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Detroit and further west – part two

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Kya gives me more and tells me more, I buy an RV and we head west

Read the first part before this one. A comment about that part from a reader reminded me that I should put dates in this second part, so you know that these experiences happened a long time ago.

So here I was, lying on my back in my motel room bed, woken by Kya’s eager mouth sucking my cock. It took a while to realise what was happening, and then I wanted to change positions. I organised a 69, so she could continue on top pleasuring me, but I could give her some pleasure too. Her heavenly wetness meant her juices were all over my face and in my mouth, a lovely sensation. Like yesterday, she got up and was above my rampant dick, poised to lower herself, but now I found her honey-hole with my finger. It was right inside, even my finger felt tightly gripped by the pre-Junior-High pussy. Then, again, she was on top of me riding my dick, it was a repeat of yesterday’s ecstasy as the girl’s rhythm of moves up and down on my cock brought both of us to a climax. And, again, afterwards we lay together for a time, blissfully satisfied. After that, together in the shower, I washed the spunk from her pussy, my cock was washed too but only after she’d sucked it clean first.
So our first night together was over, and I thought I was in heaven. We needed to find somewhere for breakfast. It occurred to me that someone might ask why were together. I said, “If anyone asks, I’m your stepfather, you’re my stepdaughter, OK”?
“Yes, daddy! That sounds good”.
On Kiara’s recommendation, we went to Duly’s Place for breakfast. It was good. I said, “Motels are OK, and restaurants for food, but I’ve been thinking I’ll buy an RV. Would you like that?”
“Sounds good to me, if you want to”. I’d noticed a dealer’s lot nearby as we passed and that had given me the idea. So after breakfast we went there and there was an almost new 1969 Dodge Travco, still under warranty. It looked great and the previous owner had left everything in it, cooking utensils, bedding etc, so it was absolutely ready to go, travel, cook, eat and sleep in. It meant getting rid of my beloved ’69 Camaro which I’d bought new last year, only eight months ago, but I went right ahead and did it. So by late morning we were driving round the country roads near Detroit, get a few miles on the clock and be sure it’s running OK. It was and I loved it.
So, satisfied with my RV buy, we were heading west and after a short run to Ann Arbor found a good place to stop for the night. Still afternoon but we’re in no hurry and need to buy food and drink before we settle in for the first night in the RV. So, off to a mall and supermarket, then back to park.
“Kya, I need to understand why a girl who most people would say is too young for sex, is so eager for it and enjoys it so much?”
“It’s a long story, but I’ll tell you, but only if you promise never to tell anyone”. Of course, I agreed.
“My best friend is Kiara. We’ve been friends all our lives, ’cause our mothers became friends when they were in the maternity ward together and they named us like sisters. She’s a few minutes older than me, so she sometimes calls me Baby and I sometimes call her Grandma. I’ve no brother or sister, and she’s only got a brother, so we really are like two sisters. I’m a black girl with a white sister, as she’s white like all her family but together we’re all like one black and white family.
About a month ago, the two of us were in Kiara’s room and no-one else was at home and we were having fun playing around with each other, if you know what I mean. Then the door opened and her brother Gary came in, he’s fourteen. I’ve known he likes me for a while and I like him. We’ve never said it to each other but Kiara’s told me what he says about me, he specially likes my little tits and thinks they’re hot. He came in and he was just staring between my legs straight at my pussy. I covered it with my hand but he kept looking. Kiara said “I thought you were out”.
Gary, “The game’s over, I came back. Good that I did, finding you two having fun like this. Can I join in?”
I said “If you do, you’d better show us what you’ve got after you’ve seen us without our pants already.” Gary looked doubtful but Kiara said “Come on, let’s see it” and he opened his flies and took his dick out. It was hanging down and I got up and touched it, and I saw it was getting bigger and I got hold of it and it was sticking out longer and stiff. I thought it looked good, the first time I’d seen a hard dick except in pictures, it felt good too. Kiara held it too for a short while and rubbed it up and down and it got even bigger.
Gary said “You’ve touched my dick, it’s fair that I touch your pussies”. So I lay back and opened my legs for him and he put his hand to me and his finger went along my crack. He said “It’s wet”. I said “It gets like that when I play with it or I have sexy thoughts”. I opened my slit and spread my pussy lips so he could see inside”. “Wow, I like that” Gary said. He put his finger and rubbed it along my cunt and touched my clit. I said “You can put the end of your finger in my pussy hole if you want” and so he did.
So I’m there with my legs open wide and I’m spreading my pussy lips, Gary’s dick’s sticking hard out of his trousers and his finger’s in my cunt hole, and Kiara’s watching us and playing with her pussy.
And the door opened again and Kiara’s dad came in. As soon as he saw us he said “Looks like everyone’s having sex fun, I’ll show you the real thing. My lucky day, I finished work early and surprised you”. And he went right down on me between my legs and was sucking my pussy, he licked my clit and his finger was up my wet hole and it felt good, I loved it. Then he pushed his finger right in and I squealed when it hurt me. He kept pushing his finger up and down and though it still hurt a bit, I started feeling nice. He took his finger out and it had blood on it and there was a bit of blood coming out of my pussy. He was unfastening his trousers and he said “Kya, I’ve broken your hymen, I’ve deflowered you. I didn’t ever want to hurt you, I’m so sorry I made you squeal with the pain. But now your hymen’s gone and your sexy little tits are growing, they’ve been turning me on for months, you’re really ready for sex and I’m going to give it to you. Kiara, better watch closely what happens to your sister, you’re next”.
He took his trousers and underwear off and his dick was thick and stiff, bigger than Gary’s. I was still there with my legs spread wide and he was on top of me and he held his dick and rubbed it along my wet slit and massaged my clit with the wet end of it and I liked the way it was feeling. And then he put it right in my pussy hole and it hurt a bit at first but he was on top and pushing it in and out and I was feeling fantastic, much better than playing with myself and even better than when Kiara sexes me, that had been my best feeling before this. I’m really being fucked and I love it. He took his dick out and I said “Don’t stop”.
He said “I’d love to keep going in you but if I poke my dick in your lovely tight pussy any more now, I’ll cum. And your sister has to get her share”.
Kiara was standing up still feeling her pussy but he put her on the bed and like he did me, he put his head between her legs and started sucking her and feeling her with his hand and he put all his finger right up her pussy hole. “No hymen” he said “Are you not a virgin, my little sexpot?”
“I am a virgin, but I put mummy’s dildo right in my pussy when I was playing with myself. It hurt and made me bleed a bit”.
“You little bitch, how did you find that?”
“I was in your room and a drawer was open and I saw it. And I saw a lot more, I hope that you and mummy enjoy them, all the dirty magazines turned me on and Kya and I look at them and have fun with each other when you’re out”.
Kiara’s dad is called Michael. He looked at me and said “I’ll try another position with your sister, she’s a little sexy bitch and deserves to lose her virginity doggy style”. He took off the clothes she still had on and made her get on all fours, kneeling naked on the bed with her little tits pointing down, and he stood next to the bed. His stiff dick was just touching her slit. “Gary, look what Kiara’s got for us to enjoy” he said, rubbing his dick end up and down along the crack of her pussy and his right hand feeling her tits. Gary looked on with his face near his sister’s backside to get a good look, and so did I. Michael’s dick slid into his daughter’s pussy, and was soon all the way in with his balls banging against her. Kiara was moaning. He stopped fucking her and told Gary to take over.
Gary took his trousers off and his dick was swollen but not stiff as he was behind Kiara who was still kneeling on the bed. I grabbed his dick and started to wank him and he got really hard and stiff. I put his cock against his sister’s crack and held her body and pulled her back on to him and the dick went right up her cunt and he started fucking her. “Kya, you’re a little star, you’ve started brother and sister incest” said Michael. Kiara was moaning again. Gary said “I want it to go on longer, it’s wonderful, my dick in her juicy cunt but I’m cumming now, it’s fantastic”.
I’m still watching them and playing with my pussy and Michael’s watching too with his big stiff cock, so I start to play with it. He said “Take the rest of your clothes off” so I did. “I’ve been longing to see those lovely little tits” he said and kissed my nipples. “We started first, now I need to finish in you, lie back on the bed again”. I did and my pussy was itching for his dick. He was soon right in me and fucking me hard, I was squealing again but with pleasure this time as his thick dick thrilled my pussy and clit as he pushed it up and down, in and out of me. I felt myself starting to climax and then he shot his spunk in me “I’m cumming, you little angel, your tight pussy’s milking me dry”. Kiara and Gary both had their faces just inches from my cunt as they watched his dick come out of me and then watch my cream-pied cunt leak his juice, mixed with mine.
Michael made Kiara lie back on the bed too and open wide to show that her wet cunt was leaking spunk too, it was running down her left leg. He licked it off and Gary licked me.
So I’d had sex for the first time and I loved it. And I wanted more and I needed cash and I thought you seemed to fancy me, so I tried it on and it worked. And here we are!”
“Both times we’ve had sex, you’ve been on top. It wasn’t like that with Kiara’s dad, so what gave you the idea?”
“I suppose I’ve seen all sorts of positions in Kiara’s parents’ dirty magazines. But I wasn’t thinking about it, it just came naturally from the positions we were in. Your dick was ready and I wanted it fast. I get the feeling that you liked it, is that right?”
“I like everything you do, I love it all” I said “You needed cash and we made a deal. You provided what I wanted but I haven’t paid up. I owe you twenty bucks”.
“No, I forgot to tell you, sex is another twenty, that’s forty dollars altogether. But I decided that you deserve fifty for every day you look after me, so I still owe you and I need to keep you happy”.
It sounds good to me!

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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