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Paige and her brothers part 1

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Paige and her 2 horny brothers have some “fun”

Paige lived a fairly normal life for a teen girl. She hated school and had a few close friends that she spoke to often and that was it. Unless her parents weren’t home. if her parents weren’t home her older brothers would do everything imaginable to her. they made sure she didn’t tell their parents by taking many pictures to use as blackmail. She layed in bed one boring Saturday evening when her parents said they were going out for the night and wouldn’t be back until morning the next day . “great” she thought. knowing what her brothers would do. when the brothers found out they could hardly contain there lust for their sister. the parents left and the brothers immediately got to work one grabbed paiges wrists and the other grabbed her ankles she tried to resist but she isn’t strong enough to over power the 2 boys. they stripped her down until she was butt naked in her room they spent some time groping her 42D perfect tits which looked even bigger on her 14 year old frame it and also groping her fat ass. the brothers (both 17) then decided to tie her spread Eagle to the bed. then they filled her mouth with a ball gag and one brother began sucking on her breasts while the other one ate her pussy
Paige felt an huge orgasm building up from this and couldn’t hold back her moans through the ball gag, they boys noticed she was close to coming and immediately stopped what they were doing Paige had no choice but to let the building orgasm fade away as she squirmed. after a minute or two the boys resumed what they were doing until another orgasm began to build. they then stopped when she was right on they edge. they did this for 2 hours for a total if 48 edges occasionally swapping position so they didn’t get bored after all that her pussy was a mess of gushing juices and she was desperate for release. the brothers watched her furiously thrust the air in hopes of some relief but there was none to be found. they let paiges final edge die down for a while until shoving a large 6 inch buttplug in her tight ass. she screamed with a mix of pain and please as it was inserted inside. they then untied her but first told her that any attempts to orgasm without thir permission would result in one month of chastity. once she was untied one of the brothers threw her over his lap and relentlessly started spanking her over and over and she screamed with every hit he did this until her fat ass was red raw he did this as a reminder for her for the next week. as that’s how long it would take for her ass to heal and for it to stop hurting when she sat down. the the other brother got her on her knees and forced her to deep throat his 8 inch cock she was constantly gagging on his cock as he thruster in and out of her throat then he went balls deep into her throat and shouted “I’m gonna cum! you better swallow” he came so much she almost started choking but she still made sure she swallowed it all because she was scared of what would happen if she disobeys. “now it’s time for the real fun” said the other brother and he roughly pulled out the butt plug and replaces it with his thick cock she screamed as it entered her abused ass hole. he was sliding in and out of her ass balls deep as she was trying to hide her pleasure. then the other brother slammed his cock into her still gushing pussy. she moaned even louder as his 8 inches entered her pussy and the other brothers 9 inches slid in and out of her ass. after a while the first brother shot his load in her ass and plugged her up again with the cum still deep in her ass Paige had been so close to Cumming this whole time but she was holding back in fear of the one month chastity that would await her if she came. she could hold back from coming it it stayed as it was with just the second brother penetrating her pussy. that was until the first brother brung out a vibrator turned on to the highest setting. she managed to shout a “NO” between moans as she knew that would immediately make her cum and cum she did as her brother put the vibrator on her swollen clit she screamed in ecstasy as she squirted her juice all over the second brother who was still fucking her. the orgasm seemed to last for an age but after a while she lays there exhausted from the earth shattering orgasm she just had. as she is catching her breath she hears the brothers say “we didn’t say you could cum yet bitch”. they then showed her the chastity belt with a 8 inch dildo that would go up her ass when the belt was on the other brother held up a remote control with a button. ” oh fuck” she thought as he pressed the button and it began vibrating. she began pleading for them not to make her wear it for the next month. but they boys were not changing there minds “you knew the rules Paige.” they said as he slipped it on and locked it. ” doesn’t she start school in 2 days?” said the brother. “ohhh yeah that’s right” said the other brother ” looks like we are gonna have fun with the remote while you are at school they said as she began to cry. knowing this would be the hardest and longest month of her life..

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:1da8yosz7u0a

    Cant you people speii?

  • Reply Willy T ID:ph9j70v8qvu

    Totally stupid. She needs to tell mom & dad especially about the blackmail. Don’t be a victim!

  • Reply Gods grace ID:1ah770lfxia

    The boy are so wicked

  • Reply Bad brother ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Um like it like it alot.. but I think I missed.something you said.you.pullrd the but plug out, but you said nothing about putting it in.

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    I hope part 2 comes soon