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I wish it was me – Part 4

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After breakfast I took the book up to my room; it was more like a magazine. I opened the book to see lots of coloured pictures of naked boys and girls with naked adults. The beginning of the book just had the boys and girls posing naked and touching each other a little. As I flipped through the magazine the boys and girls appeared naked with the adults…the girls were with the men and the boys were with the women. The men and women in the magazine reminded me of my mommy and daddy. The men and women were touching and caressing the boys and girls. It was the pictures of the men with the little girls that interested me the most, maybe because I didn’t think any of the women in the magazine were as beautiful as my mommy. The men were kissing the girl’s necks and small tits while their hands were covering the girl’s pussy. I liked these photos, I could feel how my daddy’s hands and fingers also felt on me when he did the same things to me. Towards the back of the book one of the men had his head between a girl’s legs, with his head covering the little girl’s pussy. I couldn’t tell what was happening, it appeared like he was looking really closely at the little girl’s pussy while she had her eyes closed.

On the last page of the book it showed a man with grey hair (like my daddy) between the little girl’s legs with his hard cock pressed against her pussy. That was fascinating to me…I guess I thought I understood what sex was, but I didn’t have any reference for it. I couldn’t wait for daddy to tuck me in that night, I had so many questions for him, and I wondered if he had any more books for me to look at.

After dinner that night, mommy told me to get ready for my bath and she would meet me in the bathroom in a moment. I quickly undressed and ran naked down the hall to the bathroom. My mommy quickly joined me…I loved watching her naked breasts sway slightly as she walked and when she bent over to start the water, I reached my hand out to touch on of them. Mommy looked at me and gave me a great big smile and said she had waited all day to feel my hands on her breasts again. When there was enough water in the bathtub we got in with my back resting against mommy’s breast like usual. Mommy held me close and asked if I enjoyed daddy tucking me in last night. I told mommy I really enjoyed it because I made daddy wet like I had made her wet. She asked me how I made daddy wet, and I told her how I rubbed his hard cock until wetness came out of the tip. She said she was very proud of me and asked what I did when daddy got wet. I told her that I sucked the end of his cock like he asked and I licked up all the wetness.

Mommy said, that I had no idea how wet I had just made her by telling her about my good behaviour and making daddy so happy. Again, I was confused, how could I have made mommy wet when I didn’t suck on her nipples? So I asked her, but, mommy, I haven’t sucked on your nipples yet, how can you be wet? Oh baby girl, there are many ways to make mommy and daddy wet, and when I know you are pleasing daddy, it pleases me very much and that makes me wet. I really still didn’t understand, but I took her word for it. I told her about the book daddy gave me and how it had men and women touching little boys and girls like me. She said that she had also looked at the book and enjoyed the pictures. I told her that the pictures with the little girl and the grey-haired man were my favourite because it reminded me of daddy. Mommy said that would make daddy very happy to hear and did I have any questions. I told her about the picture of the grey-haired man looking really closely at the girl’s pussy and I didn’t understand why. Mommy said the man wasn’t looking at the girl’s pussy and daddy could better answer that question latter that night.

Mommy asked me to turn around in the tub and suck her nipples for a while before the water got cold and we had to get out. I happily turned around and started sucking on mommy’s left nipple while she cradled my head and whispered what a lovely little girl I was. I felt mommy’s other hand go down between her legs and in her pussy and start rubbing – the bath water was sloshing back and forth. Mommy asked me to suck on the right nipple next and she started moaning really loud and then I felt her start to shake and go stiff as she cried out. I suddenly got scared and thought I hurt her, I pulled away suddenly and just started at her to see where she was hurt. Mommy opened her eyes to see my look of worry and she automatically hugged me to her chest and told me everything was alright, it was more than alright, it was amazing and she loved me deeply. Mommy explained to me that she had a climax and it was a really good climax because I was sucking on her nipples and making her feel really good. That made me calm down and ask mommy if I could climax from her sucking on my nipples.

Mommy said, she didn’t know if I could climax yet, she said she didn’t have her first climax until she was twelve, but maybe I will sexually mature quicker than her. It was a dream of her and daddy’s that I should reach sexual maturity early. I asked her what she meant. She said, remember when I told you about when a girl starts to have her monthly menstruation, then she was ready to have a baby and some people felt that is when sexual maturity is achieved? I said yes, I remember, she said that her and daddy hope that I will get my monthly menstruation earlier than when she did at the age of 11. Oh, OK, if that is what you and daddy want then I also want that too, I cheered!

Mommy said it was time to get out of the bath and that we were going to skip TV time tonight because daddy needed extra time with me, and he didn’t want me to be too sleepy. I said that was OK, because I liked my special time with daddy last night and I had lots of questions from the book he gave me. Mommy just smiled down on me as she dried herself and told me what a perfect little girl I was and how daddy and she were so happy that that I was theirs. After mommy dried me, she told me to go lie down on my bed and wait for daddy.

Smiling daddy came into my room almost immediately and he was naked with a very hard cock. It just made me smile to see my daddy so happy. Daddy sat down on my bed and reached for the book from my nightstand and asked me to look at the pictures with him. I sat up and he moved me between his legs so we could easily look at the pictures together. I could feel daddy’s hard cock against my bum and back and felt so comforting and right to have it pressed against me. Daddy started with the first page of the book with the naked boys and girls…I was impatient and wanted to go to the last couple of the pages of the book with the grey-haired man like daddy and ask what the man was doing to the little girl. Daddy could sense my impatience.

The daddy handed me the book and told me to pick out the pictures I had questions about. I turned to the page where the grey-hared man was staring at the girl’s pussy and asked daddy what is the man looking at. Daddy said technically the man is not staring at the girl’s pussy, he is playing with her pussy. I asked what he meant, he said remember last night, I had my finger on your pussy making you feel good, yes, I liked that and want to do that again. Baby girl, I am really happy to hear that you liked when I stroked your pussy and want me to do it again, that makes my cock get even wetter. Again, I don’t understand how I can make mommy or daddy wet when I am not even touching them? Daddy said the man in the photo was playing with / touching the little girl’s pussy with his tongue. Remember mommy telling you that you can climax from a finger, tongue or cock? Yes daddy I remember, I just don’t know how that works. I know baby girl, that is why mommy and I will happily teach you everything. You should probably also know that a girl can lick another girl’s pussy and that is common. Oh, so I could lick mommy’s pussy, yes, baby girl, you can lick mommy’s pussy. There is so much more I still need to explain to you about loving someone but I will explain all of it overtime.

Daddy turned to me and was serious for a moment and said, mommy told me in the hall before I came in your room tonight that in the bath you and her were talking about your sexual maturity and the magical day when you start to menstruate and can have a baby. Baby girl, I really look forward to that day…it will be something very special between you and me. Daddy will be able to give his baby girl the greatest gift of all, breeding. I didn’t understand what Daddy was saying so I just agreed; Ok daddy, I hope it happens soon.

We are getting off track, there is so much I still need to teach you. Let’s go back to that picture that you liked with the man’s head between the little girl’s legs. OK daddy, so the older man is licking the little girl’s pussy? Yes, baby, it is very similar to what you were doing for me last night, licking my precum off the head of my cock. Baby girl, I want to show you how good it feels when a man licks your pussy. Will you let me lick your pussy baby girl? Yes, daddy, I would like to try that. OK baby, laydown and open your legs so I can get between them. Daddy then pushed my body up the bed enough so that he wasn’t completely hanging off the edge.

At first daddy started with just kissing the outside of my pussy lips, it felt good, but when he applied more pressure to his kisses on the centre of my pussy lips it felt even better. Daddy slowly started licking the opening between my pussy lips but not separating them, just teasing the tip of his tongue between the lips and softly blowing air. Instinctively I thrust my hips towards daddy’s mouth and that made his tongue dip between my pussy lips and touch something that made me jerk. Daddy held my hips and asked me if I was alright. I nodded yes, I couldn’t make any words at that moment, I just knew that I wanted that feeling again.

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  • Reply IncestFeelsGood ID:1cyit7azwpvh

    I had to back up several parts from when I first discovered this story line. Oh my God. I need to go setup my thrusting 8 inch life like penis so I can mount it while I keep reading. I don’t know who’s making me more horny, the dad or mom, at this point, it doesn’t matter. Imagining this little girl being taught in such a beautiful way has already made me cum. Now I’m off for my deep thrusting…

  • Reply Storyteller ID:3jh7k8gxv9i

    God, this series is making me leak a lot and my hands are trembling typing this, thank you so much for this series 🙂

  • Reply OlgaEnigma ID:46w52xs9fid

    what a cute family, i hope more families live that way

    • Older guy ID:1cqkvqs57v74

      Olga I agree,!! I love it when family members play together!! Add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Anon ID:1cqam78jgtgf

    Been waiting for this

  • Reply :) ID:41fwlepzk

    Love it. I’m also female and wish I had this experience growing up. It’s my biggest fantasy!