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I wish it was me – Part 3

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Daddy took my hand and we walked together down the hall to my bedroom. Daddy said before, I put any PJs on I should lie on my bed and let him enjoy looking at me. Daddy asked me to open my legs so that he could admire my pussy. I happy obliged daddy’s requests, he sat down on the edge of the bed and placed his hand back on my pussy and slipped his finger back between the lips of my pussy. He said that he could feel some wetness developing and it meant that I was growing up and although I might get older, I will always be his little girl and he will always take care of my very need and make sure I am always happy.

Daddy, can I ask you a question? Of course, my baby girl, you can ask me anything. If I suck on your nipples, will it make you wet like it did to mommy? That is a very good question – yes, I guess you sucking on my nipples would make me wet like it did mommy, but my wetness is outside my body not hidden in the folds of beautiful lips like yours and mommy’s. Actually, little girl, just seeing you naked here on your bed and me enjoying the feel of your pussy on my finger is already making me wet. What do you mean daddy? You know when I show you my cock and sometimes it is soft and smaller, then at other times it is hard, and it stands up erect at its full eight inches? Yes daddy. Sometimes when my cock is erect, and I am very excited the end of my cock will have a wetness come out of it – it is called precum.

Baby girl, do you want to see how wet you are currently making daddy? Yes daddy, I like looking at your cock, it fascinates me…it is so big and sometimes I can feel the hardness when we are sitting on your recliner at night watching TV. I know baby girl, I enjoy our TV time together, but as your mommy said, going forward we are to spend more private quality time together. Daddy got up and unzipped his pants and pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles and kicked them off. Daddy’s cock was at full attention and very hard, the head of his cock looked red and I thought I saw some wetness on the end. Daddy came over to where my head was on the pillow and bent over so his cock was near my face. Baby girl, do you see the wetness coming out of the end of Daddy’s hard cock? Yes daddy, can I touch it? Of course, baby girl, you can always touch daddy’s cock, you have before and you will always be allowed to touch my cock. As I reached up and placed my hand on daddy’s cock I felt it twitch. I couldn’t get my hand around his cock, even if I used both my hands, they didn’t span around daddy’s cock.

Daddy said for me to rub his cock up and down a bit and it would become wetter – so I did. As I rubbed daddy’s cock he closed his eyes and started to moan, telling me what a good little girl I was and how happy he was that he had me to share this special time with. I was in heaven! I made my daddy moan and earlier I made my mommy moan, I felt so special that I could make my parents so happy. Daddy opened his eyes and looked at me and told me how he always wanted a daughter and when mommy had me, he knew his life was complete and he didn’t need any more children. I was enough to make all his dreams come true, and I was just starting on my journey to make all of daddy’s dreams come true.

He smiled at me so big my heart just ached with love for my daddy. Then I felt something wet hit my lips. Daddy what is the wetness on my lips. Oh baby girl, that is daddy’s wetness / his precum that you have been milking out of him. Lick it off your lips and make daddy happy. I licked my lips and tasted my daddy’s precum (as he called it), it was a little salty, but really it didn’t taste of much. Daddy moved his cock closer to my lips and told me to suck the end like how I sucked mommy’s nipples. I eagerly opened my mouth and sucked daddy’s cock head, I couldn’t get much in my mouth but I tried and I drank all of his precum as a good little girl should.

Daddy eventually pulled his cock away from my mouth and bent down to kiss my lips and taste his precum on my lips. He then sat on the side of the bed and caressed my body and told me that every night we will have this special private time together and we can touch each other’s bodies more and eventually he will teach me new ways of physical discovery of my body and his.
He told me to go to sleep now and have sweet dreams because he knew he was going to have sweet dreams about me and all the fun things we were going to do together.

The next morning was a Saturday and when I woke up, I found mommy and daddy in the kitchen drinking coffee. They both greeted me with a hug and lingering kiss on the lips. Daddy said he had a book for me with pictures. He gave me the book and said why don’t you spend some time reviewing this book then you can ask me questions about it later when we have our special private time together. I happily agreed and looked forward to having daddy tuck me in later.

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