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A Boar Pig and Dog Story

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A housewife discovers pleasure in feeding the neighbors animals, a pig and a dog.

A Pig Story:
I am a stay at home MOM, kids are in school and my husband travels a lot as a salesman for a national corporation. As such I get bored during the day and started watching videos on the internet. One day I discovered Zoo philia videos and became addicted. Growing up I had experimented with the male family dog so I knew what that was about, however I became mesmerized watching the boar pig with women videos. There are a lot of them on the internet. I was thinking that is one I would like to try, however I knew it was not an option as no one had a boar pig and if they did I would not let them know I wanted to try him. One day a friend who lived nearby asked if I would take care of their animals while they took a long vacation in Europe. I agreed and she showed me what to do about feeding the animals. She had a dog, a cat and guess what, her son had a male potbelly pig about 6 months old. She told me that the pig had started acting like a male pig and sort of laughed.

My first day doing the animal feeding, I went over wearing my house coat with nothing under it, the dog was very interested in my woman privates and noosed me and started licking. Having had previous experience with the family dog growing up, I knew what that was about so I was instantly remembering the good times I had with our dog. I got on my hands and knees and moved my robe up over my bottom and the dog got his bone placed in my privates, Holding me tight and his knot swelling up big. Apparently the pig got the idea and came over and started nudging me all over, he started foaming at the mouth and smacking his jaws. I knew what that meant after reading about pig breeding and watching the pig videos. I was really hot and enjoying the dog and the pig’s attention. I knew what the next thing I was going to do,,,,something I had dreamed about.

When the dog got off my back and the knot plopped out, the pig immediately took over licking me and again nudging me in the rear, testing to see if I would stand still for him. I was ready for him when he jumped onto my back and started searching for my homey pot. I was so happy when he found it and turned and twisted his rod into me as far as it would go and started empting his balls into my hungry pussy. About 15 minutes later the boar got off my back and started cleaning my rear, I felt full of cum but it did not come out right away. I guess he had placed the wax plug in a good place. (Later in the shower, the pig cum came gushing out. I lay in bed that night thinking of what a great time I had feeding the animals, and how I was going to enjoy my friend’s long vacation. Needless to say the animals were always happy to see me and were more interested in me than the food.
(upon reflecting on my experience, and the comment my friend made about the pig, and the fact she has said nothing about the dog or pig being horny since her return, I believe she is into bestiality)

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  • Reply Drew ID:4gm51dm99

    Great story – thanks – I enjoy watching women take both dogs and pigs. Did the pig ever get his cock into your cervix?

  • Reply Helen Renee ID:2t454fxzl

    Please let me have some fun like this, oh my it is on my bucket list now.

  • Reply Raaki ID:2vpqher6ib

    I want girlfriend 🙏🏻 im from iraq
    no ome love me

  • Reply Diana ID:1ek2k7yd9c

    I love this adverture, I would like to have one like this one. That is so good.

    • annie ID:1e5lc6sw7v7w

      pig is good if you get chance do it, huge amount of cum over a pint every time

  • Reply Fred J ID:1ek2k7yd9c

    You are one lucky gal to get what you had dreamed of. I dream a lot but no results.

  • Reply SB ID:16oig5nahra

    You will have to find out if she is and write the next chapter please.