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Biology 101 Updating My Notes

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Having used the potion in two subjects with positive results. I have noticed my behavior change once the potion was activated. Further studies needed

Sitting infront of my computer updating my project.

1. Both pairs of subjects responded as expected, with total submission.

2. Subject 2a Jane Jones was still very submissive after the effects of the potion had worn off. Allowing me any parts of her body I wanted and to allow others (Subject 2c Jack Jones son of Jane Jones) at my direction to use her. Followup is needed on what Subject 2b Michael Jones husband to Jane Jones did find Jack fucking his wife in the ass in their married bed.

Noting subject 2a behavior outside his home, I believe he has excepted his place in the relationship as the cuckold husband.

3. Subjects 1a Carry Smith mother to John Smith and wife to Subject 1b Henry Smith needs further steady. Knowing that their pillow cases have not been changed or washed. I need to know how long the potion will last. Time will tell?

4. Possible new Subject(s) Doctor Yolanda Jackson and her husband Frank Jackson. I have a meeting with Dr. Jackson for this afternoon to discuss my work and to see if she can help with furthering my steadies. How to narrow the findings to confirm it is the potion being used that makes the subjects submissive, or have I not just pushed the subjects into their natural state of being submissive.

5. Taking note of myself when in the presents of the potion either as on after contact or direct contact. I seem to become a lot more aggressive than my true nature should be. Granted I am new to sexual relationships, and watching hours of my favorite porn on the internet ie; rough action porn. Should not have created that action in me in real life. Should it?

Next steps in the steady is to work on learning about sex. The technics of great sex. Giving and getting it without being overly aggressive? Also need to make sure each session is being recorded, so I can review later the impact the potion is having on me and my subjects. Note; need to review last night session with subjects 1a and 1b and to add it to this report as add support for this research.

6. Followup with subjects 1a and 1b is needed tonight to see if the potion has faded or not.

If it has stopped working, I will need to reply another drop to see if further exposure increases or decreases the effects of the potion.

Of course if either Subject 1a or both 1a and 1b come to my room tonight at 10pm than we know it has an lasting effect.

Note; must observe Subject 1b closely as to weather or not that they are truly under the influence of the potion. If Subject 1b has an erection then it would be noted that the potion does not last, but that they are either, experiencing longing or just sex deprived?

7. Noting extreme exhaustion after sex from the subjects. This seems to be outside the norm of what I seem to expect from watching porn. Will need to Followup with Dr. Jackson on this matter. I do note that in me that my libido is very strong, but after sometime I too seem overly exhausted. That will be another question for Dr. Jackson.

8. Should I exclude Dr. Jackson and her husband as New subjects?

Side note: Dr Jackson has been on my fantasy stroke list for as long as I have been masterbating. But I need her unexposed to the potion for outside consultation and advice on how to move forward.

Thinking out loud i would love to just once to slide my tough through Dr. Jackson’s wet pussy lips with be heavenly I am sure of that. To have a taste of her dark flesh, to nibble on her nipples. Too stroke my dick though her massive dark black tits just once mmmmm. I know I could not last long with such beauty at my finger tips. Her gorgeous black lips rapped around my cuck sucking like I have never felt before. God help me if I lose control with her, as she is second only to mother in my fantasies.

As mentioned earlier, I do need to get some sleep and rest so that my mind and body is well when discussing my project with my neighbor Doctor Jackson.

I do hope people will be willing to forgive the bad Grammer. I am using the sites word processor and I don’t have any background in writing. Just like telling stories. But, I will be rereading to try and correct as much as I can find. Also note, I am not a big fan of auto correct lol.

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