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Ellie’s little friend – Part 4

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After making love to Mia, we joined Ellie and Peter in my room. Then things got a bit steamy.

After making love to Mia, and it really was making love, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, Mia ran out of the bedroom and it turns out she dragged Ellie in to the bathroom for a girly chat, when she came back we both went back to my room, Peter and Ellie were just laying under the blankets on the floor watching the end of Toy Story 4 so Mia and I sat on my bed.

When the movie finally ended we turned off the TV, Mia joined Ellie on the floor and Peter came and sat on the bed, we had a good talk about what had happened so far, I whispered to him that I had sex with Mia and he was a bit shocked at first, Mia being his cousin he obviously knew her better than I did so I don’t think he thought she would go that far, “Nice one.” He said, “I can’t believe I did it with Ellie. I’ve known you for years and always just thought she was a bit annoying but I’m seeing her in a completely different way now. She’s awesome.” He added.

“I know she is.” I replied.

Ellie and Mia stood up and announced they were feeling really sweaty and sticky so they were going to get a shower, “Okay.” I said, as they headed out of the room, “Don’t be long.” Shouted Peter.

With the girls out of the room I felt a bit of relief and started to relax a little, to an outside observer Peter and I must have looked really odd because we were both sat on the bed with our hands down the fronts of our boxers rubbing our balls, I guess we were both feeling the strain of a long night that wasn’t over yet, not that we had any complaints.

It was about 3:30 in the morning when we realised Ellie and Mia had been gone for a long time, “Ellie, are you okay in there?” I shouted, we got no response, “Ellie. Mia.” Shouted Peter, combining our efforts to get their attention, still no response, we looked at each other with wonder and then slid off the bed and rushed to the bathroom to make sure they were alright, “Ellie.” I called out, rushing in to the bathroom, the bathroom was full with a light mist of steam and the shower cubical was covered in condensation, we couldn’t see anything inside, I got worried and opened the cubicle door.

“Oh my – “ said Peter, “ – Wow.” he said with surprise.

I was speechless and very surprised, Mia and Ellie were under the shower, holding and rubbing each other and snogging, “Ellie.” I said, in disbelief, she heard me but she just opened her eyes, glanced over to us, smiled, then went straight back to snogging Mia, we stood and watched as they continued to make out, the water flowing over their bodies, it was the sexiest sight I’d ever seen.

A near instant erection formed in my boxer shorts and like a powerful magnet I felt a force pulling me in to the shower, I stripped myself naked, dropping my boxer shorts to my feet and kicking them off on to the soaking wet floor, I stepped in to the shower and put a hand on each of their bottoms, caressing their buttocks as the water started to hit me and soaked down my front, Peter quickly followed me in after stripping off, “Move over.” He said, making his way around us, soon we were stood in a circle in the shower, facing each other.

Ellie and Mia separated their lips and we each started kissing each other in turn, swapping lips every few seconds, as Peter’s and my erections stood proudly between the girls, they both reached down and started to rub them, they would tease us and knock our willies together, but the kissing, the rubbing, the touching, the water racing over all our bodies, I can’t describe the feeling I felt, it was just so damn sexy and I’ve never been this turned on before.

The girls suddenly took hold of our hands and turned off the shower, “Lets go.” Said Mia, as they pulled us out of the shower and rushed us back to the bedroom, giggling their mischievous heads off, we were all soaking wet through and trailing water all across the landing, the girls laid on the blanket on the floor, rolling around for a few moments, leaving Peter and I standing and dripping water all over the carpet, they had a cheeky whisper and then rolled around some more.

When they stopped moving around, they were both on their backs laying on the blanket, they were laying in the opposite direction to one another with their heads together, naked with their knees up, then they spread their legs, “Come on then.” Said Ellie, you don’t have to tell me twice, I immediately rushed over and lay myself over Ellie between her legs, Peter rushed around the other side and did the same with Mia.

It was nice being with Ellie again, at least for the first time tonight, as I slid my erection in to her pussy, I had a feeling of familiarity, it was like she’d been away for a week, I missed the way Ellie felt when I entered her, a few minutes went by and now we were all having sex on the blanket, Ellie and Mia, with their heads side by side, began to snog each other again, while Peter and I pumped their wet little pussies, the water from the shower that was covering our bodies quickly evaporated as our bodies heated up.

I was on top of Ellie enjoying her sex, I’d memorized her every bump, her every lump, her every curve, and I worked my erection inside her to achieve maximum pleasure for us both, I was kissing and tasting Ellie’s sweet lips when I saw Mia open her eyes and look at me with a smile, something strange happened in that moment, our eyes locked together and we just stared, it was as if Mia and I were having sex, but we weren’t, she was making me feel very odd, then, as I continued to have sex with Ellie, I leaned my head across and kissed Mia passionately.

“That’s Mia.” Said Peter, sounding a little frustrated I was kissing her.

“I know.” I said, separating my lips from Mia’s for a only a second.

Then Peter chuckled and moved his head across and started kissing Ellie, then a few minutes later, Ellie started to groan a certain way, I know that sound, before I knew it she through her head back and her body went rigid, “What’s she doing?” asked Peter in a panic, seeing her hold her breath and her eyes widen like she was in shock, I thrust myself in to her faster and faster, then she groaned very loud and her entire body shook, “She just had an orgasm.” I said.

“Wow. How did you do that?” he asked.

I just shook my head, I had no idea, “I wish I knew.” I said, “It just happens.” I added.
I wasn’t ready to come yet so I continued to have sex with her, Mia was still looking at me, with Peter still clumsily having sex with her, he’d had a lot of practice tonight but he was still a bit, I don’t the word, ‘Wonky’, “Do you want to swap?” I asked to Ellie, she smiled, “Okay.” She said, I lifted myself off of her, “Lets swap. It’ll be fun.” I said to Peter, so we quickly moved around and swapped places.

When I crawled between Mia’s legs she reached out excitedly and put her arms around me with a big smile on her face, then she pressed her lips firmly to mine and pulled me down on to her, as soon as my erection slid inside her I felt a feeling of bliss, what was Mia doing to me, Ellie made me feel happy, I loved being with her, but with Mia those same feelings were so much more intense, I think I was falling in love with her.

We all continued to have sex and as I started to feel the pressure building, Peter beat me to it and announced to us all that he was coming, I saw Ellie wrap herself around him as he pumped her like a jack hammer before ejaculating his load inside her, seeing the look on Ellie’s face as she felt his come inside her was a little weird from this angle, but still so cute, I was about to come myself but didn’t announce it to everyone, instead I whispered in Mia’s ear, “I’m coming.” I said, she didn’t speak, just made a sound of anticipation, for some reason I didn’t thrust myself in to her as hard and fast as I normally do, I just pushed it in slowly, as deep as I could and then I ejaculated.
“Did you come?” asked Ellie, who was now sitting up alongside Peter, watching me and Mia.

“Yeah.” Replied Mia, “He did.” She added.

Mia and I didn’t move after I came, we remained laying on the blanket just kissing each other for about 5 minutes, afterwards we sat up and then Peter and I went downstairs to get u some drinks, we were all pretty thirsty.

Hopefully the next part of the story will be the last, and so much more has happened since that night, which I’ll hopefully be able to tell you about once I finish this.

Keep your eyes open for part 5.

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