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Moving in Together. Part 2

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Her father and his older brother fuck the young preteen girl.

“I want to fuck you,” I said.

“Suck my titties first, Uncle George,” squealed Cindy placing her hand on the back of my head and pulling my mouth down onto her breast.

I drew circles around her erect nipples with my tongue making her nipples stick out further, then sucked all her of her small puffy breast into my mouth. Cindy pulled my mouth hard onto her breast and began to moan as I sucked on her breast harder.

My hands roamed over her young body, with my fingers, I massaged her body. I rubbed my fingers over hairless young pussy and pushed my index finger deep into her young pussy and finger fucked her pussy. With her pussy lovely and wet, I removed my fingers and positioned my body over hers and aimed my throbbing hard cock at the entrance to her pussy.

Then with a thrust I drove my cock into her tight young pussy and started to fuck her, pumping my cock in and out her young love hole.

“Oh, Uncle George, your cock feels so good inside my pussy,” screamed Cindy.

I’m coming, oh god I’m going to cum,” I screamed as my cock erupted and squirted my hot cum into my young nieces pussy.”

I collapsed on top of Cindy then rolled off her and laid there beside her taking deep breaths.

“Uncle George, that was fucking awesome,” squealed Cindy.

Hearing a ten-year-old girl swearing aroused me more and when Cindy crawled down the bed and took my limp cock into her mouth and started to suck my cock, she was beginning to make my cock hard again.

With my cock fully hard and dripping, I lifted Cindy’s mouth off my cock and up onto her knees. I moved behind her and pushed her head into a pillow to muffle her screams as I slammed my hard cock into my niece’s cum filled pussy and started fucking her at a furious pace.

When my brother Gerry came home and heard his young daughter’s muffled screams coming from my bedroom. He came into my bedroom and when he saw me fucking Cindy from behind. He quickly removed his clothes and once he was naked with a raging hard cock, he moved in front of his young daughter and lifted her head and thrust his cock into her open mouth and started face fucking her. My young niece was being double teamed and she was loving having two cocks inside her.

As he thrust his cock in and out of his daughter’s mouth, Gerry looked at me and smiled. I returned his smile and said, “I’m glad that you decided to come and stay with me.”

“I just new the way that you were looking at Cindy a few months ago that you wanted to fuck her,” said Gerry.

I reached under Cindy’s body and grabbed hold of her puffy young breasts and gave them a squeeze as I slammed my cock all the way into Cindy’s hairless pussy and blasted my hot sticky cum into her. With my cock becoming soft and limp, I left my cock buried deep in her pussy as her father’s cock exploded in her mouth, blasting his cum down her throat.

We both withdrew our spent cocks from Cindy’s mouth and pussy, letting her collapse face down on the bed exhausted.

“Gerry, do you want a whiskey?” I asked.

“I could do with a whiskey,” said Gerry.

We both left Cindy laying on my bed and left the bedroom and went to the lounge where I poured us both a glass of whiskey and sat down on the couch next to each other.

After taking a mouthful of whiskey, I asked, “Gerry, how long have you been fucking Cindy for?”

“For nearly a year, ever since her mother walked out on us,” replied Gerry.

“How did it start?” I asked.

“She caught me sitting naked in front of my laptop computer jacking off to child porn,” replied Gerry.

“What did she do?” I asked.

“She wanted to watch porn with me and she played with my cock as we watched porn,” replied Gerry then said, “I taught her how to stroke my cock and she was fascinated when my cock squirted several ropes of cum.”

“Fuck that’s hot,” I said taking another mouthful of whiskey and giving my cock a pump.

“Cindy started sleeping in my bed with me. Then one night after watching a young girl get fucked on the computer, she asked me to fuck her,” said Gerry.

“Fuck she must have been tight,” I said.

“She was and after I took her virginity, there was no stopping her she wanted to be fucked all the time, she even asked me to fuck her ass,” said Gerry.

“Fuck that’s fantastic, did you fuck her ass?” I asked.

“Yes, I did and she loves having my cock in her ass,” chuckled Gerry.

“Maybe we can double team her and fuck her ass and pussy at the same time,” I said.

“I would love doing that to her,” said Gerry.

After pouring Gerry and myself another whiskey, we went back to my bedroom to check on Cindy. She was laying there fast asleep a hand on her small puffy breast and a hand on her hairless young pussy.

“She looks just ripe for fucking do you want to wake her up Gerry, so we can fuck her again?” I asked.

“There’s no rush, let her get a good nights sleep. We can fuck her again tomorrow, it’s been a long day for her,” said Gerry.

With Cindy’s school been closed because of the bushfires, and Gerry and me not working, we were going to be spending a lot of time with Cindy. Tonight Gerry was going to sleep in my bed next to his daughter and I was going to sleep on the other side of her. Two naked grown men sleeping either side of a naked young girl it couldn’t get any better than this.

In the morning Cindy woke her father and me up by taking turns sucking on our morning erections. I pushed my finger deep into her young hairless pussy and began finger fucking her pussy. When Cindy sat up and lowered her wet pussy down onto my cock.

I pulled her chest down against my chest and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead. Her father knelt behind her and pushed his cock into her young ass. She squealed and began to moan as her father pumped his cock in and out of her ass, as she bounced up and down on my cock.

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    Read this on nifty this morning, good story and a PT 3 on here as well.

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    I got to be a fuck toy for dad and his poker buddies.
    It started with them putting me and my sister on there lap.
    Then they gave me a little coke to do and I list all modesty and would put on a sex show as they watched from outside in the park.
    Then they started leaving money on the coffee table and built a gloryhole and we had a few of our nymphs friends come over and make a few hundred blowing men threw the hole.

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    She’s a great fuck toy, but the description says bisexual. You need to fuck your brother too

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    Nothing better than a nice 10 year old cunt and ass to fuck at the same time

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      Totally agree with you