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Getting trained by MOM and neighbors is so much fun

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For a 15 year old black kid in a mostly white neighborhood, life could not get any better.

George Carson here, it’s a summer Saturday afternoon sitting in my bed naked. Most days I am in here, with my door closed and locked. Ever since our new neighbors moved in next door.

They moved in about 9 weeks ago now. While I am sitting in my bed enjoying myself, viewing my live porn show which started 10 mintues ago today. This happen every Saturday afternoon at 3pm. The wife, Kim Su Winters is 5′ 1″ tall, very short black hair. Just enough hair to hold if you know what I mean. Beautiful C cup breast, with dark aroelas and nipples which are delicious to nibble on. They stand about half inch when she gets very excited, as she is right now.

Watching Ms. Winters who is currently tied to what I recently learned is called a St. Anthony’s Cross. It is a big X shaped post that is used to restain someone for their sexual pleasures. Kim is there naked, smiling at me, while her husband Steve Winters flogs her tits and pussy with a 3′ black leather flogger. That’s Kim’s favorite, again I have come to learn over the last few weeks.

You see the homes in my neighborhood were built very close togeather, with very small yards. I learned a few years ago that the neighborhood was designed for the executive life style. Large open style homes, with small yard. Little to maintain so you can could spend more time with the family.

As with most executives, they spend to much time at work or traveling. As in the case with my father. He is a Vice president of the company he works for, and often travels for his work. My mother is a Lawer, and partner at her Law firm. She and 4 other ladies started the firm over 10 years ago, which has become one of the best law firms in the county.

For the last few weeks my new neighbors have been given me visual lessons on how to enjoy sex. It has seem that way, even from the beginning. I must say I get alot of pleasure having a live porn show almost every night and most weekends.

You see, their windows and my face each other, as are every window on each side of all the homes. My parents room is on the opposite side of the house, as like our neighbors, and their windows face the other neighbors kids room. Sharon is the teenager that lives in the room acrossed from my parents. She is a nice looking Latina girl 18 I think, and a senior at my highschool.

Now, I must say, I have no complaints what’s so ever. What 15 year old black boy would. I mean watching them fuck and suck almost every night and most weekends rain or shine. They have been given me a private live porn show since day one. Almost every night about 9pm week day and 3pm on the weekends.

My parents and I introduced ourself early evening that first day they moved in. We invited ourself over by bringing a casserole dish for dinner and a bottle wine to welcome them into the neighborhood. They are in their late 20s, athletic, and one would say nice looking. Which also matches their personality, as very nice people.

They have living with them her mother, Ms. Wan Su, widow, early 50s, 5’2″, nice body for a Chinese lady. The wife’s name is Karen Smith, has a very similarly body type to her mother. A bit more on top if you know what I mean. Husband and son in law Joe Smith, he is a white guy, 5’7″, stocky, with an average dick about 5″.

When they saw me stroking my 8″ black thick dick that first night they performed a basic suck and fuck in front of their window. I could tell they watched me as much as I watched them.

As my parents were talking with our new neighbors the Winters, in their living room. I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some water. As all teens these day, I was on my phone texting with a girl I know in my English class. Her name is Becky, and her mom’s name is Susan.

The funny story with those two happen about a year ago when I discovered what my 8″ black dick was meant to be used for. They started my sexual revolution into manhood. Well, it started with Susan at first.

A little back story is needed here I think. Last year Becky and I were in Natural Science class together and were assigned as lab partners. I did not mind it at all, as I had a little crush on her anyways. Her fire red hair and emerald green eyes worked for me. Her mom has the same hair and eyes, which again did not hurt me being around those two.

Anyways, when we were starting our project together I had noticed right a way. When I entered their home for the first time, you could tell that they are a very Catholic family. Crosses all over, with pictures of the Son. Both ladies dressed in very conservative outfits. Hair and makeup done just a little. And spoke to you as the lord was sitting right there on their shoulders. For me, that’s not a problem as my parents take me to church every Sunday, well mom does at least.

It was about the 4th time I had been over to work on our project together that Becky’s mom started to, how do I say? I started noticing a few changes in her mannerisms and how she carried herself around me when I was there. For example, she would give me a hug when I arrived. The hug would last just a few seconds longer then I feel was needed. Mind you, I did not hate her titties pressed against my hard chest. Her dresses are very conservative in nature. Long past her knees and buttoned all the way up normally, but now she would would a few buttons undone, showing some cleavage. After about the 7th visit, mined you this is in about a two week time frame. We came into the house that Friday after school to work on our project. I was laffing at Becky’s joke as we entered through the kitchen sliding door as usual. There we found Susan in her yoga pants and sports bra leaning against the kitchen counter. She has never shown off anything really of her body. Becky’s inhailing sharply once she noticed her mother’s outfit. My dick of course just started to grow hard quickly. Now, I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans. The one that are a little lose, but tight enough to show off my package. Well the outline of my cuck could not have been more obvious while checking out Ms. Zimmerman. Dame, I must say she has a killer body. Nice D cup titties and slim waist, and her ass was in the shape of a heart. Small enough to fill my hands just right. Now looking back, it was just what she was hoping for I figured.

Now, I should have known something was wrong. My mom and I workout at times doing Yoga, and believe me we sweat a lot, but Becky’s mom, Susan, did not have one bead of sweat on her gorgeous body. She mentioned that she just finished her workout and was just about to take a shower when we enter.

Now, Watching her get a glass from the top shelve made my dick even harder if that was possible. I could feel my dick growing down my right pants leg, standing there with my mouth open just gawking like a kid in a candy store.

When Susan turned around she noticed just what she expected to see. A black kid with a large long thick dick stuck inside his blue jeans.

Becky nudged me and said let’s work on the project and see if we can finish it up this weekend, so we can turn it in on Monday.

Becky, God bless her, broke my trance by nudging my ribs. We headed back to the spare room where the project was setup.

While we had been working on our project for the last hour or so we heard Becky’s father come home. Big loud fellow, but very kind. He stuck his head into the room to see his daughter and to say hello. The man absolutely loves his sport and has been advising me on highschool sports every since I arrived that first day. If there is a game on, he is glued to the TV with his beer and pretzels. Good man all around in my mind.

I was getting thirsty and ask Becky if she wanted anything from the kitchen, as I was going to get a some water. No, I am good, thanks for asking Becky says.

I head down the hall to the kitchen, looking to my right I could see Mr. Zimmerman sitting there with his beer and pretzels watching a pro baseball game.

Turning left into the kitchen Susan is sitting there at the kitchen table with her hair up in a ponytail wearing a nice blue house dress. Its something new from any of her other clothes she has been wearing.

Thin strapes draped over the shoulders and the hem going just down past her knees. Floral design and very form fitting.

Hello Ms. Zimmerman, how are you doing? As I enter the kitchen. It was the first time really that we were alone per say.

Smiling, as she is rubbing her neck says, I must have pulled a muscle in my neck when I was stretching out. Now I know what that feels like Ms. Zimmerman, as my mom and I do yoga and if you don’t proform it properly you will hurt ourself at times. If I may, my mother has trained me some in releaving the muscle pain with a technique using some pressure points in the neck and shoulders. I turn to open the fridge and retrieve a bottle of water. Closing the fridge door, Ms. Zimmerman turns her back towards me and somewhat begs me if I could help her out.

I sit the bottle down on the table and walk behind rubbing my hands together to get them warmed up. We hear Mr. Zimmerman start yelling at the umpire on TV of what must have been a bad call. We chuckle out loud a little at Mr Zimmerman’s comments of the game.

Knowing the technics that I need to do. This is going to be, let’s say on the familiar side of touching someone. When mom was teaching me this manner of message I would always get hard and nearly cum in my shorts when she was done with me.

I could not have been into the message more than a minute when Susan begin moaning. Not loud mind you, but loud enough that got me going. Moving slowly down toward her shoulders, encreasing the pressure, I could see she is getting into that relaxed zone. Being present and feeling you are in a dream at the same time. Time is lost to you when you get there, and you are very receptive of any suggestions. I know fist hand, my mother has used it on me to agree to do house work for her. Leaning forward I whisper into her ear how sexy she looked in her tight yoga pants and asked her if she wore the outfit for my pleasure. Feeling at ease Susan just nods her head smiling just a little.

I am no stranger to watching porn at home on the internet. And of course I know that young black men have a reputation of having a big dick. Not true in all cases by the way, but with me it is true.

I wpuld have never expected the opportunity of living out one of my favorite porn scenes, a MILF offering up herself to a black man with the family near by.

Here I am, getting Ms. Zimmerman ready for some good dick, if she will take it that is. Do note that at this time in my life I was still a card carrying virgin, and knew nothing of real life sex.

I continue with the message, getting closer to her titties. Rubbing the top portion of her chest in small circles. Her head leaning back against my now hard dick.

I’am thinking that Ms. Zimmerman is going to scream any minute now for her husband to come and save her from me. Just the thought of getting my large hands on Susan’s breasts was too tempting to pass up. I mean my brains was locked into a porn scene playing out in real life. Husband on the other side of the wall watching TV. Daughter down the hall waiting for me to return.

My fingertips graze over her dress where I know now was the beginning of Susan’s gorgeous tits. This is confirmed by a very sharpe intake of air and a very soft moan from Susan. Only 2 minutes now into this, well, very erotic message and Ms. Zimmerman is putty in my hands. I can easily feel her bra under the blue dress as I go further and further down Susan’s chest.

There is no mistaking I am giving a tit message now to Ms. Zimmerman as she softly moans saying. Please George, we should stop. My husband is right there.

I can see our reflection in the sliding doors that heads out back. I see her eyes are closed, my hands firmly squeezing Ms. Zimmerman’s breasts and has no desire for this message to end. I lean into Susan’s left ear and whisper softly. Susan I just love the way your tits feel in my hands, how firm and so soft at the same time. You are making my dick so hard right now that I might just release my load right here, right now.

I reach down behind Susan with my left hand and unsnap my jeans top button. My heart and breathing has increased now 10 folds. I am praying that I don’t pass out or shoot my wad to soon. I make another move by slipping my right hand inside Ms. Zimmerman’s dress, under her bra and grab her left tit directly. Pinching her hard nipple making her moan, listening to her breath faster. She softly saying we should stop, this is not right. You are only a boy.
Knowing, somehow she is just using her words of gentle denial of what I was doing to her and for her.
I continued to message her tit, pinching her nipple.

Like the thousands of hours of porn I have watched were the MILF is always saying no, but never really trys to stop the guy. She could at anytime stop my hand or yell for her husband.

Using my left hand I start to slowly unzip my pants so I can get some relief to my dick. Confined in a tight space. I Know she can hear the zipper sound as well as I can.

I can feel her heart racing, thinking she is going to stop me any minute now. Yell rape, or faint and cause some loud noise.

I continue talking very softly into Susan’s ear. As I got my dick released from its confines. I tell Susan while squeezing harder on her nipple, getting her attention. I state that she must suck on my big. hard. black. cuck. So that I can relax around her gorgeous white body.

I feel her body quiver a little. She is rubbing her legs together. Her hands moving over her legs, squeezing gently. Than I feel it, she nods her hear slowly forward and than back.

Before I think another thought, I step around to the side, pulling my right hand out from the dress and grabbing her ponytail. While I have a strong grip of her hair in one hand, I am holding my hard black cuck in the other. In that second Ms. Zimmerman opens her eyes wide, and seeing my dick live for the first time. She just opens her mouth up as I pull her head down to my dick. She begins to moan as my cuck enters her hot wet mouth. I have never felt anything like that in my very short life. I watch as more and more of my dick goes into heaven. 4 or 5 inches in I feel the back of Susan’s throat. A small gag reflects from Ms. Zimmerman as she pulls back just a little, than she moves herself forward past the entrance to her throat. Thinking back now, either she knew it would happen and she practiced, or she was a real pro at cuck sucking. Either way, I was receiving a first class blowjob. I can honestly say, I did not last very long. It was my first blowjob. Which I might add, had a level of excitement. Husband could walk in at any moment from the living room. Or her daughter Becky might come to see what was taking me so long to get water.

But before I could release such a large load of cum into Susan’s mouth, I had the forethought to bring my phone out and record Ms. Zimmerman sucking on my dick. I filmed her, with her eyes closed just drinking my hot juices down for the first time. It seemed she was in heaven, looking at her face, watching her throat as my dick exploded inside her mouth, over and over again. Seeing her swallow every drop of my juice, just made me warm all over.

Just before she was done I was able to put my phone back, but I did not stop recording. I pulled my dick out slowly from Susan’s lips and throat.

Leaning into her eyes I said, that was the best blowjob any slut MILF has ever given me. She smiled, please with herself of being the best. I continue with letting her know that I will want more of these blowjob. Not thinking about her pussy just yet. She just nods her head. You could tell she was off somewhere in her mind. Not thinking of what she just did or how it happened, but just very happy that it did.

I put away my dick, picked up the water bottle and headed back the the project where Becky is waiting.

A couple of hours later dinner was ready and the Zimmerman’s would not take no for dinner. Becky was telling her parents about our project and letting them know that we made a lot of progress today and we should be done sometime this weekend, if all goes well. With this news Ms Zimmerman just smiled and nodded hear head. While Mr. Zimmerman let everyone know he was invited to play golf the next day and that he would be gone most of it. With that news Ms. Zimmerman truly did smile. Of course I was thinking the same thing and had a shit eating grin on my face.

I headed home with that big shit eating smile on my face and song in my heart. As I entered the house I see my mother sitting there on the couch watching a movie by herself. Dad was out of town for another week for business. So, I sat down with mom letting her know how everything is going with the project.

Being my mom she just has to ask if there might be anything between me and Becky, knowing I have a crush on her.

Now you need to know something about mom. As a top lawyer, she has skills of getting the true story out of anyone. Dad, me, a neighbor or a friend. I learned long ago to tell mom everything about what went on in my day and it was not only a one way street either. We would have conversations about her day as well. Down to what people worn, to the guys and girls who flirted with her that day.

So I told her of what happened while I was over at the Zimmerman’s. How the project was proceeding. How Mr. Zimmerman yells at the TV and his animation when his team is losing or winning I guess. Also, went into great detail of what happened in the kitchen with Ms. Zimmerman. I know from past talks with mom, that she loves details of this type of, let say life’s pleasures.

Of course, since I had evidence of my story, mom had to examine it closely. It was rare that one gets this type of events on record my mother said. She knew this was my first time getting my dick wet. The description of Ms. Zimmerman giving me head in the kitchen was as mom put it, titillating to say the least.

Mom was a little surprised when she heard me saying that I thought Ms. Zimmerman gave the best head of any slut MILF has ever given. Seeing that this was my first time getting a blow job, how does one compare? Looking at my mom as she sits their in her light green robe, which now that I was looking more closely. I could see moms tits just as easly as if she was not wearing anything. Which for my discomfort excited my dick in the worst way at the worst time.

As mom was waiting for me to reply to her question. She see my dick grow larger and larger in my pants.

I was just about to go and take care of it and not embarrass myself in front of my mother amy longer.

As I was getting up, mom told me to come and stand in front of her. Looking straight at my dick she ask a direct question.

Is your dick hard because of me or because of what happened earlier and you are just remembering it.

Looking down at mom in a slightly nerves voice. Mom my dick is hard because of what you are wearing or should I say not wearing.

Given herself a second before acting out what she wants. Mom just reached out, grabbed the front of my jeans, popped my top jean button and unzipped my pants. Grabbing both sides she just pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles in one quick move.

Mom, taking her right hand grips my dick firmly and begins to slow stroke my very hard, long , thick cuck. As she was speaking, she would bring her hand around the top of my wet dick a grab a little of my pre-cum to use as lube while she gave me a hand job.

Mom begins with a statement of, your father has not fucked me in months, for our work loads of been to heavy or he is out of town and I could use a good fucking tonight. George do you think you could fuck your mother? I could teach you a few things that watching porn can’t teach.

My mind for the moment just shut down. Looking down seeing my mother’s hand stroking my dick. Talking about me fucking her hard and teaching me things that porn can’t.

My mother and in her wisdom not hearing me say no or freaking out too much takes it as consent, and leans forward rapping her soft lip around the head of my dick and sucks hard.

The next thing I know my cuck explodes, my hot juicy cum starts shooting out into my mothers mouth. I don’t know how long I was there standing. Or what it felt like, nothing, I remember nothing. Which really messed with my head and not just the little one. All I could quickly think of is that I must have passed out, somehow still be standing?

Mom removed my pants and underwear from my ankles. Standing up herself she grabs ahold of my right hand and leads me upstairs to hers and dad’s bedroom.

Recovering from what happened downstairs, I begin thinking of what is truly happening and how is dad going to handle all this? His son fucking his wife while he is out of town working.

Mom releasing my hand as we make it to the edge of the king side bed with a thousand pillows. We remove most of them to the floor. Once that is done she opens her robe and drops it showing her beautiful black body. Firm tits, nice big ass, and thick thighs. She climbs up the bed and sits up some with her back against the headboard. With a commanding voice she says.

George get over here between my legs and start eating my pussy. Removing my shirt quickly, I become more aware of what is happening. I dive into my mother’s very wet, black bald pussy. I will admit this is one of my first fantasies.

Moving my tongue from the bottom, to the very tip of moms vigina and moving all around. Its keeping my cuck hard knowing I am eating my mother’s pussy. I can tell It’s getting moms blood moving. She earnestly starts moaning and sqrimming as I lick her delights and enjoy her neither region.

Losing track of time while in the presents of my mother’s pussy or any naked part of her body for that matter I can feel her cumming.

Moms shaking, moaning ooofff fuck baby, that feel great, you are going to make mommy cum. Don’t stop George, please don’t stop eating my pussy. Oh fuck me George, that’s it suck my clit like a cuck baby.

I lift my mouth off quickly telling my mom to cum in my underwear used mouth. Come in my mouth mom, let me taste your sweet nectar. With that last request mom starts firing shot after shot of her juices going directly into my mouth.

Oh God mom you taste so good. You surprized me being a squirter. As my mother starts to relax some. I continue slowly licking and fingerings my mother’s pussy.

Mom opens her eyes looking down at me while I play with her very swollen pussy lips that I have being sucking and finger fucking on for the last 30 minutes. Says that she really needed that release. It’s has been a long week at work and your father is not here to fuck me proper.

George listen carefully, from now on when your father is out of town you can fuck me anytime we are together. Also know that sometime tomorrow I will be calling your father and letting him know that we are fucking.

I stop licking and just stare at mom like my life will end as soon as she tells dad. He will kill me I said to mom. She shakes her head no. George, your father and I have what some would call a different type of marriage. It is not an open marriage in the tradional sense.

You see George, your father fucks white married women in front of me for my pleasure. I get off seeing him destroy white pussy. It is one of my kinks, as you would say. Seeing your video tonight really set me on fire.

About 3 years ago when you were spending the night over at a friend’s house your father and I roleplayed during sex. I played me and your dad played you. Your father has some kinks too. Anyways, the next day as we were eat breakfast your father told me that at anytime I ever wanted to have sex with you, and that you agreed, he would be fine with that. Now at the time I thought he was crazy. I loved the role playing but for real, it was never going to happen. He said that there will be a time that he is out of town and I would just need a dick to fuck. He did not want me with a stranger or a friend as both come with there own problems. But, having you here George makes most issues mute.

Just, I never thought this day would happen. You showing me that video of Ms. Zimmerman sucking you large cuck, just flipped a switch in me and with your eyes locked on my tits making me feel sexy, helped too know you might not mine fucking me for real.

I took a gamble with you downstairs, sucking your dick like that. Seeing you stuck, not know what to do, well I just loved that feeling.

Bringing you up here I was hoping we could continue what was started. Knowing how you were mind numb from what was happening, I was really in the mode for you to eat my pussy to orgasm and wishing by than you will be in mind to do more.

Any questions so far Baby?

Not just yet mom. What you have said so far is kind of crazy for me. But, I need to learn more about sex and I want for you to tell me about dad and why he is fucking white women. For now I need you to turn over so I can fuck your cunt doggie style.

George thank you, thank you ,thank you.

My mother gets into position pretty fast and I fucked her so hard for the next few hours. We fucked in what was 5 different positions that I know. First doggie style as that was my fantasy favorite.

Mom just moaning and yelling hard baby don’t be soft with me. Your dad, when he gets going trys to break my pussy in this position. Yes baby that’s it fuck my pussy good. Don’t worry you can come inside me. Ooohh fuuuck baby you are making me cum again already. Fyck, fuck fuck yes George that it don’t stop. Oh God yes.

Mom taught me much that night and how I was to handle her and Ms. Zimmerman the next day. Mom tells me that a lot of white women and girls have this fantasy of fucking black men. She mentioned that even though you have her deads to right to fuck her anytime you wish as you have the blackmail video. That you should not need to use it. Ms. Zimmerman has shown herself to be a black cuck whore. It’s what my mother calls them, the ones that are married that is.

Mom was right about Ms Zimmerman being a cuck whore. That next day when I went over to finish up the project Becky and I were working on. I took Ms. Zimmerman to the living room, pressing on her shoulders firmly but not forcefully to place her on her knees in front of me. Becky not knowing what was going on just sat there in her father’s chair watching.

Looking down at Susan I commanded her to get my dick out and suck it like she did the night before. I hear Becky gasp upon hearing what her mom did last night, and for me talking that way to her mother.

While Becky is watching closely, her mother pulls my sweatpants down to see my dick in its semi hard state of arousal. Without hands she leans forwards and gets my dick back into her mouth like a pro. I place my hand behind her head helping some to guide her to the speed and depth I wanted her to go.

She submitted to me so fast. I would have bet money Ms Zimmerman would have rejected me out right and thrown me out of her home. But she did not.

I had to ask if she liked the taste of my cuck as she sucks me hard now. She pulls my dick out of her wet mouth for a second letting me know she does love the taste. Smiling, I let her know that I had just fucked another woman just about an hour before I came over here. I thought Iwould have you clean my cuck before I fucked you and Becky. Susan just smiles ND gets back to deepthroating my dick.

Like I mentioned I just finished cumming inside my mother pussy before coming over here, so I know I will last a long time. 15 minutes go by and Becky is really getting into her mother sucking my dark dick and asking to join us.

I look over at Becky and smiling as I know I will have 3 fuck buddy soon. Take you clothes off Becky and come join your mother. I think she needs help, I said in a commanding voice. My mother told me and helped train me some last night about how I needed to be in charge and to use a commanding voice.

With a quick yelp, Becky strips out of her clothes and on her knees in seconds helping her mother. Taking over for her mother who was giving my a throat fuck.
Becky not as experienced only got about half my dick in her mouth. For me it was still heaven getting sucked off by two good looking women.

I pull my dick out of Becky’s mouth and tell Susan to lay down on her back. Looking at Becky I tell her to get between her mother’s legs and start eating her pussy. Me, I get behind Becky and slow enter her tight white hairy pussy for the first time. I get in just a bit when I push against her Hyman. I can feel Becky tenses up, so I lift my right hand and come down hard on her ass, giving hard a red hand mark make Becky scream out in pain at which time I push hard into Becky’s pussy breaking her cherry. Once passed that point I quickly bottom out with Becky as I feel their cervix on the tip of my dick. I hold her tightly by jer hips, letting her get use to my cuck deep into her hairy white pussy.

Mom told me to do this with Becky as it will help with the pain of ripping her Hyman. With in just a few seconds, faster than I thought anyways. Becky looks back at me letting me know that she is ready for a good fuck and to don’t stop until she cums again.

Shaking my head, looking down at Becky, thinking it’s always the religious types that are the biggest sluts in the porn movies. Now I can relate to were they get their material.

Unfortunately Becky and I did not finish our project that weekend, but we did turn it in on time and received and A.

Becky and Susan still, to this day no nothing of my mother and me. They do know however about my new neighbors and their kink life style.

Mr. Winters is there now eating his wife’s pussy, as I shoot my load up and out my dick. My cum landing on my chest and stomach. Smiling at Ms Winters I wave while I clean up my mess and head downstairs.

Maybe, I can tell you readers what happened in the kitchen that first day meeting the new neighbors?

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