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Jeff’s story

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My cousin’s took me to a sleepover in the woods. 5 boys 1 cup.

I was 10 at the time, I had 4 cousins, Carl and James were 14, Kevin and Steve were 13. They lived about 3 hours from me and I only saw them a few times a year. They lived near the mountains up in the country.

They invited me to come camp with them, I was excited that I got invited. They were always nice to me. They had a few hundred acres of land and the campsite was about a mile from their homes. We went out on the big 4 wheeler after lunch and took supplies. They had a big shed about 20×20 filled with tents and stuff.

We set up a big tent and 2 small tents and put a cooler and some food in the shed. We came back around 8pm that night. We ate dinner around 5 and took showers before we left.

Carl was the leader I guess, he bossed the other cousins around. I was alone with Carl in the shed and he opened the cooler and pulled out a beer for us. I had never drank before but I wasn’t going to be a sissy since I was invited to come there.

Carl and I drank a beer and talked, he was taller than me, I have always been short for my age. He leans over and kisses me, I got scared and pulled away but he pulled me close to him and said not to be scared. We stood there and kissed, I kinda liked it I guess.

He started to slide his tongue in my mouth and then he pulled off my shirt, he started to kiss and suck on my nipples and he took his shirt off and told me to do the same to him.

He told me to get on my knees so I did, he pulled down his shorts and boxers and his hard dick popped out, he was maybe 5 inches. He told me to suck it, I didn’t want to but he said to give it a try.

I started to suck on him and it wasn’t bad, he started to moan and told me my mouth felt really good. I kept sucking him and he complimented me saying I was doing a great job. I had self esteem issues so it made me feel good.

He had me suck his balls, I tried to be gentle with them but he said to suck hard. He stroked his dick while I sucked his balls. He told me I was a great ball sucker. He told me he was close and said to suck his dick.

I slid my lips over his dick and he told me to tighten my lips. A few seconds later I felt his cum shoot in my mouth. He told me not to swallow it, he grabbed a cup and told me to spit the cum in it.

He told me to stand up and he went and got another beer for us. He told me James would be over soon and to hurry and drink my beer, He took his beer and left.

James came in a few minutes later, He wasted no time in kissing me. I was shirtless and he got on his knees and removed my shorts and boxers. He started to suck on my little dick and my balls. It felt really nice when he did it.

He took off his clothes and we kissed again. He kissed harder than Carl, he grabbed my ass too. He tongue kissed me, sucked on my tongue a lot and then had me on my knees.

I started to suck him, he was a little smaller than Carl, he pushed my head on his dick, I had no problem taking all his dick. He grabbed my head and told me to tighten my mouth, he started to move his hips and fuck my mouth.

He rubbed my hair as he slid his dick in my mouth, he pulled out and told me to suck his balls. I sucked them for a while and he told me he loved my mouth. He went back to fucking my mouth and he was moaning alot.

He stopped to kiss me again, he told me to turn around and bend over. I thought he was going to ass fuck me but he got on his knees and started to kiss my ass and he buried his face between my cheeks and tongued my asshole.

He told me my ass tasted so delicious and gave me a hard slap on my ass. He got up and I started to suck him before he fucked my mouth again. He told me he was close and to keep my mouth tight. He came soon after and told me not to swallow.

He gave me the cup to spit in and then gave me another beer and told me to rinse my mouth and spit in the cup. He kissed me again and told me to finish my beer and they would be back soon.

I finished the beer and was feeling a little light headed when Carl, James, Kevin and Steve came back. Carl told Steve and Kevin to strip, he told me to suck Steve. He made Kevin and Steve kiss as I sucked Steve.

Steve didn’t last long, I felt his cum in my mouth pretty quick. I was told to spit his cum in the cup. I started to suck Kevin, Carl and James took turns kissing Kevin.
Kevin came pretty quick too, I spit in the cup again. Carl told Kevin and Steve to leave. James came over to me and told me to suck him. I sucked him off for the second time and spit in the cup again.

James left and it was me and Carl. I sucked on Carl, he told me to go slow, after a few minutes he stopped me and he grabbed a beer for us. I was already buzzing but I drank the beer with him.

I sucked him and then he started to fuck my mouth. He came and had me spit in the cup again. I told him I had to piss really bad so we both went outside and pissed. I saw my other cousin’s standing by the fire pit.

We went back to the shed. He took a bottle from the cooler, it was some clear liquid, he told me it was corn liquor. He poured some in the cup I had been spitting cum in to fill up the cup . He mixed it around and told me to go outside.

We walked naked to the fire pit, all my cousins were there, we were all naked. The fire was hot and we were naked but it felt good.

Carl took the cup and he said this cup unites us as family. He took the corn liquor bottle and took a drink, he passed it around to James, Kevin, Steve and then me. We all took a drink, it burned when I drank it.

He then gave me the spit cum cup. He told me to take a drink and pass it around. I took a drink, it burned and was salty. They all took a drink and when it came back to me it was just under half full.

Carl told me to finish it, I did. Carl grabbed my hand and led me to the big tent. I was somewhat out of it from the beer and corn liquor by then. He had a 2 person sleeping bag and we got into it together, naked.

He kissed my lips again and told me to get some sleep. This was day one of a week with my cousins.

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    Well at least i would be safe around a bunch of gay guys ! i wouldn’t have to worry of being force fucked or sodomized !

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfzra

    What will always happen when horny boys get together. Beautiful Beautiful!!

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    I have a friend who lives about 2 miles away. His dad and 2 brothers would make him suck their cocks daily. Based on what he tells me that started when he was 8 and continues to this day with his brothers. He’s 43 and married now. His wife watches him suck my cock when we get together and he wants me to use her as I please. The Friday before the Labor Day holiday I stopped by the house and, at his request, walked in while she was doing laundry. I took a video of me throat fucking her and sent it to him. With everyone out of town over the weekend that gave me some entertainment.

  • Reply scott ID:1djqi9fr8xxu

    I know you had fun sound like me and my brothers I started sucking them when I was 9 im 58 now and still suck them