Meth and my sister

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An unexpected visit from my sister quickly goes crazy when we injected meth

I ignored the phone thinking it was work, and only checked when it rang again followed by two messages .
It was my older sister and she said she just scored and would be at my flat in 5 minutes
Before I got out of my bed she was buzzing to be let in.
I hadn’t ever used anything with her and almost died when she handed me a gram of ice and two fits.
I went silent and mixed 3 points you p.
I asked her how long she had been injecting and she said only once ages ago
I wouldn’t have helped her but
I secretly hoped it was going to make her horny beyond her wildest dreams and I hit her with 1.5 dots
She has certainly got nice gear and only half way into mine I began rushing.
Some meth makes you desperately need to get off and some won’t at all
This made me start getting hard and I decided to see what might happen
We went to the living room and she was sitting on the couch
I tried to get a look up her skirt and she saw me look
We looked at each other and she said Did you just have a look up my dress
I replied Yeah I am sorry I just forgot how horny shooting Imeth makes me
She asked for water and when I returned from the kitchen I placed it in front of her and she rubbed my cock.
In 2 seconds she had opened her legs and let me pull her knickers off as she said I can finger her
Her hairy pussy was trimmed and I felt her wet slippery entrance to heaven
I got so horny I almost came immediately and desperately wanted to lick my sister out
Can I lick you out I asked
She said in shortening breaths Go hurry. Lick my cunt
And the swearing seemed to make the dirty scene even better
As I fucked her with three fingers she fucked my face hard as I sucked and feverishly flicked my well trained tongue about her swollen clit
She kept making dirty talk saying You pervert have a look at us
She tightened her tunnel suddenly and came hard
Squirting fabny butter in my mouth and I noticed that my face smelled like my sister’s cunt
She started licking my knob and flicking her tongue around my cock eye which drives me crazy anyway
She said she already tasted cum and that prompted me to ask if I can cum in her mouth and she started picking up the pace of sucking while starting to wank my shaft at the same time
I said let me cum in your mouth and all over your face
She nodded and I exploded
She took four huge spurts then let me watch as she wanked me fast as possible while another four erupted across her face and sprayed over her brown hair
It seriously looked like a quality porn scene in a rodox magazine
I took some pictures and she saw I was still hard
We can have more gear or should we fuck first
She still had cum in her hair and I started kissing her
For some reason the kissing was super arousing as we sucked each others tongues and kissed really fast with that exaggerated style Lust wants
Do you want Ito get that cock inside it
Are you going to cum all over my cunt
She opened her scented wet warm cunt and pushed my erection deep inside
Fuck it’s so much more intense and I said now I know why everyone into bro Sister sex seem ok with incest
It’s like I was a Virgin again and I hadn’t fucked more than 15 strokes when she told me to cum on her cunt
I couldn’t get it out fast enough and shot a couple of spurts inside her
She wiped my erection quickly all over her cunt from her clit and down to her arsehole
She was again straight out of some high quality porn magazine
She photographed a few dozen pics and we decided to film
Without getting soft again we started
This time she took the top position allowing the best view for 69 as we both filmed each other licking and sucking wildly with our faces clear for anyone to identify later
This aroused both of us that maybe two minutes away and she came as I shot my first spurt of gism in her mouth and this time she farted from her cunt with a bit less squirt as I saw her face sprayed everywhere including one eye which she wiped on her underwear
The next three hours continued with my balls hurting by the end
I felt like committing suicide when I woke the next day, coming down and with a blur of memories like that
She came around with more gear and her friend she told
Apparently they talked and her friend had a look at the photos and videos and she wanted to watch

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    Love to watch my slut meth wife shoot juice while fucking and rolling her tongue.

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    Fuck yaaaaa bby

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    i LOVE meth, oh yeah

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      I love meth and a nice tight asshole to fuck

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      Love it myself as well. My girlfriend has 4 daughters and she let 2 of them start getting high with her and they turned into little bad girls fast