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Bother and Sister next door 3

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I left off we were talking a little break. We all had some cold beverages. As we were resting. Amber asked me if I would like to lick her next. Of course I said yes. She said, I really like my pussy and butt hole locked it makes me squirt a lot. I asked K. Why didn’t you mention that to me. She said. You would find out soon enough. I told her. Well that explains the big wet spot on the couch and carpet. Thay both just laughed. FYI. K squirts A lot too. Anyway. K asked Robert. Would mind fucking my pussy. I really liked your little cock in my ass the last time you fucked me and Wolfe. Again,He just said okay. With that. The girls were all ready sitting on the couch. They spread there legs. Robert and I moved in to position. Before Robert started fucking K. I sucked his little cock to make sure he was good and hard for K wet pussy The girls liked watching me suck his little boy cock. K and Amber,masturbating watching me suck Robert’s little bonner turned me on so much. I all most dumped my load right then. I love being watched!!! Now his little boy cock is good and hard. I strok it a couple times and he slips his tiny hand cock in to K’s wet cunt. I then turn my attention to Amber. I look her in the eye and she says. What are you waiting for you fag. LICK MY PUSSY NOW!!!!! I know right then, we had a little dominatix on our hands. K was to busy being fucked by Robert and cuming on Robert’s little bonner. She didn’t hear Amber call me a fag. Amber grabbed me by the hair and said. LICK MY FUCKING CUNT YOU FUCKING SISSY FAG!!!!!

To be continued.

I hope you all like masturbating to my story’s.

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