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The Twins 2: some more fun

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Read The Twins to understand what’s going on.

I went to bed that night. I was hoping the girls would sneak in again but they didn’t. I woke up to Erin licking the head of my cock. I was angered, “Erin honey what are you doing?!!! Mom and dad are home! We can’t be doing this when they’re here!” “Mom said to get your lazy ass out of bed. So I thought I would wake you. I want to do like Emma did and make it erupt.”, she said.

“If we get caught they’re going to erupt on me!”, I said. “They are outside talking to the neighbors.”, she said. “You know how long they talk for. Show me please. Show me how Emma did it! I want to make it erupt.”

I told Erin, “Ok grab the middle of it and hold it. Take the top part and put in your mouth and lick it. Start moving your hands up and down on the middle part. Okay?” She nodded.

Her little hands on my cock felt so nice. My breathing changed to gasps as she began licking the head. Emma walks in the room. “Hey why are you two doing this without me?!!” She complained. ” I like this too!”

“Emma”, I said, “go watch for Mom and Dad”. She exclaimed, “But I want to.” I said, ” After me and your sister are done okay? I promise you.”

Erin continued. “Oh uh… you’re doing great baby.”, I said. She kept licking the tip and rubbing my shaft. I can feel myself about to erupt. “Erin faster now faster.” She started moving her hands with haste. “Keep your mouth on it. Ahhhh…….fuck!” I came. I came hard. Erin just stood there taking it all in.

“Kwan I wallow it?”, she asked with a mouth full of cum. “Sure it won’t hurt you.” She did and she went back for seconds cleaning my head off. “Great job kiddo!”, I said. “Go replace your sister and tell her to come in here.”

Emma came back in. I hugged her. “Look I’m sorry we did not include you but Erin came in and woke me. Ok? Come on I’ll do what you like best.”, I said.

She got undressed and spread her legs out before me on the bed. Her gorgeous baldy before me. “Do it like you did to Erin! She said it was great when you did it that way last time.” “Lay back.”, I said. I always give Emma the thumb. I don’t know why but it was my go-to move with her.

I did her two handed. One thumb inside her and the other thumb rubbing her. She went out like her sister. Her head went back and the eyes rolled in back of her head. As she just enjoyed what I was doing to her.

I started kissing her belly and by her breasts. She wasn’t developing yet but it’s still got her going even more. She moaned. She moaned and started shaking. I can feel her little tunnel tightening up around my thumb. Her moisteness just let go and it became so slick inside there. Her little legs clamp together as she came. She laid there, out of breath. When she recovered she said, “Erin was right. That was good.”

Emma got up and kissed my cheek. She told me she loved me as that cute little ass trotted out the door to her sister. I could hear them giggling as Emma told what I did to her and Erin told her story.

I got up and stretched and took a shower. When I got out I could hear them giggling again. I walked to the door and opened it. “What the hell is wrong with you too? Why are you still peeping on me?” They laughed at me and ran away. Some goofy ass step sisters I got stuck with. SMH.

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