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Julia takes what she wants from me

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After fucking my daughter in her sleep she turns around and takes what she wanted as I napped letting me know she wasn’t actually asleep.

This is all a fantasy and not real in any shape or form. With that said enjoy you dirty birdies.

The next morning I woke up as my wife and daughter left to go shopping. Getting up I thought about what happened the night before and felt a guilt settle in the pit of my stomach. I shouldn’t have done any of it, I lost control and done something I never should have done. While they were gone and with a bit on my mind I decided to handle yard work. It would also be good to get it done before the sun rose high making it hot and miserable to be outside. A couple hours later and I had everything completed with the girl’s still gone I showered then relaxed in my recliner. Shirtless and with just some athletic shorts on I laid down with a blanket turning on a show that I quickly fell asleep watching. Between yard work and staying up late I felt exhausted and was in a deep sleep. I hadn’t heard the girls come home or my wife slip back out.

I felt something warm and soft against my chest and started to stir. “Hi daddy… ” the soft voice of my daughter muttered in my ear as I started to wake up from the nap. “Thanks for last night… I… I never felt so good… ” those words were a shock that knocked me out of being drowsy straight to alert. Looking down at my little girl she was completely naked from the waist up under the blanket with me so she was possibly completely naked. Her soft breasts and hard nipples pressed against my bare chest as her hand gently played with my exposed hair.

“Oh god you woke up?!” I kept my voice down, not sure what my wife was doing while our daughter was acting so bold. She just nodded a hand sliding down my body. “It was so hard for me to act asleep but god daddy… you felt so good. Do it again please, this time I don’t want to have to act asleep. I thought you would stop when I moaned a little.” Her hand slipped under my shorts feeling my stiff cock as I was unable to contain such a reaction to her.

“We.. we can’t do this! We shouldn’t do this! It was wrong for me to do it the first time… I took advantage of you, if your mother catches us she will be furious.” The small soft hand wrapped around my cock started to slowly stroke my body. She started to shift from laying against my side to straddling my lap as my mind was racing. I knew I should push her off me, her body naked as the blanket rolled down her back. She had one hand on my man hood and the other pushing my shorts down to bring its engorged tip toward her young slit.

“Momma isn’t home… she went back out. I have you all to myself daddy. Besides I wanted you to notice and touch me. Why do you think I cuddled you without any panties on? ” A cute giggle left her as I let out a groan when she started to lean back and push our bodies together. Her pussy was already wet and wanting, before I could blink and respond she was sitting on it. Her pussy swallowing my manhood, her hands now on my chest as she let out a moan taking my hard shaft. “Oh daddy yes! ” she leaned in kissing my lips, a slight part in them as our tongues danced together. Her hips rocking slowly burying my thick shaft deeper. ‘Fuck! It feels too good… I won’t last with her riding me like this.’ The thought filled my mind as she started to ride faster. She knew exactly what she wanted and had come seeking it, giving me no chance to refuse by taking the initiative. I was too deep to stop myself now as we started to fuck there in my chair. Her moans spurring on my desires I slapped a hand against her ass.

“Yes daddy! ” she kept rocking her hips faster and I felt my cock quiver wanting to unload inside her. Lifting her up though I stop her from making me cum just yet. “Fuck princess you feel too good and I dont want to cum just yet.” Kissing her neck I laid her out on the couch. My cock drooling with precum and glistening from her wetness. Sinking down between her thighs my lips found her wet clit and started to lap my tongue into it. Her moans fueled my lust as fingers ran through my hair. Her smooth slit tasted so good and the lack of hair made the experience even more pleasant for me. “Oh daddy, yes! Don’t stop please daddy! Let me cum on your tongue!” She was whimpering, moaning, and begging as my tongue pressed between her sweet lips digging into her dripping hole. Suckling softly i drew out her intoxicating juices fucking her with my thick tongue. I heard her draw in a sharp breath, legs grew stiff and fingers gripped my hair. “Oh my god yes!” She cried loudly as her body experienced the orgasm from the touch of my tongue.

Sitting up my beard and mouth were covered from the fluids leaking out of her young cunt. I couldn’t resist kissing her perky breasts. They were still small but in the last year were now short of becoming b cups. Once they got that big they certainly would make her even more attractive and beautiful. I felt her hand wrapping around my slick shaft as it teased her wet entrance once more. “Let me suck it daddy. I want to know what it tastes like.” Smiling we both sat up, laying back against the arm rest my cock stood at attention more precum leaking out. She wasted no time crawling in between my legs laying on her flat stomach one hand curled around the member, her lips drawing in the tip. “Oh fuck baby yes like that…” I gave her instructions as she went, deepening the experience and putting me on edge. Her slow bobs up and down taking it deeper with each stroke felt like heaven. My cock was screaming to pump her full of cum as I tried to resist the call. “Damn princess I’m about to cum…” Groaning I couldn’t fight it any longer, the warm load sprayed into the roof of her mouth. I felt her tugging on my cock milking out each drop, looking down the thick white substance was too much for her. She had cum rolling down her chin as she struggled to swallow, suck, and stroke my manhood all at the same time. “Good job princess…” I rubbed a hand against her head as she went about cleaning up the mess we made, even going as far as to lick cum from the couch that dripped off her chin.

“You need to go get cleaned up… ” checking my phone I saw my wife had texted she ran out to drop stuff off to her parents. Then another saying she was on her way home. “Shit… she will be home any minute. Quickly upstairs, get in the shower young lady.” I heard Julia chuckling as her firm ass jiggled heading upstairs doing as I said. I was pulling my shorts back on when I heard the key turn in the lock, she was home! Wiping my lips to remove as much wetness as I could I then took a long drink of my warm beer. The taste was foul but the odor was strong and hopefully would mask what just happened against my face.

“Hi dear, how were your parents?” I ask giving her a hug as she sets her purse aside. We talked briefly about her day and how her father was doing. She starts to go about making dinner and I hear Julia climb out of the shower upstairs. The rest of the evening I’m only thinking about what happened between me and my daughter. My cock occasionally bulges against my shorts as I do so I try to contain my arousal. I feel her eyes on me from across the living room as my wife cooks a playful smirk on her lips when our eyes meet. She was wearing a pair of soft fabric short shorts and a shirt. Had my wife not been so close to coming home I certainly would have loved to fuck my daughter. It wasn’t long before we were all seated at the dinner table. My wife sat across from me and Julia to my right at the small square table. There was some idle chatter about the things they saw while shopping and how good the yard now looks. I responded but my thoughts were off in a distant fantasy.

I heard a clatter as Julia dropped something and it rolled under the table. In my distracted state I didn’t even see what it was. “Oh god! Sorry I’ll clean it up. Let me go get a towel.” It must have been her cup as I felt a little puddle of liquid at my toes. Words of reassurance that it was fine left both myself and my wife. Crawling under the table she must have noticed my bulge pressing against my shorts as I felt her run a hand over it. Then she pulled the elastic waist down, poking the tip out enough for me to feel her hot breath envelope me. It tried to focus on eating but it was hard as she took my cock into her mouth. This lasted for only a minute before she tucked it all away teasing me with such pleasure then coming out flush. The towel in her hand soaked from the spilled water. I shot her a look to tell her not to do that again, it felt good but I didn’t want to be caught doing such naughty things. She was grinning like a fool from it all and shot her mother some half baked excuse about being something funny she saw earlier online. After dinner I went up to use the restroom, I needed the moment alone to think. When I came back down Julia was in my usual spot curled up under a blanket.

“Come cuddle daddy…” she cooed and smiled as she scooted over to make room for me to cuddle up with her. I settled in under the blanket next to her, wrapping a leg over my hip she nuzzled into my side. “Did you like my gift at dinner?” She teased knowing I did, I could hear my wife still doing the dishes.

“Yes pumpkin it was hot but please don’t don’t do that in front of Mommy. She wouldn’t like us being so… intimate” I mutter keeping my voice hushed she smiled and laid next to me. Her hand started to wander down to my crotch as she idly played with it. Touching it, rubbing it, feeling the precum ooze out and tasting it. I desperately wanted to fuck her right here and now but with my wife in the house I had to resist. I gave her ass a playful pinch to try and get her to stop toying with me. She jumped up not expecting it and gave me a glare as if it was uncalled for. She had her crotch above mine after jumping up, her hand still down my pants and under her thigh.

“Daddy… I want you so bad… I want to feel you stretching my body open with your thick cock.” She whispered in my ear as I felt her guiding my cock to my waist band once more.

“Another time princess, your mother will catch us.” I felt so hot and horny now as she looked up at me with eyes full of lust and desire. Her mother hadn’t done so in some time but they had a very similar look to it. The words fell on deaf ears though as I felt the head of my man hood sneak up into her shorts. She had pushed them aside and grinded my cock against her clit. I couldn’t help but grab her ass my cock screaming to be thrust in deep. “Sweetie… Maybe you should go sit on your own for a bit.” I let out a soft groan as my cock felt her wet lips as she moved her hips gently. I heard the water shut off in the kitchen and knew my wife would be out here any moment.

“I’m so comfortable right here…” she sat up enough to look up at me biting her bottom lip. Her hips angled her precious wet hole against my cock before she pushed her weight back making her body swallow the tip. “Julia!?” The words left in a harsh whisper as I could hear my wife walking towards us. The sound of her bare feet on the hardwood floors echoed towards us. My naughty little girl just took more of my cock till most of it was buried inside her hot cunt. She laid back down with a very satisfied groan looking at the TV playing something random she turned on before.

I didn’t have time to do anything before my wife was in the room. She looked at us and smiled, “looks like someone missed you today dear. Oh I have been wanting to watch this show for a bit now! Start the episode over. ” grabbing the remote i tried to focus on not moaning. My daughter teased me by having her pussy grip my shaft and release. I could feel her leg muscles tense up as well as she secretly soaked my cock inside her. My wife was completely oblivious to all of it as she sat on the couch nearby. I got the show started over and saw how enraptured with it she was. My wife didn’t get fixated on tv often but when she did it could be difficult to get her attention.

My daughter let out a warm deep breath into my chest. Her hips wiggled as she wormed my cock deeper inside. I gave her a look mixed with pleasure and frustration. I couldn’t believe she would do such a thing here and now. I wanted to fuck her hard and deep, to slap her ass and grip her neck for being so naughty. I couldn’t do any of it with my wife present though. My stiff cock twitched as she shifted, finally getting my shaft in as deep as it can when laying against me. My hand gripped her thigh as my manhood quivered wanting to pum inside her. Looking over at my wife her eyes were glued to the screen as the show played. If she was to notice anything it would be drastic movements in her peripheral vision. Julia pushed her chest up slightly away from mine and looked over to her mother, then me. I shook my head no but like her mother there would be no stopping her once she had her mind set on what she wanted. Biting her lip she started to slowly wiggle her hips, grinding my cock against her body and her clit against my waist. I sucked in a sharp breath as I feared us getting caught. My hand tightly gripped her hips begging her to stop without talking. I wasn’t sure how much I could truly handle, I was so aroused and scared. My heart raced, adrenaline pumped and I wanted to be ridden hard. Julia laid back against my chest covering her mouth I felt her pussy gripping my cock. It was tighter than i thought possible as insaw her eyes flutter, he breath held she was cumming on my cock.

Right here in front of her mother she managed to cum on my shaft just soaking inside her. The feeling of her body quivering as each orgasmic wave of pleasure rushed through her body was more than I could handle. As the show ended we both had cum, my cock twitched and drained my second orgasm of the night deep inside her pussy. My wife started to get up and I prayed ee didn’t look suspicious at all but she never looked at us. “I’m going to shower quick, don’t start the next one without me!” She headed up the stairs and once I heard the water start up I spanked Julia hard. My cock still inside her. I held her hips and thrusted the semi hard erection. “I’m sorry daddy!” She whimpered as I rammed her body hard my cock getting stiffer as cum leaked from her cunt with each thrust.

“I told you not around her! Naughty girls get punished!” I fucked her hard and deep the entire time julia whimpered and moaned. Unable to climb free of the hard pounding as I held her firmly, I could feel her cumming again as she begged for it. “Yes daddy… yes … oh fuck me. Yes!” I kept going even as I felt her body stop this third strong orgasm.

“Okay daddy please stop it’s starting to hurt a little…” she whispered as I lift her up and laid her out on the couch. My cock covered in our combined fluids I didn’t cease my relentless pounding. “You want this cock you’re going to take it and make me cum again.” The words left me as I listened for if my wife stopped showering. Julia was trying not to moan too loud and clearly had the look she wanted to be done but didn’t dare stop me now. I was groaning from how tight and perfect her body was before I started to pump the third round of cum into her body. This load was small given the lack of time i gave my body before fucking her. Climbing out from her thighs I shoved my cock into her face, wordlessly she cleaned its cum soaked shaft.

“Next time listen to me when I tell you not to push it… ” I spanked it hard enough to leave a red hand print before going off to get a beer and relax for the rest of the night. Julia, sexually satisfied and exhausted, retreated to her room for the night and my wife and I went to sleep with another sexless evening.

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