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Blackmailed mom. Part 8

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In the morning, at about 11 o’clock, I was awakened by a sound coming from the speakers. Turning on the monitor, I saw two boys, including the main one, already piling into my mom’s apartment. Mom came out of her room with short and unsure steps.

– Oh, I see you didn’t forget the collar. Good for you, bitch. Following the rules should come first for you, – the guy said sarcastically, pointing his finger at mom’s neck.

She stood there, not knowing what to say to him and only nervously twiddled her fingers in her hands.

– I said ALL the rules. So why the fuck are you still standing in front of us with your clothes on?! – the kid yelled at her, slapping mommy’s thigh painfully at the same time.

Letting out some squeak and grabbing her own thigh with her hand, mom stepped back a little and hesitated to take off her t-shirt. “That’s not cool at all, mommy. Those bastards started breaking you down a little too easily. Where’s all that pride you’ve always had. Did you become afraid of them? Or have you just become more aware of their power over you?” – I pondered, while mom was already taking off her pants, exposing her panties. But in reality, there was a lot of emotion inside mommy, especially in those moments when some 17-year-old kid unashamedly forced her to do something so perverted that she never even knew it existed before.

When she was left in just her panties and bra, the main boy came up, grabbed her waist with one hand and her ass with the other, kissed her lips and started actively shoving his tongue into her mouth. Mom mumbled something inarticulately, struggling with the stream of drool coming into her mouth every now and then. At that moment she just didn’t know what to do. Like, no one was holding her down and she could easily push away the person who was kissing her and shoving his tongue into her mouth. But on the other hand, as much as it hurt her to admit it, he had serious power over her, and, as she had learned, he could do things that made this dirty, forced kiss look like a mere joke. That’s why mom only continued to make inarticulate noises and nudge the guy in the chest. However, these pushes did not look as if she was serious about getting free with them, but rather just as a demonstration of disagreement with what he was doing to her and nothing more.

While the main one was enjoying the kiss, the other kid went behind mom’s back so that she was now almost sandwiched between them. As soon as the main one got behind her lips, he abruptly turned mom around 180 degrees. Before she knew it, the second kid had already sucked on her lips with his kiss. They did this to her 3 times. And all 3 times, mom obediently endured, giving these two bastards to torture her own lips, so that they even changed color, and became noticeably red. At the same time, of course, she took their drool, which she had to swallow, and their tongues, which were forced into her mouth every time her lips touched. When they were done, the man in charge said:

– You’re such a fucking bad kisser, you stupid bitch. You don’t show any effort at all.

After slapping my mom, he continued:

– Okay, take off the rest of your clothes.

Wiping her lips wet from kissing, mom unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. While she was naked, the other guy glanced toward the kitchen.

– I’m so hungry. Hey, bitch, why don’t you be a little more useful than a sperm bag for once? Go cook something! – the kid told her, slapping mom on the butt.

With a hateful look at the teenager who addressed her, mom went into the kitchen.

– The rest of us can’t come in yet. So what, we just double-barrel her? Besides, we still have a couple of unpacked toys from the sex shop, – said the chief, addressing his comrade.

– No, I won’t be here long today. I’ll have a bite to eat, let my dick work with her mouth, and then I’ll go.

Entering the kitchen, the guys sat down at the table. At that time mom was already cooking something on the stove, and after a while she was already putting the food on plates and putting it on the table. When the guys started to eat, mom moved away from the table and obviously did not know how to behave and what to do. And after a couple of seconds she embarrassingly covered herself with her hands. With one hand she pressed her breasts, and the second covered herself in the vagina area. It is clear that these actions were more instinctive than thought out, because mom, of course, could not get used to being forced to walk naked in front of some teenagers. Still, the whole thing seemed odd, considering that she was now covering herself from the people who were fucking her in every possible hole and jerking her off with every available part of her body.

Distracted from his meal, the guy in charge looked at mom:

– Come here, bitch, – he said, pointing a finger near him.

Apparently caught in a bit of a stupor, mom didn’t move from her spot and just stared at the guy.

– Are you deaf?! Get to my fucking leg, now! – the guy yelled.

With his shout he quickly brought mom out of her stupor, and she slowly and carefully approached the kid, standing beside him.

– Down on your knees, bitch, – he continued, pointing his finger at the floor.

She bit her lips, which were trembling because of the tears that had come. Mom looked at the boy, and a second later his face began to recede upward, and soon it and part of his body were fully above the kneeling mother. The main guy put his palm on her left cheek and pressed down so that now her right cheek was resting against his leg. Then, without removing his palm, he began slapping the part of mom’s face underneath it.

– That’s how you sit, bitch. Remember, you can’t be taller than any of us, even when we’re sitting. So get used to it, if I sit on a chair – you immediately drop to your knees.

Mom sat clearly barely holding back tears of humiliation and continued to endure the slaps on her cheek.

It was rather curious to watch her being humiliated. I think it was at such moments that mom felt the strong power that this kid and all his friends had over her. Power so strong that she, a grown woman, with all her pride, could not oppose anything to some teenager, who easily, almost at the flick of a hand, could make her kneel before him. And it was good. I might even say I was glad. At last, the all so inaccessible and proud mommy felt so much power over herself.

– By the way, there’s one more rule. We already had something like this when I first came to live with you. But now it’s gonna be an official rule. Remember, the command “on your feet” means you must go to the person you’re calling and sit on your knees in front of him. The rule is clear, bitch?, – said the chief, and began to beat his palm harder.

A short sob was heard, which meant that the flow of tears of mom from the humiliation she received could not hold back. And then followed a slightly shaky because of crying uncertain:

– I understand… master…

Having finished eating, the boys went with mom to the living room. Usually they fucked her in her own room, but this time they decided to change the dislocation. The living room was a little bigger than mom’s room, with a big fold-out couch opposite the plasma TV hanging on the wall. As soon as the boys and mom entered it, the voice of the man in charge was immediately heard:

– Get on your knees, bitch, it’s time to work! Stretch your fucking mouth!

Shuddering slightly, mom knelt down. The other guy came over to her and shoved a few fingers into her mouth, then started shoving them back and forth, occasionally probing her tongue and cheeks right from the inside. There were some smacking noises made by the drool that mom couldn’t swallow properly. A couple of times he pushed his fingers in a little too deep, making mom choke and causing a small stream of tears. He called this whole process a “mouth warm-up”, and continued it for about 2-3 minutes.

Having finished with this “warm-up” and having taken his fingers out of mom’s mouth, the underpants and underwear of the guys were immediately pulled down and here in front of mom’s face, almost at point-blank range, there are already two overexcited dicks.

– I’m sorry, we didn’t wash our cocks yesterday or today, so they are a little dirty. Besides, I jerked off this morning and forgot to take napkins, so I had to go down on myself, there are still wet marks, – the main guy said playfully, – You’ll have to clean them too. By the way, it was a hard rape porn, some bitch was fucked in all her holes with three dicks, can you imagine? Oh, that’s right, it was you!

Laughing, both boys stood even closer to mom.

The smell of their unwashed cocks hit her nose, and the thought of having to take it all in her mouth brought another flood of tears to her eyes.

– Come on, up to the glisten, bitch, – the guy said, leaning his cock against her lips.

Mom grimaced with disgust, but nevertheless obediently pulled out her trembling tongue, gently touching the head of the boy’s penis with it. After licking it several times and collecting some white secretions from it with her tongue, mom moved lower, beginning to lick the area around the balls and the balls themselves. When she was done with them and swallowed another portion of the white secretions, she began to clean the rest of the penis. There were smacking sounds, occasionally interrupted by mom’s deep, shuddering sighs due to crying. Soon it too was being polished by her tongue and lips. It was obvious that mom could hardly contain herself, because it was one thing to suck cocks, albeit forcibly, choking on every movement, and quite another thing to clean these very cocks, swallowing all the secretions collected by her tongue. But it was too early to relax, because the second boy was coming, whose device also needed her service. So barely had the first one had time to pull away before the next cock was shoved up to mom’s face. Trying to restrain herself from completely flooding everything with tears, she began to clean it. Mom repeated the actions in the same order, only now she had to lick the area above her groin, which had some of the cum that hadn’t dried because of the guy’s morning jerk-off.

After a while, the cock was cleaned to a shine. As soon as mom finished polishing it with her tongue, it was shoved into her cheek. Before she knew it, another cock was being shoved into her other cheek. Mom could barely open her mouth so that at least partially those cocks would fit inside it. “Until three months ago, your life was quite ordinary, no different from many others. Did you think then, mommy, that in just a miserable three months, you’d be sitting on your knees, naked in front of two teenagers and taking their cocks without the right to refuse?”, I thought as the guys continued to ram two cocks into mom’s mouth, – “It must be very frustrating to realize that if a 17 year old kid tells you to suck him off and then swallow all of his cum, there’s nothing you can do about it and all you have to do is humiliatingly obey his order.”

Having finished stretching her cheeks, and apparently realizing that it would be impossible to get two cocks down her throat at once, the main guy pulled out his own. The second guy, on the contrary, continued to shove his device further and deeper, until the usual squeezing sounds and coughs were heard from mom’s throat. While this guy was fucking her mouth, the guy in charge was doing whatever he could think of for nothing: putting his cock over her eyes, blocking her view, groping her ass and breasts, pushing his fingers into her vagina, probing her thighs and belly. The teenager having her mouth did it so rough and hard that mom interrupted every now and then, pushing him away with all her might and begging him to stop. He was shoving his cock so deep and hard that mom could hardly get even a drop of air and it was because of the constant lack of air that she was often interrupted. And the way this guy raped her mouth was not a special case. On average, for mom every third blowjob of any of the guys was like that and this one was not the roughest among them.

Finally, after a few minutes, he sped up and pressed his torso against mom’s face as much as possible, wrapping both hands around the back of her head from behind. She immediately twitched almost panic-stricken, resisting and pushing against his legs with her hands, and at the same time the sounds of her restrained coughing and rapid, repeated swallowing, trying to swallow all the cum and some of her own drool flowing from her mouth straight down her throat, began to echo through the room. After getting every last drop out, the kid pulled his cock out. Mom immediately coughed, wiping her tears and swallowing the rest of his seed. The boy slapped mom again, pulled on his pants and, after saying goodbye to the main guy, left the apartment. During this time, mom had managed to cough and finally managed to push all the cum left by the teenager into herself.

– Get up, bitch. Go lay out the couch for me, – the guy in charge commanded mom.

The mother obediently obeyed his order, laying out the couch, on which the guy, completely naked beforehand, laid down. Finding the remote control, he turned on the TV. After that he looked obliquely at mom, who was kneading near the couch, and said:

– Well, what are you standing up? Massage my cock!

Mom carefully climbed onto the couch and sat down next to the guy. Then she leaned forward slightly and was about to reach her hands to his cock, as she was interrupted by an unpleasant slap on her thigh.

– Sit on me, you stupid cunt, and start working with both hands!

Rubbing the spot of the spanking, she sat on top of him, taking the teen’s aroused cock with both hands. Just as she began to slowly jack it off, the boy interrupted her again:

– No, that won’t do. Go get some lube from the room. Wipe your hands with it and continue. Come on!

Mom got up and went into the other room, coming back with her hands already covered with lube. She returned to her previous position and started jerking and massaging the boy’s cock again. The guy at the same time was watching TV, sometimes transferring his gaze to the mom working with her hands and eagerly looking at her attractive body. After a couple of minutes he, apparently unable to hold back, grabbed her breasts, starting to crush them and pull her nipples. Mom shuddered because of the surprise, for the guy grabbed her abruptly and without warning, but nevertheless, she continued to obediently massage the cock of her young master. Only occasionally she made inarticulate, but clearly expressing her discomfort, moans when he began to squeeze or pull her breasts too hard. After playing with her, he said:

– Okay, let’s move on. Now jerk me off with your tits!

Sighing heavily, holding back tears, mom leaned lower and sandwiched the teen’s cock between her breasts. The guy was clearly already at the limit, so barely a minute passed from the moment his device was jerked by mom’s breasts, he cum profusely. The space between her breasts was immediately completely covered with his cum, starting to flow down below, and some of the jets hit above, covering her neck along with her collar.

– Go wash up bitch, you’re covered with cum now! Can’t you be more careful? – the guy said laughing with obvious mockery.

Having received another portion of humiliation, my mother, realizing that she only had to obey, slightly compressed her lips, covered her breasts with her hand and got up from the couch. When she was already with her back turned to the guy, heading for the exit of the room, he looked at her. Mom’s plump, juicy, almost snow-white ass and thighs were to the guy, and not only to him, like a beacon in the night for a ship. Her ass swayed elegantly from side to side as her legs and hips moved, shaking slightly with each step. And even those few seconds of contemplation were more than enough for him. The teenager’s cock was again almost instantly aroused to the limit just from the mere sight of this sexy figure.

Leaving for the shower, mom began to drag out the time. It was at least twenty minutes before she returned to the room. Catching the disgruntled, even rather angry look of the guy, she realized that she had made a mistake.

– What took you so long, bitch?!, – the guy shouted, starting to get up from the couch, – On your knees, now!

Mom hesitated a little and ran her eyes, but soon lowered them and shamefully knelt down in front of the owner.

– Apologize for the delay, bitch! – the main guy continued to speak in an elevated tone of voice, while slapping mom with a hail of slaps.

She squeezed her eyes shut and through all these slaps on her cheeks words like “sorry”, “excuse me” and “master” began to break through.

– So, our upbringing is not enough for you to dare to stall so brazenly in front of me? All right. So I’m living here for the next month, got it?

Mom looked up at the boy with a frightened look filled with tears. “Shit, so that means I won’t be able to go home for a whole month? I’m certainly interested to see what he’ll do with her, but I don’t want to sit in another apartment all this time,” – I thought after hearing the kid’s statement.

– And remember, if you try to stay even five seconds when I call out to you once this month, you’re fucking dead. And two, I don’t want to see you wearing anything but this collar, okay? Underwear, socks, everything else, it doesn’t exist for you. Tomorrow I’ll have the guys take out your fucking closet, and you’ll wear what we give you.

Through her own crying, mom even tried to negotiate with this “tyrant”. Naturally, no persuasion did not help her, all she could do was to agree to all his conditions once again by order of her teenage master, saying:

– Understood… master.

Finished with her apology, mom returned to the couch as instructed. After her, the boy climbed on it, and settled down in front of the TV again.

– Today you do everything yourself, – began the boss, lazily switching channels with the remote control, – I always want to fuck your ass most of all. So take it, lube it up and sit your ass on my dick. You’re gonna ride it until I tell you to stop.

Having managed to lubricate her own ass on her own, mom slowly got on top of the guy.

– Face away from me, stupid! Turn your back to me! – the teenager yelled at her again.

Turning around, the mom began to sit her plump ass on his cock. The guy did not think to help her, so to get into the hole, she had to help herself with her hand, holding the device of the master. And here, finally, the juicy mom’s ass slowly descends on the cock. The whole process was accompanied by her restrained moaning and sobbing. Having sat on the dick to the end, she exhaled, and, gathering the remaining pride in a pile, began to bounce on it. Trying to hold back her moans as much as possible, mommy began to quicken her pace, wiping away her tears. Her sweet ass and thighs shuddered with every movement. This time no one was insulting her, no one was pushing his cock into her, no one was holding her limbs so she wouldn’t resist, but somehow she felt more humiliated than usual. Apparently, it was because she was doing something she truly hated.

About two minutes later, the right side of my mom’s ass was pierced by a searing pain caused by the guy’s hard spanking.

– Hurry the fuck up! At this rate, no man in the world is going to cum using your ass!

“I don’t think she cares and I certainly doubt she wants to bring you pleasure. Nevertheless, mommy, you don’t seem to have any other options anyway,” – I barely had time to think before my mom, changing from a face filled with pain after the hard spanking to one full of hatred for her rapist, began to quicken her pace.

After a dozen or two exhausting minutes of continuous bouncing on the guy’s cock, mom was already tired, her breathing was noticeably quicker, and sweat began to appear on her body. Because of fatigue to restrain moans became more difficult, so that sometimes with them she even interrupted the TV. Turning her head slightly toward the guy who was clearly enjoying himself, mom bashfully asked him for a break.

– Uh, somehow I don’t think you have any say in this, bitch. Am I right?”, – the guy in charge told her, slapping her ass hard again.

Realizing where this was going, mom just rolled her eyes tiredly and at the same time pitifully, starting to turn her head back.

– I asked a question, answer it.

After a shaky sigh due to crying, mom could barely squeeze out an unsure “yes”.

– Yes to what? Answer completely! -the teenager continued to push.

– Y-yes… you are right, master, – mom said even more pathetically and quietly.

– What am I right about?

A few sobs were heard. It was obvious that in addition to the huge amount of tears, Mom’s cheekbones were almost tense with anger because of her helplessness in front of the whole bucket of humiliation poured out on her.

– I… don’t have the right to vote, m-master…, – mom mumbled, literally destroying all her pride.

– Exactly. I think that’s the end of your question about stopping. Keep bouncing, bitch, until I cum!

Not even trying to wipe away the endless stream of tears, she continued to pleasure his cock.

Mom had never done much sports, her body was attractive by nature, with sexy puffiness just where it was needed, such as on the ass and thighs. That’s why it was incredibly tiring to ride so actively and for so long on the cock of the restless teenager. Of course, she had no choice, but the fatigue was making itself felt, so that mom could barely keep the required pace. The slightest slowdown and she was instantly slapped hard on her ass.

After a few more minutes, the guy was close to finishing. At one point, he pressed mom’s thighs with his hands against the couch, after which his pleasure-filled exhalation was heard. In response, a shuddering, distinctly less-than-satisfied, pitiful moan was heard from mom. At the same second, her asshole was scalded from the inside out by a copious stream of the guy’s cum, which relentlessly continued to pour into her in several volleys.

When he was done, he removed his hands from her thighs, which bore the distinct marks of his fingers, so hard he squeezed them. Exhaling heavily, mom began to rise slowly. At this time, the guy took his phone, which actively began to receive some notifications.

– Oh, the guys are coming tonight, so don’t even think about relaxing, bitch, you still have to work and work today, – the main one said with a snide chuckle, – Meanwhile, go rinse yourself again, but this time not more than 5 minutes, understand?

Mom nodded slightly and, continuing her sad sighs, went to the bathroom. While she was in the shower, the kid went to her room and, rummaging through the familiar black bags, took out a whip.

A little less than 5 minutes later, mom was already standing again at the couch, on which the teenager was lying down.

– You’re not late this time, it seems that at least something can be taught to you, arrogant bitch, – the guy said to her.

In response, mom only clenched her fists with bitterness and mute anger.

– Now get me something cold to drink.

After standing motionless for a couple of seconds, she clenched her teeth and started to turn toward the exit of the room.

– Come on, hurry up! Get out of here! – the boy shouted and slapped mom’s ass with the whip.

Her juicy ass went through a wave caused by this spanking, and the mother herself shrieked from the sharp pain, not holding back tears. After that, already rubbing the reddened place of the spanking, she humiliatingly went to the kitchen to get a drink for the kid.

And so she groveled before him all day. Carrying him food and drinks; sucking and jerking him off while he watched porn. The kid even made mommy watch a few such videos. However, she hardly enjoyed watching it, as it was hardcore in all cases and every time the kid said that they would definitely try such things with her. Also made her wear an apron right on her naked body, saying that this way she looked more like a servant. As much as it hurt mom, she had to wear it. I can’t say that she looked like a maid, but the apron looked really good on a completely naked mom.

The main guy lay on the couch until the evening, all the while only calling out to mom to satisfy his thirst, hunger, or arousal. When he didn’t need anything from her, he would have her sit on her knees next to the couch and just wait for further instructions.

Toward evening, six more teenagers piled into the apartment. The main one went out into the hallway to greet them. The already tired mom came out after him.

– How’s our bitch? Was she obedient today?, – said one of the guys, coming up to mom and began to slap her cheeks lightly.

– Or was she bickering again? – said the other, going behind her back and clamping her mouth shut.

After a second, the boy who had clamped mom’s mouth shut was furiously jerking her ass with a few fingers. Mom wriggled and screamed through her tightly clamped mouth, but the kid kept going. Apparently, he was too horny, so he couldn’t control himself. While the kid was having fun with her ass the chief talked to the others:

– Since this morning, she’s been acting awful, she even dared to waste time. But I talked to her, so she seemed to behave acceptably from then on.

– Oh, so the bitch deserved a reward, – said the teenager with a sly glance at the chief and approached the mother.

She, in turn, was almost panicking through her clamped mouth, begging the guy who was jerking her ass to stop.

– Leave her ass alone, she can’t even see me because of her tears. You’ll have time to pound her ass, calm down, – said the guy who came up to him.

The guy who had been torturing my mom disappointedly stopped, pulled his fingers out and opened her mouth. Frequent heavy sighs began to come out of her throat, which gradually turned into cries.

– Let’s go,- the boy said, pushing mother’s chest, – I have a present for you for good behavior.

Realizing that this didn’t bode well, the mom went a little fearfully into the room the kid was pushing her into. When the whole crowd, including mom, entered the room, the teen pointed her finger at the floor. Unfortunately for her, mom knew what the gesture meant and knelt down in shame.

– Put your hands out,”- the boy commanded.

The second she put her hands out, some sort of pouch fell into them. Wiping away the whiteness of her tears, mom saw that it was a used condom filled with someone else’s semen. It was tied at the top to keep the semen from leaking out, and it had obviously been used not too long ago. With bewilderment and fear my mom looked at the kid who handed her the object. He said with a chuckle:

– Well what are you looking at? Your reward.

Still not understanding mom lowered her eyes and clearly wanted to ask a question, but the answer was ahead of her:

– Drink.

It was like an electric shock, and in a kind of daze mom just kept looking at the condom in her hand.

– I said drink! – the guy yelled at her.

Her lips quivered and a new stream of tears flowed down her cheeks. Mom twisted her head negatively, crying as hard as she could to beg him not to make her do something like this.

– I’ll give you a choice: either you drink it now, or we’ll chain you up and take you outside naked.

She tried to negotiate with them for some time after that, but, as always, to no avail. Suppressing the lump of disgust in her throat, my mother slowly untied the condom. She could distinctly smell the semen, the remaining lubricant, and the cock that had been on it some time ago. Exhaling, mom poured the contents of the condom into her mouth. The warm disgusting thick liquid slowly flowed inside her. Wrinkling her face in disgust she wanted to plug her nose so she wouldn’t taste it in her throat, but the guys wouldn’t let her. And so the contents of someone else’s used condom were swallowed in a few throat movements by mom. Swallowing the last drop, she made a disgust-filled sound and twitched a little.

– Well done, you didn’t spill a drop, bitch, – said the main one, – Where did you get the condom from?

– I stole it from my mom and dad, they probably forgot to throw it away. Well, I thought that there was no reason for such a treasure to disappear, – the guy replied laughing.

While mom was trying to come to her senses, she was already picked up and shoved on the bed. Naturally, the day for her ended with another fierce gangbang, in which the guys tried to replicate some of the positions and movements that she herself had seen in the porn she had been shown today.

By the time they were done, it was well past midnight. Everything ended, perhaps, one of the most abundant camshots, because the final before leaving volleys of all 7 of their rapists mom had to take on her face. After that she, who could hardly stand on her feet, having wiped off the abundance of semen from her face and other places, went out into the corridor to escort the crowd of teenagers. All but the main one, of course. Kneeling down, mom quietly and in a slightly trembling voice began to say goodbye to each kid in turn who approached her. The farewell was followed by another slap, each of which was different in strength, but the same in its humiliation.

A few minutes later, the last of the departing teenagers left her apartment. Sighing sadly, rubbing her cheeks red from the blows, my mom looked up at her “roommate”. I think even then she realized how difficult a month she was going to go through.


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