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Medical tests

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At thirteen I was already a strapping lad, 5,10 dark curly hair, blue eyes and fit as a butcher do at 13 I was endowed with a thick log of 10 inches, compared to my friend’s small efforts I was the man, even though I had yet to show it to any girls as I was quite shy around them.
Playing no8 for my school rugby team we won all our local events and were invited to tour France.
In the 70s coming from a small northern village, this was a big deal for all of us.
One of the stipulations we had to undergo a medical.
My family doctor was a lovely old guy and I had no worries, but when the appointment came through I was surprised it was in a local private hospital, that looked after our professional rugby teams’ health and fitness
As I’ve I’m generally quite a shy person about my body, my mates constantly called me horse, but I had no option if I wanted to be on the tour I needed the medical
My brother drove me the few miles to the rather posh clinic sat on its nds,
Inside was very smart nothing like our dingy NHS doctors.
I signed in leaving my brother in the waiting area.
And was ushered through to a medical suite by a pretty nurse who I judged to be in her 30s, she was just over five feet and I could see her cleavage a deep valley that made my cock twitch, she told me. to strip after she handed me a paper gown. As she left I sat on the edge of the bed the gown was a bit short riding up my thighs.
The Doctor who arrived was Asian, very slim and he was a lot shorter than me, but he put me at ease straight away. with his friendly and professional manner.
The nurse returned to the room to help him. She was a very pretty lady, a bit on the plump side her tits strained beneath her tight uniform and big ass, “Shall I do the c and d doctor? ” “yes please, can you stand before the nurse Young man please open your legs slightly ”
I jumped off the couch my cock head was just hidden, when the nurse reached under my balls she met my cock first, I saw her mouth drop and her eyes go wide
She let out a low sigh, and I felt her fingers wrap around it. “Jesus doc,” she still held my cock in her hand and it was growing very quickly lifting the front of the gown, I felt her pull the skin back unsheathing my big mushroomed head.
The doc span in his chair, my cock head was level with his mouth.
I stood in silence trying not to cum as the nurse wanked my cock,
I could feel the doctor’s breath on my cock he was that close, “Young man I see your responses to stimuli are impressive “he looked up at me with dark eyes his mouth wide open white teeth shining
He leaned in and took the head of my cock in his mouth, licking the crown and sensitive spot underneath before slipping down its length and taking it further into his hot mouth. “I’m gonna cum “, I felt the suction increase and soon I was filling his mouth with my virgin seed
My knees buckled as he swallowed the whole lot I collapsed back onto the bed. His mouth was still in me sucking and licking my cock back into life.
The nurse had lifted her uniform, pushing her knickers down quickly I could see a large matt of pubic hair “Out of the way doc,” soon as he moved I felt her trying to lift my legs onto the bed
I lifted them and lay down, she climbed onto the narrow bed lifting her leg over me, taking my cock in her hand and guiding me into her hot wet pussy.
She let out a low groan as she slid down my thick rod, “So big fuck so fucking big”
Her ass cheeks settled onto my balls before she started to ride my young cock, her hands on my chest as I started by instinct to fuck her back, lifting her off the thin mattress with each thrust.
I gripped the top of her uniform pulling it apart so I could see her tits, the white bra came into view overflowing with flesh, and I pushed the bra out of the way, so I could push my face into them. Biting and licking everything I could reach
I felt my legs pulled wide, fingers on my tight ball sack then a tongue joined them, lapping at the tender skin
It wasn’t long before I felt the hot wet cunt tighten on my thick cock, the fingers hooked deep into my chest as the nurse came over my cock, squirting fluid all over me, she didn’t stop riding me harder and faster till she came again
I felt my balls begin to tighten I thrust harder inside her holding onto her waist my cock spewed its cum inside her steaming cunt. she collapsed on top of me kissing my face all over. My hard cock was still buried inside her.
The cart moved gently as the doctor climbed behind her, “hold her tight young man”
I wrapped my arms around her
I felt legs along the side of mine and she groaned as the doctor pushed his cock inside her ass.
I felt his cock only separated by the thin walls of her skin inside her as he pushed his way in. “fuck me, carry on I need your cocks to make me cum again, “this time she kissed my mouth forcing her tongue inside my mouth
I heard the doc grunting as he started to fuck her, the feel of his hardness increasing my hardness as we found a rhythm holding her tight and thrusting our meat in her holes,
The doctor’s cock stiffened as he unleashed his cum inside her ass this pushed her over the edge and she came again squirting over me
She started to moan loudly before ripping my gown off latching her teeth into my shoulder and biting hard.
The sudden shock of pain made me thrust harder inside her, pummeling her cunt I came inside her adding my juices to hers. “So this is private health care I managed to say between deep breaths, I think I like it”
We all started the laugh and got sweaty bodies holding on to each other still connected. “I think young man we need to get you back weekly for a few more in-depth tests, would you be available ” “anytime doctor anytime”
The nurse lifted her head and kissed me gently on my mouth “I’m Nurse Hazel by the way and I’ll make sure you will be well looked after, ” as she said that I felt her cunt muscles squeeze my cock. “I may have some other nurses that will have to pop in and run some tests, I’m sure you will enjoy them ” “Bring them on nurse Hazel bring them on “

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    Loved it! A 10 incher on a sexy 13yr old boy sounds fine to me!Love doctors abusing their authority.

  • Reply Linda ID:27m32exik

    You totally ruined the story with a 10″ cock on a 13 yr old. Too bad. It had promise.

    • [email protected] ID:7zv1ksdm9c

      Linda … notice how all the guys are massive? Called watching too much porn and being divoced from reality.

    • Twickers ID:abto4pzj

      It’s a fantasy… As is the rest of it!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

    I liked the story. I would like to read about future visits and maybe you and your mates on overnight game trips

  • Reply Fakeandgay ID:1fuub3e4oi9

    Yeah, 13 yo with 10″, in what universe?

    • Twickers ID:abto4pzj

      Dude it’s a story !