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Childhood Memories

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This is the story/listings of the times my older cousin(m) molested/raped me(f) throughout our childhood. Due to privacy reasons I’ll be changing our names.

The way my family is, has an odd dynamic. My grandmother had 6 children. All of them had three to four children themselves, split into two generations. My cousin, we’ll call him Bud, being the oldest of ours. I’m the second oldest, being three years younger than him.

Though we were raised side by side, our families were very different. My parents were stable, and always working, where his were partiers. Needless to say I spent a lot of time being babysat at their house. Bud was exposed to sex long before I was, but it wouldn’t be like that for long.

It started when I was in second grade. We lived in the same town at this point so I practically lived at Bud’s house. Everyone else was gone at the time, so we were laying in his room watching a movie. He had bunk beds so I thought it was weird when he crawled in behind me. Bud put his arm around my waist and ran his hand up my body to my hardly formed chest. I thought it was weird, but I didn’t want to say anything. Then he pulled the back of my pants down, along with my underwear.
“Bud, what are you doing”, I tried pushing his hand away and looked at him. He told me he needed help, and it would make him feel good.
“Just lay there and watch TV” he told me.

I didn’t understand what was going on, as he slid his dick through my ass cheeks. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t know why. I started crying. He flipped us over and kissed me. He stopped and pulled my pants, along with my underwear down to my ankles and pushed my shirt above my chest. He put his cock between my pussy lips and started sliding in and out. He told me how good I was being, and how he’d be done soon. He went faster and soon came against my little girl pussy. Just in time for the front door to open.

This is all the time I have to write right now. Let me if you want a part two. I have many more stories like these.

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    Not much of a story really. right when i started to get into it it was over. Read more like an introduction to the real story. I would like to read more but please make it longer.
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