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Teen who got bred

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My story of getting fucked by my dad and brother and getting pregnant

I’ve always known i wanted to be used by older guys. (Im 13 now) When i was 10-12 years old i would go online and flash older guys. I loved going on Omegle and finding older guys to send stuff to. I would tease them by sending ass pics and if they demanded i would send videos of my pussy. I loved showing off especially in short shorts. Most would say things like you are really 12? I would mostly lie about being 13 always because otherwise they would leave immediately. I was skinny but my ass was pretty big for my age. I could pass as 17 since i was 10. I hit puberty very early for my age. Around 3rd grade I had to start wearing bras.

I would always see porn videos online of incest, step sis and step bro ect. When I was almost 12 i decided i wanted to do things with my brother. He was 17 which wasnt ideal because im mostly attracted to really old guys but i really wanted to do things with at least an older guy. I decided i would ask him to sleep in the same bed as me because i didnt like my room and ours was farther away from our parents. I wore no underwear, super short shorts, and a really tight shirt that pushed up my boobs. We were in his bed watching tv when the wifi stopped working so good so i decided to start my plan.

I walked over to the tv and bent over so my ass was sticking out at him. I unplugged and plugged the tv back in so it could reset and walked back to my brother on the bed. I pulled my shirt down more so he could see my cleavage. I knew i was wet and he probably saw it when i bent over.

I looked at his face and he was staring right at my boobs.
“Do you like my shirt?” I asked with puppy dog eyes.
He could definitely tell i was trying to seduce him because he looked flustered. I didnt want a response i just wanted to see his dick. Before he could say anything I leaned in and kissed him. He pulled off my shirt so he could see my boobs and put my shirt on the bed. I stuck my hand down his pants and felt his already hard cock. I started stroking it up and down while i stuck my ass in the air for him to see. I moved down and started sucking his cock. It was salty and a little bit of cum was coming out but not that much.

I saw lots of videos of girls putting it all the way down their throats and throwing up. I wanted to try it so i went all the way down to his stomach and i could barely breathe. I tried to pull away but he pushed my head down more and started fucking my face. He started breathing harder and shot a thick load of sperm down my throat. He held my head down for about 20 more seconds while i whimpered and tried to pull away. He looked right at me while i was choking on his cock with a grin on his face. He finally let me pull off and breathe. I got on top of him again and started kissing him.

That night we cuddled a few times and the next day everything was like it never happened. I could tell he wasnt really attracted to me, he just wanted to cum because i had a mature body. I decided i needed to find someone older to do things with. I thought instead i would try to fuck my dad. I realize i had a thing for incest at that point. I decided to see if he would like it instead of risking it and getting grounded. I put on a thong and tiny bra and made a plan. My brother was at work. It was about 9 pm so i had to do this before he slept or my brother came home. I was going to drop something so hed come in and find me in what i was wearing, and if his dick got hard, i would know if he liked it or not.

I got a heavy pot from outside (the garden) and i put it on my dresser. I dropped it on the floor and he walked in with me on all floors picking up the broken pieces.
“What happened? And what are you wearing?” He said in a stern voice.
“Hi daddy. I was just going to bed in my underwear” i replied in a sweet voice. I reached under my dresser and stuck my ass up so he could see my puffy pussy and my asshole. I really wanted to be used and fucked by a older guy especially my dad. I hoped that he would take the bait and fuck me. He bent down helped me pick up the pieces to the pot. It was ugly anyways so im glad we didnt have it anymore LMAO. When i stood up i could see my daddys dick was hard i looked at him with puppy dog eyes and knelt down. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. I started sucking it and stroking up and down like ive seen on porn videos. I started deepthroating it like with my brother but my dad picked me and pushed me over on the bed. He put the head of his cock on my asshole. It was dry and had no lube. He pushed it all the way in in one thrust. Tears formed in my eyes. I wasn’t expecting anal but i had to push through it now. he started dry fucking which was very painful for me and maybe him too. He pulled out and i looked back at him wanting more. He shoved his full length inside my tiny pussy. I had had one finger before but never a grown cock. I whimpered and full tears started coming out. I had to learn some how and my family was a great start. I started squeezing down on his cock like ive seen men want. I wanted to milk all the cum out of him. I started to moan as he fucked me, i know guys like that and i’ve practiced. I started moaning daddy please go slower but he was too deep into it to stop. My head was face down and the blanket was wet from my tears. I felt his warm cum fill me up and a few drops leaked onto the bed. He went in and out a few times until my hole was leaking and sore. I layed on the bed with 2 sore holes and fell asleep.

The next morning i got up and found blood on the bed. I thought about what happened the day before and thought i could be pregnant. I decided to come out in my thong and bra that some old guy bought me, the top barely covered my nipples and you could see my pussy mound through the bottoms. My dad and brother had seen my body naked anyways. I rubbed my pussy a few times so i would be wet and walked to the kitchen to get food.

Months later I found out i was pregnant, at almost 3 months. I decided to take a pregnancy test. I was skinny and didnt show anything but I had a slight belly bump which i thought was from food. I really enjoyed being pregnant. It would mean that my boobs and ass would get bigger, plus it showed i was a slut. I was excited to get bigger tits and hips. I wanted the baby to be a girl so that she could experience the same things as me.

a few months after my 12th birthday i gave birth to my daughter.

All daughters should be bred by their dads, uncles, brothers, ect and have babies as soon as they hit puberty. Im so glad i’ve got lucky and got to experience being fucked and bred by my family members. I definitely want to serve more men. Let me know if you want more stories about me being a slut. 🙂

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    This reminds me of my stepdad. He used to fuck me. When I was old enough to get pregnant, he practically lived with his dick inside of me.

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    this story is really hot. I have a 12 year old daughter, and lately my perverse sexual fantasies are focused solely on my daughter. and I confess that this story reflects exactly the kind of relationship I would like to have with my daughter.

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      Go for it! You only live once! She’ll probably love it and, if not, assrape the shit out of her!!

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    I should have included flat chests and really young super tight pussies. Start them as soon as their tiny pussies can take some cock and keep fucking them and shooting sperm in them until they get pregnant.

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    NICE!!!!! Being bred by dad and/or brother is wonderful. So good when they’re doing it to you at the same time, being filled up by both of them. Then getting that baby growing inside you.

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      Nice baby damn🥵

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