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My aunts daughter made me cum

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My name is Martin and I am 23 years old. I’m neither slim nor fat, but I’m not really athletic either.
I really enjoy playing computer games and have a gaming area in my room. However, I have a slightly unique preference.

It was a normal day when I came home from school. The pretty girl in my class embarrassed me again and caused pressure to build up in my balls again. When I got home, I wanted to let my pressure out. However, I discovered that we have visitors and don’t have the opportunity to do that. My aunt was visiting with her daughter. Her daughter, my cousin, was very young. She is 10 years old and loves video games.
I said a quick hello and went to my room. I changed my clothes. I wore thin sports pants and a hoodie. A short while later my cousin enters my room.

She said she was bored and wanted to play on my computer. Of course I can’t say no and turned on the computer. While my computer started up, my eyes fell on her body.
I was already horny because of the girl in my class. My cousin stood in front of me in her tight black leggings and sweatshirt. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a little tanned and her blush is minimal. I looked at her bottom, which by the way is very round and juicy for her age.
I wish I could see it naked.

I sat down on my gaming chair and looked for a game for girls. After a little research I
found what she was looking for and she was very happy. She is too small to play on my computer alone. She said that she could sit on my lap.
When she sat on my lap, her round and juicy ass was right on my penis. I found it comfortable and told her that she can make herself comfortable. She played the game I found for her and was fully focused.
Meanwhile I felt every inch of her 10 year old ass on my penis.
As a result of her playing fun, she moved her ass forward and backward and rubbed her small and juicy buttcheeks on my penis. I couldn’t withstand this any longer and my penis started to grow. She probably didn’t feel anything because she was distracted by the video game. I smelled her hair while slowly moving my hands to her thighs.
I grabbed her inner thighs and leaned back in the chair. Her thighs were so full but still so small that I could cover them with my hands.
My hard penis in my pants was poking her little pussy.
Her leggings were so tight that you could see the shape of her pussy.
She clamped my legs with her legs and my penis was surrounded by her pussylips. She was completely focused on the game and didn’t show any signs of it.
I put my hand under her sweatshirt and noticed that she has nothing on underneath.
I tickled her and slowly rubbed her breast, which made her jump around more and more
causing movement on my penis. I couldn’t stand it and started pounding her with a hard penis.
I pushed her up and down, simulating a fuck. Meanwhile I played with my fingertip on her tight and small pussy. It was so small and tight that if I rammed my penis in there,
she would cry in pain. I kissed her neck and continued tickling her. She moved up and down while I simultaneously pushed her up every second. I lifted her up very briefly with my right hand. At the same moment, I took out my penis with my left hand and placed it right between her thighs.
My penis was rock hard and slowly slid down her thighs and down her pussy. She suspected nothing. I put a cloth on her thighs so that she couldnt see my penis between them
her legs. While she continued playing her game, I started fucking her thighs. I held her and slowly kissed her neck. Apparently she liked it and started moving faster and faster. I thrust up and down faster and faster. I rubbed her pussy and fucked her thighs hard.
Her fat ass only made me hornier. My hands grabbed her thighs and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Her small but juicy pussy was so warm that I couldn’t hold back and release my whole load.
I came so much like never before. Luckily I put a cloth over it, otherwise she would be full of my sperm by now. Still, a little bit landed between her thighs and on her tiny little pussy.

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    I hope it’s more to tell on the stories with her

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    So hot