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My pretty little Lena

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My nephew introduced me to his little 10 year old Polish friend and I knew from the moment I saw her that I wanted her.

I’m in my 40’s and my 12 year old nephew, who lives a few streets away, always comes to visit me, especially when he’s out riding his bike because he knows I always have cold drinks and sweets.

One day he rode his bike around to my house and he had a little friend with him, her name was Lena, an pretty little 10 year old Polish girl, they came in to my garden and propped up their bikes against the wall, Lena was riding a pink bike with a white basket on the front, she was wearing black leggings, which were quite thin because I could see the outline of her panties underneath them, and she was wearing a plain yellow vest-top and a white knitted cardigan, her hair was light brown done up in a ponytail at the back with a yellow ribbon tied in to it.

Joey, my nephew introduced me to her and then he went in to my house and got them both some drinks, we talked for a while and I got to know Lena a bit, she was very shy and had the cutest dimples in her cheeks when she giggled and smiled.

I’ve always been in to women, never once had any sexual thoughts about a kid before, but when I saw Lena, that beautiful child, the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to fuck her little pussy until my cock fell off.

In the coming days they both visited me regularly and over several weeks I got to know Lena really well, she trusted me, she was so comfortable around me that she had started walking in to my house and helping herself to drinks and snacks when they came to see me, which was fine with me.

One day, when my nephew was out with his parents, Lena came to see me by herself, she was wearing the same outfit she wore that first day I saw her, it started to rain so I invited her inside and we sat on the sofa talking for most of the afternoon.

I quickly steered the conversation towards boys and asked her if she was seeing my nephew, “Is he your boyfriend?”

She giggled, “No.”

“But you’ve got a boyfriend haven’t you?” I asked.

“Nope.” she replied.

“I bet you’ve kissed loads of boys haven’t you?” I asked.

She giggled and blushed a little, “No.”

“Don’t lie. A pretty girl like you must have kissed a lot of boys. I bet they all ask you to be their girlfriend don’t they?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No.”

“Would you like to kiss a boy?” I asked, and she went a bit quiet and shrugged her shoulders, “Can I kiss you?” I asked.
“On the lips?” she asked.

Actually I wanted to kiss every inch of her body but didn’t tell her that, “Yes, on the lips.” I replied.

She put her finger to her mouth and started to bite her fingernail nervously, “ – Okay.” She said.

I turned towards her, held her hand and gently caressed her soft pretty face, she closed her eyes and then I slowly leaned in and pressed my lips to hers and gave her a long kiss on the lips, she blinked rapidly and looked a bit flushed, her cheeks turned red and she smiled widely, and those gorgeous dimples appeared, “You are so pretty, Lena.” I said, then I leaned in for another kiss.

It wasn’t long before we were just kissing constantly, so was so in to it, I started to move my hand down her arm and rubbing the top of her skinny little legs, while she was distracted with the kiss and had her eyes closed, I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my erect cock, then I took her hand and placed it on it.

She opened her eyes and pulled her face away from mine, looking down at my big cock she gasped and quickly moved her hand away from it, “It’s okay – Don’t be scared…” I said, calming her down, those first few moments of panic are crucial, you mustn’t let the girl panic or think too much about it, “…It’s only my cock. Have you seen one before?” I asked.

She shook her head.

I took hold of her hand, gently, and then slowly moved it back to touch my cock, she was very nervous but didn’t fight me, I could tell she was intrigued, curious, I closed her fingers around my shaft and motioned her hand up and down, “It’s okay.” I said softly, then I leaned in and started to kiss her again.

After several minutes of us kissing and her stroking my cock so nicely I wanted to move things forward, “Would you like to play a game?” I asked her, she nodded enthusiastically, “Okay…” I said, I stood up off the sofa, “…Close your eyes and open your mouth.” I said, she closed her pretty brown eyes and opened her mouth, then I guided my cock in to her mouth, “Close your lips.” I said, and she sealed her soft lips around my girth.

I slowly slid my cock back and forth inside her mouth, gliding it across her warm wet tongue, “Good girl.” I gasped, she opened her eyes and saw what was in her mouth, she flinched back in shock, my cock popped out of her mouth and a strand of her saliva hung between her mouth and the tip of my cock, “Come on – suck my cock for me, Lena.” I said.

It took her a few moments but then she moved back forward and willingly took my cock back in to her mouth and started slowly sucking on it with her eyes wide open and looking directly up in to my eyes, “Good girl, Lena. Good girl.” I groaned, stroking her head and hair.

After a few minutes we were both getting very hot and sweating a little, “Lena, why don’t you take off your cardigan and vest, it’s getting hot.” I said.

Without question she removed her cardigan with my cock still in her mouth, then she stopped sucking for a moment while lifting off her vest, then she continued and I saw her topless for the first time, obviously she was flat chested, but it was a beautiful small skinny chest, “Stop…” I said, then I reached down and picked her up, with her arms and legs around me I carried her like a toddler in to my bedroom and placed her down on to my bed.

I pulled off her trainers, then her leggings and panties at the same time, I stripped her completely naked, then I moved her further up on to my bed and I took off my clothes before I climbed up on to it, she clasped her hands together over her crotch because she was shy and didn’t want me to see her little bald pussy.

It made me chuckle, “Come on, darling, let me see.” I said, as I gently pulled her hands away and saw her pretty little slit, I parted her legs and then laid down on the bed with my head in her crotch and I started to eat her pussy like it was dinner time and her innocent moans of pleasure were heavenly.

She was now mine for the taking, she was comfortable, she had surrendered to me, we were both on my bed naked, she had tasted my cock and now I had tasted her pussy, which was so delicious by the way, it was time to fuck this pretty little girl.

I crawled up her small body and kissed her again, she really liked kissing, and while out lips were locked together, with our arms wrapped around one another, I guided my cock in to her slit and pushed – HARD!

Within seconds I had obliterated her hymen and penetrated her.

Her small hole stretched around my girth, opening wide enough to welcome me inside, and her insides were boiling hot, slippery, soft, lumpy, and as my cock slid further and further inside her tight opening, it gave me the greatest sensation of my life, such intense pleasure.

“Unnngh – Ooah” she moaned, her eyes almost bursting out of their sockets, her mouth opening wider than I’d seen it before, her facial expression, priceless, “Oah – Ouch – Ungh.” She moaned.

“You like that, Lena?” I asked her.

After a few seconds she smiled a little and nodded, “Mmm.” She gasped.

She had her arms under my arms wrapped around my back as far as they’d reach, her legs spread like she was doing the splits, folded at the knee with her tiny ankles digging in to my hip bones, she had her head turned to the side with her eyes scrunched tightly closed, she was gasping and moaning, her butt was bouncing off the bed from the force of my thrusts and I could feel her little heart beating so fast in her chest and she was moaning so joyfully.

“I’m going to come, Lena!” I announced, thrusting in to her faster, feeling my seed leaving my balls and flowing up my shaft building up pressure at my tip, “I’m coming!!!!”.

“Ungh – Ungh – Argh – Ung – Mmmm!” s” she moaned louder.

“Oh Lena – Jesus Christ! – I’m com – Oooaaaah!” and with an almighty groan of release, I ejaculated my entire huge load of semen inside her small body.

After a few more hard thrusts I had emptied every drop in to her, Lena’s arms and legs went floppy and dropped on to the bed, she lay breathing very heavily and covered head to toe in sticky sweat, I pulled my cock out of her tight hole and then rolled over to lay beside her to catch my breath.

“Wow – Oh wow.” I gasped.

Lena was completely drained and exhausted poor thing, she fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke her up a few hours later because it was getting late and I knew her parents would probably be getting a bit worried about where she was, she crawled across the bed and when she got off and stood up, she collapsed on to the floor, her legs were so numb she couldn’t stand, but she saw the funny side and we had a good laugh and giggle about it.

I helped her up and helped her get cleaned, dried and dressed, and I gave her hair a brush, “There we go. Still pretty as ever.” I said.

We hugged and had a nice long kiss, I arranged for her to come back the next day and then she left to go home on her bike, luckily it had stopped raining by then.

That was the first day of a so far 2 yearlong secret sexual relationship we’ve been having with each other, Lena and I have sex at least 3-4 times a week and it never gets boring, she’s just turned 12 and her breasts are starting to blossom and I’ll soon have something else to play with.

I love her, I genuinely love the girl, no one is ever going to take her away from me.

She’s mine. Forever and always.

My pretty little Lena.

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  • Reply J ID:7pqjmgx2d0

    I got a pair of girls that I love fucking everyday, there is nothing wrong with having sex with young sexy girls the only reason the government says it’s wrong because they can’t fuck anything that’s hot and young and sexy

  • Reply Dewbury ID:1df9t2ltvhfs

    You can get the innocent ones by appealing to their curiosity.when invited they all want to see what a boy has.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplqri

    In 1880, the ages of consent were set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7.
    SO what the fuck happened to our fine fuckable country. God damn Politicians, Dictators and fucking Christians fucked us over that’s what. No girl wanting cock should be denied as it is their natural right to sex and a hard cock.

    • Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

      Politicians, stupid people

  • Reply Gonzo. ID:7ylrjploii

    Absolutely perfect and spot on. Girls love sex and crave it so why not give them what they want. Great story to a real life situation that happens every single day a young girl craving cock, Nothing is more natural on this earth then a young girl wanting sex from an adult male with a big hard throbbing cock. No girl wanting sex should be turned down ever and treated like a princess.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:bra7282b0a

    Great story and such a good age

  • Reply David ID:1epcq4i427f0

    Mmm young girls r sooo hot wish I could find one I’d treat her like a princess

    • Dan Storm ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      There out there my friend u just need to know where to look.

  • Reply Mmm23 ID:8mn5itbkql

    Please continue

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      Mmmmm so amazing. My fantasy

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      @lol, arrested for what? – contrary to what society and governments tell you, little girls love having sex. People make it out to be a big deal, saying that kids are being hurt, men are monsters, but the reality is that kids LOVE SEX. once they get introduced to sex they crave it, they want it, they love it. He should get a medal and a thank you from her parents, not arrested.

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    • THE COP WATCHING ID:1ej2yajr133g


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