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Chelsea’s summer

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Chelsea just turned 17 years old, 5’10” tall, she has perky brown breasts, and a voluptuously firm butt,
She has recently returned home from boarding school of the summer. Her mom is dating a new guy, her little brothers are away ate a summer camp, and Chelsea was excited about reconnecting with her friends. It was a Saturday morning and Chelsea was sleeping peacefully until the front door slammed , she woke up to someone drunkenly speaking. “Chelsea..” her heart sank.
It was Mike her mother boyfriend. He turned the lights on and made his way to her bed. She grabbed onto the covers and tried to hide under them. “You’re already 17..you..you need to be..popped.” She froze at his words “p-popped?”
He grabbed onto her ankle and dragged her over to the edge of the bed. She was only 115 pounds, Mike was 6’2” and over 200 pounds of stacked muscle. Whatever he tried to do, she couldn’t over power him.
He grabbed both her hands and put them behind my back. Chelsea started to panic when she felt something hard rub against her back. “M-Mike! No!” She screamed out. With a free hand, he yanked her shorts off. Chelsea couldn’t see anything. Her room was pitch black, she could only feel his hands on her body.
something big and warm press against her pussy. It was massive, It was larger them her hole, bigger than her whole Vigina. She started to tremble and whimper, not knowing what was going to happen next.
She could hear the sounds of him rubbing it. It sounded slick, it was lubed. Then she felt the tip press into her hole, but the hole didn’t stretch, it was too thick. Chelsea cried out in fear and pain.
“Mom! Mom!” she screamed.
He shoved his dick violently into her and it ripped her hole. She could feel blood trickle down her legs.
Mike grunted and forced his massive member in her deeper. Tears streamed down her face, and in to her pillow, she tried to fight and get away but he was much bigger than her.
The only thing she could do is endure. He shoved in and out, in and out. It hurt so much, her poor hole was stretching so far.
Chelsea wished she had let her boyfriend Alma take her virginity, but she wasn’t ready and told him to wait, now she was regretting that decision.
Mike was groaning and groaning forcing his giant donkey dick deep inside her. Chelsea tried to close her mind off but the pain kept bringing her back to what was happening.
A loud slap rang out as Mike spanked her ass. Chelsea screamed out, but no one came to help. She was going to be broken in.
Mike kept slamming into her pussy, the pain was so intense she was screaming in to the pillow. The tears were nonstop. She could feel him get deeper and deeper, it felt like his dick was hitting her cervix.
Mike stopped pumping in and out of her but didn’t pull out, he leans down and whispered in her ear.
“Take it you stupid fucking girl. Take it. You’re gonna be a good fucking cock slut for me from now on.
She started crying harder.
“No..no please.”
Mike laughed happily and slammed his dick into her, Chelsea screamed.
“Yes! You will. I’ll fucking ruin you and no one will ever want you.”
Chelsea got mad and managed to get free. mike’s cock popping out of her bleeding cunt, but before she could run out of her room he tackled her and punched her in the gut, knocking the air out of her lungs.
Mike forced her on all fours.
“You can’t get away little girl” he said while laughing and slapping her ass.
He grabbed a fist full of her hair and slammed her face into the floor. He lined his cock up with her hole and shoved it in hard!
Chelsea tried not to cry out but the pain was too much and she screamed.
Mike pulled her hair, and slammed his cock into her. Chelsea’s pussy stretched and stretched. Blood ran down her thighs. It didn’t seem to affect Mike he kept pumping in and out of her with an animalistic speed and force.
Chelsea thought that it would go on forever, and it would be the end of her.
Mike grunted and grabbed Chelsea by the throat squeezing as he came. His hot sticky cum flooded her abused pussy.
Mike let her go, and fell back. Chelsea collapsed and passed out.
When Chelsea awoke, Mike was gone, Chelsea was laying on the floor of her bedroom, drying blood covered the inside of her thighs. her whole body was sore and her pussy was swollen and hurt.
Chelsea didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t tell anyone, John was her stepdad and no one would believe her.
She decided the best thing she could do was keep quiet, and pretend like nothing happened.
She picked herself up and went to the bathroom, cleaning herself up. When she looked in the mirror her face was bruised, and her hair was a mess.
She couldn’t believe the state she was in, and hoped that it would all fade soon. She took a shower and got dressed.
Chelsea wasn’t hungry, but she went to the anyway, Mike was sitting at the table, looking at the news.
Chelsea didn’t speak or look at him, she just sat down ate the other end of the table.
Mike got up and put his dishes in the sink. Chelsea couldn’t help but tremble.
Mike stood behind Chelsea and leaned down whistling in her ear.
“We’re not done, you’re going to get pregnant with my baby.” as his hands snaked around her waist and up to his breast,
He cupped her breast and pinched her nipples.
“You’ll look so hot when your belly gets all big.”
Chelsea felt his hands wander to her pussy, he was rubbing her.
“No I don’t want you to touch me” she said and tried to wiggle away.
“Don’t fucking move, I’m going to fuck you so hard”
Mike slapped her across the face, she tasted blood in her mouth, her eyes were watering, and her ears were ringing.
Mike grabbed her by the arm, pulling her off the chair. He dragged her to her room and threw her on the bed. Mike closed the door and started unbuckling his belt.
Chelsea sat up and tried to get away, but Mike grabbed her by the neck and pushed her down.
“I told you, we’re not done yet”
He ripped her shirt off and forced her shorts down, leaving her in her underwear.
He tore her underwear off, Mike grabbed her thighs and pushed them up, spreading her legs open.
Chelsea started crying again.
“No, no, please!”
Mike lined his cock up and slammed into her,
Chelsea screamed out, and tried to push him away.
Mike forced his cock in and out of her, her pussy was still tender, and the pain was intense.
Chelsea scream and beg for him to stop.
“Please please Mike don’t do this!”
He was fucking her hard and fast, grunting and sweating.
His cock was getting bigger and bigger, stretching her pussy.
He pulled his cock out and rubbed the head against her clit, Chelsea cried out, and her body shook.
“Suck it” he ordered her, and pushed her head down to his cock.
Chelsea didn’t want to but she knew if she didn’t obey him, he would force her.
Chelsea wrapped her small lips around his shaft, and sucked.
His cock was covered in her blood, and the taste mixed with his Precom almost made her throw up.
Chelsea sucked and licked him, the tip was red, and leaking precom.
“Yeah, that’s a good girl, suck your daddy dick.”
He forced her head down, and shoved his cock in her throat.
“Fucking take it”
He growled, and fucked her mouth, his cock sliding in and out of her, her teeth scraping the underside of his cock, he winced and slapped her hard across the face “watch your teeth or you won’t have any”
He fucked her face, and Chelsea felt like her jaw was about to break.
He shoved his cock down her throat, and his balls pressed against her chin.
“That’s it, fucking take it”
He growled, and fucked her face, her throat stretching around him.
Chelsea felt lightheaded due to the lack of oxygen, and her vision started to blur.
Mike pulled his cock out and shoved it back in, her throat burning, and her jaw aching.
Chelsea could feel his cock twitch, and his balls tighten.
He slammed his cock down her throat and exploded, his cum pouring down her throat, and filling her stomach.
Mike pulled his cock out, and Chelsea gasped for air, coughing and sputtering.
“Yeah, that’s a good slut”
He grabbed her by the hair and shoved her on the bed, her head hanging off the edge. Mike got on the bed with her.
“Open your fucking legs”
He lined his cock up and thrust it into her pussy, Chelsea cried out, and tried to push him away,
He slammed into her pussy, his cock stretching her wide, her pussy clenching,
“You’re so fucking tight, such a good slut, fuck yeah, you like daddy’s dick?”
Chelsea didn’t answer, her pussy was on fire, and the pain was blinding.
“Answer me, slut, do you like my cock?”
He growled, and fucked her harder.
She sobbed, her pussy was on fire, and her stomach was cramping.
“Fuck, yeah, you like your daddy Mike’s cock?”
He groaned, and his hips bucked, his cock slamming into her, her pussy stretching and aching.
Chelsea moaned, and her hips pushed against him.
“Yes, daddy”
She cried out, her body was betraying her.
Mike was fucking her hard and fast, his cock hitting her g spot.
“That’s a good slut, take your daddy’s cock”
Mike moaned, and his cock twitched.
“I’m gonna fucking cream this little pussy”
Chelsea tried to push him off, but he was too strong, and he pinned her down.
“Fuck, daddy”
She cried out, her body tensing, her pussy clenching.
“Take my fucking load”
He growled, and came inside her, his cock pulsing and twitching, pumping and filling her pussy.
He pulled his cock out, and got off the bed.
Chelsea was crying, her pussy was raw and hurting, her throat was sore, and her stomach was cramping.
Mike got dressed and left the room closing the door behind him.
Chelsea just laid there tears running down her cheeks, she was ruined.
Months later…
Mike had been raping Chelsea for the last 3 months, and today was no different. He had her pinned under his muscular frame, and was hammering away at her cunt.
He had tied her up to the bed, she was face down, one hand was tied to each corner of the her legs were left free so he could manipulate her body.
“Fucking slut, you like daddy’s cock?”
He growled, and fucked her.
Chelsea cried out, and tried to get away.
“Yeah, you like your daddy’s cock, take it”
He groaned, and pumped in and out of her as much as she hated Mike her body loved the rough fucking and his thick cock, her pussy was starting to drip, and her body was starting to betray her.
“Yes, daddy, fuck me”
She moaned, and pushed her hips back against him, trying to get it over with faster.
Mike finished in side her and left.
Chelsea laid on her bed and tried to calm herself down, the last couple days had been rough on her, not only had Mike been getting more forceful and abusive with her, she was pregnant, but hadn’t told Mike about it yet.
Mike came back about 20 minutes later, forced her to suck his cock one more time before he untied her and told her to get dressed that her mother would be home soon.
After he left, She took a shower she turning on the water to as hot as she could stand it, and stayed there until the hot water ran out.


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  • Reply Tg ID:h9alcer8m

    Get your story straight mate.
    He turned the lights on and made his way to her bed.

    Her room was pitch black, she could only feel his hands on her body.

    So which is it? Did he turn the lights on or not 🤣 inconsistencies like this ruin a story because it’s the first paragraph and I’m already confused what’s going on

    • Brother rape sister ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I have to agree with Tg there always a first time for everything. Im confused who is John?

    • Happy ID:1eiwoyy1cbk9

      Yeah, I realize that after I had already posted it I half assed my proofread. That’s my bad.

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    Part two please

    • Happy ID:vzgdfyd4

      Yeah I realize that after I posted it, kind of phone in the proofreading.

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