply Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

    Hot I wish I had a sister like that

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Sisters are the best!
    Wonderful story. Please continue.

    • Golden ID:1ec7xyznwlo3

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