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Widow’s gratification- Part-I

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I am Madhu,last six months I have lost my husband and feel lonely in such a big house. I am 36 years old full of sex n body and mind. Just this time a woman aged 33 yrs.with 16 year old son and she is also a widow got a job as a nurse and wanting my house for rent
I was not willing to give my house for rent, but from above I saw that 16-year-old boy was jerking his cock on the edge of the bush for urinating and from above I saw his penis, it was one and a half times the size of my husband and very fat. Seeing that monster cock, I agreed to pay the rent. Then the woman said, sister please look after my son .My 18 year old daughter has been married for a year and my only brother is admitted at rehabilitation centre.
I said to that boy, you call your mother Mam, but call me mother, I will let you eat whatever you want.The next day, I cooked lamb meat and fed it to the boy at noon. The boy’s name is Rana. Rana, I will give you 50 rupees to message my body, hands and feet, but don’t tell your mother. I didn’t say anything to Rana that first day. The next day, I saw that Rana himself came and asked me.
Mother will I message you a little because of the greed of that 50 rupees. I said you will message me every day, but don’t tell your mother. Rana is very simple minded and said mother will never know. That day I lit a night lamp and told Rana bring oil from my wardrobe .
Then Rana said mom take off your nightie and put oil on your body otherwise the nightie will get spoiled and ruined.
I said ok. My 36-26-36 figure would make any dick to be erected irrespective of age
That day I just oiled with my panty and bra in my body. The next day I asked Rana to come and told him that my panty and bra got oiled. Today I will not wear Bra and panty , you oil me now and today I saw Rana’s hands shaking and her humungous cock turned into bamboo pole but he could not say anything.

The next day, Rana told me,his “Mom was asking, Rana how come your pants got so oily?” I said, “Oil fell in mom’s room while cleaning. But this boy is lying as his mom didn’t come back home for three days, due to her hospital work pressure, so I understood that Rana wanted to have sex.”
I said ok you don’t have to wear anything. Today I darkened the room and lit the night lamp and fed Rana a special drink with sex potent arouser.
Rana then started massaging me with oil and today he is slowly applying oil to my breasts and said mom, if you put oil on top of you, it will be good. I said do whatever you want.
Rana spread her legs on either side of my waist and began to message up from my legs and .Rana then started massaging me with oil and today he is slowly applying oil to my breasts and said mom,it is difficult for me to message you from side I tol be comfortable then Rana spread her legs on both sides of my waist and began to message up from my legs then when he sat on my ass a horse cock hits my ass which was actually Rana’s horse cock. humungous cock is resting on my ass.
I said Rana I am taking two pillows under my stomach, you can massage my breasts well with that position. Rana said that is good mom. Then she started messaging my breast and I started cumming in my pussy and I said to Rana your horse dong is rubbing my butt.
This time, I spread my legs as a result my vagina door also exposed and told to Rana you put your humungous cock in that piss hole so that it will not hang and hit my butt. I am married woman of so many years with huge sex experience now finding difficulty to insert the head of this boy’s cock, Madhu opened her whole leg and somehow Rana put his cock head into the lips of Cunt hole of Madhu and said, “Mom are you feeling comfortable?
Rana continue to massage the breasts well as he is moving up and up,so that his dong is also experiencing a new light of sex. Rana messaging breasts very well and without his knowledge his cock is excavating my hole by entering my vagina and slowly opened the door of my vagina and Rana’s cock entered my vagina completely and rubbing the penis on my uterus, Rana released the first load. I said very casually , Rana I have chest pain today, you will come again tomorrow, and Rana took out his cock from my vagina and started running towards his room a huge load of cum of Rana started coming out of my vagina which was white dense creamy.
The next day I called Rana, said are you feeling fine?
Rana says yes mom I am fine.
Today at noon I told Rana that I will put oil on the front chest side , Rana was a little surprised but did not say anything. Today I also fed Rana special sex potent drink. Now Rana sat with her legs apart on both sides of my waist and his horse dick was at the mouth of my cunt, I put oil on her erect penis and told him fuck me like a whore and to make me crazy for his cock.
Rana massage both the breasts well. Rana didn’t need to say much and today I took the charge of his cock and let the cock penetrated my pussy and play bugle in my pussy. Today Rana fucked me in missionary position or inverted frog position for about an hour and took out his glistering cock mixed with our jism. I came three times on his penis.
Next day Rana’s mother Mou said sister my continuous night duty from tomorrow, you watch Rana, I said Rana will stay with me at night you have no fear but said in my mind that Rana will fuck me everyday and night without any fear and interruption . Now Rana is a master of Cunt Lapping, clit arousing by sucking and kissing it and also expert vagina sucker and fucker with is tongue and cock and obviously a super breast masseur
Now I started to make Rana a perverted boy by showing Blue film mainly incest type mother son fucking, dad daughter fucking and one day Rana says mom I will fuck my own mother if I get a chance.
The next day I asked Mau a little jokingly does your night duty means give night service in someone’s room or hotel. Mou angrily replied don’t think me so out of character.
The next day I told Rana that I will play blindfold with you today. Let me see if you can give me the pleasure of fucking though the day before that day, I had trained Rana by tied my hands and feet around the bed post and fucking me. Today, Rana blindfolded me and fucked me and said, “you are super perfect women of sex
Your cunt is awesome . I said, Rana, your mother’s night duty will continue and this play will be done again at tomorrow night.Rana answered obviously
The next day I gave to Mou a special drink , which she drank and fainted and I called her hospital to inform that she would not be able to attend her duty for a few days.
After that, I tied Mau’s hands and feet to my bedpost and put the balls in her mouth so that she can’t talk but can see everything. and it was my firm belief that if Mau once take her son’s horse penis in her vagina, she would be enchanted by her son for life and star continuous sex with her son without shame and fear.
Today I told Rana that you blindfold yourself and exactly at eight o’clock in the evening come to my bedroom because your mother will go to the hospital at that time and you will fuck as per my order but don’t open the blindfold. Rana said mother I will do whatever you say. At eight o’clock in the night Mau’s intoxication was gone and she found herself naked and tied to bed post.
You can’t talk with your mouth as balls inserted in her mouth . Can not move as hands and feet tied to bedpost.. At this time Madhu enters and says today your chastity I will insert into your pussy. To her astonishment mou saw Rana entering the room blindfolded with his dangling 11 inch humungous cock and Madhu says Rana today you first lick my pussy well. Mau shakes her head but has no choice but to spread her cunt lips for her son. Then when Rana is sucking her Mom’s clit, Madhu asks Rana do you now want to fuck your Mom?
Madhu asks to Rana What would you do if you get chance to fuck your own mother? Rana replied, I would have bruised my Mom’s pussy with my humungous cock. Then Rana started messaging Mau’s breast and sucking mom’s nipple. Madhu said you will rub the slit of my pussy with your horse cock but until I tell you, don’t insert it into the cunt hole .
Son cock’s head started rubbing along the mother’s cunt and a sexual desire was born in Mau’s body and slowly she started to spread her legs and Madhu realized that Mau wants to take her son’s cock in her pussy, just then Madhu said Rana you go home and tomorrow come again.. Madhu saw that Mau’s pussy was full of sex juice of Rana and kept Mau captive for all day today Rana rubbed his cock on Mau’s cunt and realized that the cunt was full of Mau’s juice then Mou was ready to take the humungous cock of his son.
Madhu said you just put humungous cock’s head in her pussy. Rana inserted his huge swan egg like penismouh into her mom’s pussy and her mom was jumping like a sex crazy with the burning sensation in her cunt hole. Slowly as her pussy got hotter and hotter and Mau continued to enjoy, Mau pushed her ass upward to meet the penis head into her pussy.
Raising her cunt and mau just want to insert two inches of her cunt into boy’s cock but no way and finally the boy’s cock unloaded his jism into the pussy and madhu asked rana to leave again for today.
Next day Madhu took a new approach. Next day she covered Rana’s eyes and both ears and opened Mau’s mouth. Before Rana entered the house, Madhu went out and said what you did yesterday, you will also do today. Today, when the cockhead was only inserted in Mau’s pussy, Mau started saying fuck fuck your mother like a whore. Motherfucker make your mother a pros.
I will kiss your penis every day. I know that this Madhu has tasted your penis and made you a mother fucker but her choice is unique. suddenly Madhu put a ball in Mau’s mouth and took earplugh from Rana’s ear and said now you fuck with full speed .and slowly she untied Mau’s legs and Mau opened her legs completely so that her Son’s humanguous cock can enter her vagina and Mau hugged her son with her legs.
Madhu videoed all this. Then Rana removed the blindfold and saw that he is fucking his own mother and his mother was also enjoying her humungous cock and the mother and son released their cum in the mother’s pussy together. Mau said now my land is fertile, I don’t know if the son’s semen creat life in my uterus. Then Madhu said I have not menstruated this month, maybe your son has saved his life in my uterus.
Mau left his job and started living with Madhu but what is the solution to their problem.Mau says my father is 53 years old, mother is very poor, works as a tailor. Madhu says I will marry your father.On the other hand, Madhu’s brother, age 45, was released from the mad garad, Madhu decided to marry Maui with this brother.another bad news was waiting for them. Madhu’s daughter Chandni has taken divorce from her husband because her husband is suffering from sexual frigidity and Chandni is very very sex crazy. After watching Mau and Madhu decided that Chandni will be Rana’s suitable wife.

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