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I secretly keep acquired footage of my wife’s rape when she was 15

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My wife was raped back when we were still in highschool. She claims to not know who did it, and all the rape kits came back inconclusive..

This is a true story. I’m not much of a writer , but after recently aquiring about 25 mins of video clips of my wife’s rape that happened 16 years ago. I just wanna share it. I obviously can’t upload the video clips or send them to anyone. I definitely don’t want her to find out, cuz nobody knows a videos we’re taken.
Like this was a big deal for a few years. She claims to remember nothing. And doesn’t even know who she was with that night. All the rape kits came back inconclusive.
I visit my home town every now and again and recently reunited with an old friend from around that time frame. After drinking in his garage all night. We were really buzzed up. Eventually he kinda asked what happened with Jess back then, (almost probing) saying he just didn’t remember and was just curious if anything ever came of it.. it seemed off so I jokingly said “no, why.. what do you know? That when he said “more than you” while grinning and chuckling. He eventually offered video clips he’s had on a lap top since he bought it from the previous owner 10yrs ago. The previous owners being our friend Mike.
I passively played the situation off. In actuality I was furious, but I wanted the video clips and as much information as he’d give me.
At the time all this happened my wife was 15. We had only been dating a few months back then, she was 4’10” and still is lol
Maybe 120 lbs. A Little bubble butt, C breasts. Cute and innocent vibes with an adorable round face, shoulder length light brown hair. Her personality was quiet and shy, slightly nieve. Everyone was attracted to her back then.

These videos I’m about to share with you were found on our buddy mikes old lap top that he had sold to another friend years later.
Mike was a dude that recently moved to Marinette from Milwaukee. He was older than us by a few years. His girlfriend Nikki was a stripper at North point. They had they’re own place.. they were cool for obvious reasons. We didn’t hang out with them too often. We were all wanna bees.. they were actually about that life if ya know what I mean, but they’d walk over and crash our parties from time to time. Nikki always made passes at Jess. Or shed tell us about fucking other strippers and making them squirt.mike and I would agg it on but Jess never showed interest.

One night we were all partying and I left with another girl. And Jess found out about it. The next morning I’m getting calls from people saying she was raped and she’s in the hospital
What happened that night has been a mystery for 16yrs

Now that I’ve got the videos here’s what I assume happened.
After she had found out I left that night with another girl, she called and confronted me. I remember hanging up on her and ignoring her calls.
In retaliation she called Mike and Nikki to come get her.
I can only speculate how she got herself there, but the videos unravel the 16yo mystery
~1st video~
The video is clearly being shot by Mike and it becomes obvious that Jess is the only person unaware of the camera. It’s Jess, Nikki and 2 other girls sitting around the kitchen table of they’re crappy upstairs apartment. I didn’t recognize the 2 other girls off hand , but after watching the videos it’s obvious they’re her stripper friends from Milwaukee staying while they dance at the local place. They’re feeding Jess strong drinks and bitching about me. She even says I didn’t tell anyone where I went, let them worry” while venting to everyone Nikki interrupts”let us see your butt”. Jess tryed to laugh it off but the other girls insisted.
They go back and forth for a while. ” you’ve got a perfect little butt, just let us see it”
Finally Jess pushes her chair back and stands up. She turns around ” there, ya happy” she say with her back to everyone. Camera zooms in on her butt. She’s got on tight low rise jeans with no back pockets.. she gives her butt an innocent little shake before turning and sitting back down.
“You know we’re gonna fuck you, right?”
“What” Jess asked
“We’re gonna run a train on you” they all laughed
“Your too cute” says another
Jess clearly panicked and scared gets up and heads for the door. Camera goes unstable. Theres a commotion.

~2nd video~
Jess is layed across the kitchen table still fully clothed face down. She mumbling. All 3 girls are groping her big butt and the backs of her thighs, squeezing and spanking.. pushing and rubbing her crotch. Jess is still drunken mumbling protests.
One of the girls slides her had between Jess’s belly and the table and pops her pants button. Grabbing her belt loops and waist, they pull off her jeans. They giggle at her hello kitty panties. Her thick little thighs.. creamy white. She gives a little kick and her butt giggles a little. She’s clearly too drunk to fight and lacks coordination. Her skin is Soo smooth and tight. The groping continues. One girl grabs her panties and pulls them up her ass. She squirms from the wedgie. They play with her booty almost the entire duration of the video. Spreading her fat little cheeks making her squeel. She tried to reach back to cover herself from being exposed, but they just swat her away. She has no fight.
~3rd video~
Jess now lays on her back completely naked on the kitchen table
They’re pulling her legs apart.. knees to her chest. The camera zooms on her little cunt, he ass up off the table. She’s got no hair, smooth as a baby. Not only baby smooth, but she looked like a baby down there. Her pussy was just a hairless slit down to a tiny butthole cammed between two fleshy butt cheeks.

Jess had only had sex with me and one other guy before this.
These videos get hard to watch. Its different when you know them on such a personal level. I can feel her humiliation… And pain. She was Soo pure back then. She had tiny little holes the things these girls do to her little body are heartless

They start squeezing ky from a tub and rubbing it all over her crotch, in her little crack. Everyone rubbing her cunt, an occasional fingertip shoving into her tight hole here and there.
They teased her for a few mins. Spreading her pussy and crack for the camera.
~4th video~
This video is way louder there has to be at least a dozen more people in the room. Likely the after party from the strip joint.
Jess’s face is beat red with tears rolling down her cheeks. It’s too loud to hear her sobs.The camera goes back between her legs. The girl have multiple fingers in multiple holes. 1girl was fingering her cunt another girl was trying to work her finger in as well. Nikki had her index finger fully in her butt hole, twisting it around before starting a jabbing motion. The other 2 now both fingering her pussy at different rhythms.

This is where I have a hard time watching them stretch her. Her cries are louder than the crowd at this point. Nobody bats an eye as she cries and screams while they each add a finger. theyre not gentle. Her right little slit swallows 2 more fingers reluctantly. Nikki is long stroking her butthole. Nikki kept working in another finger. In Jessica’s butt hole
3 in her butt and 4 working in and out of her cunt. Shes begging for mercy.
~5th video~
Still on the kitchen table. Now she’s face down
The girls have her ass cheeks spread, dipping they’re fingers in her stretched ass. Nikki grabs a 20oz soda from the fridge.
That entire kitchen just watched as they shoved a 20oz mtn dew into a 15 yo highschool students butt hole. Nobody helped as she screamed bloody fucking murder. No, they took pictures. The room erupted with camera flash. The camera zoomed in an the half bottle exposed between her fat little ass cheeks. They pulled the coke bottle out and took pictures of her gaped 15yo asshole. Nikki put the soda back and grabbed a bag of the biggest cucumbers I’ve ever seen. They got her on all fours on the table top and started double penetrating her ass and pussy. Nikki stands around front of Jess and jams a cucumber in her mouth..
~6th and finale video~
Now she’s in the bedroom. She’s sitting at the end of they’re mattress on the floor she’s obviously sobered up at this point.
“If you participate, we’ll let ya go” said Nikki from beginde the camera. Jessica reached out of frame and grabbed a 20oz bottle of soda and a jar of jiffy. The camera focused on her and she smeared loads of peanut butter all over the coke bottle.
Camera flashes not stop as she layed on her back at the foot of the mattress, her butt hanging off the edge. She spread her legs wide. She takes that peanut butter caked soda bottle between her legs and starts pushing and shoving the bottom end of the bottle against her cunt. Face red, full of determination she keeps pushing her blown out 15 yo cunt starts to take it.
Here I sit, watching videos of my wife when she was 15
Laying in a bed in front of strangers while trying to push a soda bottle in her pussy.
I watched her pussy actually swallow it up. I watched her shamelessly look into the camera while pushing the bottle inside her. She pushed the bottle in past the label and started working it back and forth. Absolutely destroying her hairless underage pussy. She was covered in peanut butter. She pulled out the bottle and her cunt barely closed at all. Gapped from tonight’s abuse. Someone hands her a different soda bottle. This one more covered in peanut butter than the last. She pushed this one in with ease. Starting into the camera while fucking herself like a pornstar. Someone released Nikki’s dogs. Obviously by plan because Jess didn’t bat an eye.. just kept stretching her peanut butter packed cunt while the dogs licked her clean. Then in a quick motion she pulled the bottle leaving her pussy wide open full of peanut butter. The dogs started lapping inside her cunt. Jess started to moan and spread her legs wider as the dogs licked deeper and deeper searching for more peanut butter. She was handed another bottle. Once again she shoved the bottle in.. this time all the way to the car. She layed there while the eager dogs licked around the protruding cap in her vagina. At this point she’s backed against the wall. She’s run out of bed, while scooting away from they’re tounges. She was a little more hesitant pulling out the bottle this time cuz they had her against the wall. This time when she pulled it out the dogs were ready. And they knew to lick deep. Taking advantage of the fresh stretched hole lisking deeper each time and trying to stop the other dog from getting any.. he managed to work his

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    She said who undressed me?
    You were taking your pants off petting Pedro when I fell asleep last I remember.

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