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Just then, Grace’s hand moved further up the leg of my shorts, until she was holding my naked penis between her thumb and finger.

The incident I’m going to tell you about, happened when I was 11 years old. My dad left my mom shortly after I was born, and we never heard from him again. So I was raised by a single mom.

One day she came home from work, telling me she got a job offer that paid a lot more money, but we would have to move to a new city. I didn’t want to go, cuz it meant losing all my friends. But Mom pointed out that I would make new friends in time, and that the money she would make would help her provide a better life for me.

We moved into one of those big apartment complexes. Our neighbor was an old lady named Grace. Grace introduced herself while we were moving in, and her and my mom seem to hit it off really well.

“Do you happen to know if there’s any teenagers in the complex? I need someone to babysit John after school and sometimes on a Friday or Saturday night?” My mom asked grace.

“Well, there are a few teenagers in the complex, but why don’t you let me babysit him. I would love the company.” Grace replied.

“Seriously?” My mom asked her. “You could do that everyday for 3 or 4 hours after school, and the occasional Friday or Saturday night? I can pay you like $200 a week, and extra if I go out on a Friday or Saturday night.”

“Nonsense. I won’t take a penny, in fact I should pay you. I would love the company, it gets so lonely living alone.” Grace said.

So it was settled. I would go to Grace’s apartment after school, and wait for Mom to get home.

The first day was great. When I got to her apartment, she let me in and had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cold milk waiting for me. I could get used to this. After I had the milk and cookies, she helped me with my homework. Then we watch TV until my mom got home.

The rest of the week and the following week we’re the same. Fresh cookies, different kind too, not always chocolate chip, cold milk and help with the homework then TV.

One day Mom was asked on a date. It was on Saturday night, so when she got home Friday night, she asked Grace if she would be able to watch me the following night.

“He wants to take me to dinner and then a movie, so I’m not sure exactly what time I’ll get home. It might not be till after midnight.” My mom explained to her.

“I have an idea, don’t worry about what time you get home. John can sleep over my place. I do have a two-bedroom apartment you know?” Grace replied.

“Actually, that’s a great idea. What do you think John, do you want to sleep over Grace’s tomorrow night?” My mom asked me.

“Are you kidding me, she always has fresh cookies and cold milk for me of course I do.” I said excitedly.

“I’ll tell you what John, tomorrow night you can help me make a fresh batch of cookies.” Grace said to me laughing.

So it was all set, I was going to spend the night at Grace’s apartment. Around six o’clock I went over to Grace’s apartment, carrying a little suitcase with pajamas, my toothbrush and a clean pair of underwear.

We made cookies, and then had meatloaf for supper. I love meatloaf, and this was probably the best meatloaf I ever had. Of course, I couldn’t tell my mom it was the best I had cuz that would be an insult to her meatloaf, which was pretty good too.

“What do you say we watch a movie?” Grace asked me as we settled down on the sofa in her living room.

“Okay, that sounds good.” I replied. Grace started scrolling through the netflix, and selected a movie.

I asked her “what’s this movie about?”

“It’s a suspense thriller.” She replied, smiling at me. “You’ll like it.”

Before the movie was started, she got up to make some popcorn. When she came back she spread a blanket out over both of our laps then put the bowl of popcorn between us.

When we finished with the popcorn, Grace set the bowl aside. We continued watching the movie, and suddenly I felt Grace’s hand on my thigh. She just rested it there at first, but after a couple of minutes she started to trace her finger tips up and down the inside of my thigh. It felt really nice.

I was wearing shorts, so she was stroking my bare skin. I could feel my little penis start to get hard. I had been getting stiffies lately, but I didn’t know why. I just knew if I ignored it long enough, it went away on its own.

Grace’s stroking fingertips, started moving closer and closer to my crotch. She started to go up the leg of my shorts a little bit, and then back down towards my knee. Each time she stroked me, her hand got a little closer to my crotch, until I felt her fingertip touch my balls. When she did that, I sucked in a breath really quick and held it for a minute.

Grace kept staring straight ahead, watching the movie. Just about at that point, a nude woman appeared on screen. Thinking back now, I can’t help but think Grace knew exactly when that nude woman was going to appear, and timed her stroking of my inner thigh with that.

When I saw the naked lady, my eyes got big. I had never seen breasts before and it was quite exciting for an 11 year old boy.

Just then, Grace’s hand moved further up the leg of my shorts, until she was holding my naked penis between her thumb and finger.

She began to slowly stroke my penis, which caused me to groan. After a while, I started to move my hips in sync with her stroking. It didn’t take long before I felt like I was going to pee.

“Ah, it feels like I need to pee.” I urgently whispered to Grace.

“Shhh.” She replied as she continued to stroke my little penis. About 10 seconds later, I felt an explosion of feelings radiating from my penis, which was throbbing between her fingers.

It lasted for 20 or 30 seconds, and when it finally ended, her stroking started to tickle. I kind of giggled nervously and said “it tickles.” Grace took her and out of my shorts and patted my leg.

I didn’t know I had just had an orgasm. I was too young to produce sperm, and it was what I later learned a dry cum.

Grace never actually acknowledged what she was doing. She never stopped watching the movie. My mind was in the whirl. I had no idea my little penis could make me feel so good.

When the movie was over, Grace said “okay, time for bed. Why don’t you go brush your teeth and get into your pajamas.”

I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, then went into the guest room to change into my pjs. Grace came in, tucked me into bed and kissed me on the forehead then said “have a good sleep John.”

It took me a long time to go to sleep, I kept thinking about what she had done. My penis was hard again, and I started to do what she did, stroking it up and down. It felt good, but not as good as when she did it. I eventually fell asleep, and woke up the next morning the smell of bacon cooking.

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