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Bis Next Door

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Continued from Guys Next Door. Note: The opinions expressed are immature, and confused, due to their ages.

My brother tried the door, but I had it locked. “In a minute!” I can’t believe that when I came, the only thing I could think of was him walking in on me. The look on his face before I made him get out. So, I made sure to lock the door, but he came back with a butter knife, to Jimmy the lock.

I had just started playing with the spurts all over my body, and I don’t know why I never tasted it before, but if it’s okay for dad, let alone the guys next door. I just grabbed my pants, and pushed my butt up to fix them, while he wiggled the knife in the latch, but I didn’t have a chance to wipe the rest off.

“Is it okay to be bisexual?” He asked me, as soon as he got it open. Standing in the hall, I got up, and shut it quick, but he jumped inside first.

“Sh! Why don’t you ask mom, and dad?”

“Well, dad’s old, and mom’s a girls, so.” He took a deep breath, “The boys at school said that makes you a gay fag, if you suck dick.”


“What? Okay,” he rolled his eyes, “Penis then.” He looked me up, and down. “What’s it like?” I stepped back, before he touched it.

“I don’t know, I never tried it. I’m not a cock-sucker.”

He laughed, “Well, how come you get to say, that, and not me?”

“Because I’m a teenager.”

“I mean cumming, and shooting your stuff. Does it taste good?”

“I don’t know, it’s not as gross as you might think, and before you even ask, no. You can’t taste it.”

“Well, when am I old enough to talk dirty, and, look at naked movies, on the internet?”

“I knew I shouldn’t have let you watch.” When he grabbed the step ladder, I heard him, and I even got out of the way so he could set it up, but i wasn’t watching the guy blowing his boyfriend next door. I guess I was watching dad get head, in the side yard, but you couldn’t really see it. Except for mom going down, but i knew what she was doing. “When you stop shooting blanks, and get a little hair on your nuts, in answer to your question.”

“Oh!” he wined, “When does that happen?”

“I don’t know, maybe when you’re about my age? I just started.”

“Well, I don’t know any girls, and is it gay if you let a boy do it?”

“I don’t know, maybe. Bisexual? Mom really knows more about this sort of stuff.”

“Is she bisexual?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask her?”

“Because bisexual girls are hot.” I finally finished toweling myself off with a clean shirt, and threw it in the corner, but when I turned around, he already had his pecker out.

“Uh! And she’s not a girl, you know. I’m gonna go, take a shower, or something.” I don’t know what the deal is, with taking a shower after sex. I guess since I stopped shooting it in a sock, or a napkin, and started giving myself body shots.

I wonder what the girls get out of facials, you know, in the videos? They really seem to like it, but I’m not shooting far enough to hit my face, and if I get up side down, I can’t really beat off that way, when I tried it. It’s just uncomfortable, and not sexy, but seeing his little wiener like that, and his bare balls swinging.

I wonder if I should shave mine? Actually, I have to wonder How he shaved his. Not Jimmy, the guy next door, that shaves his nuts, but how can you do that without catching the razor blade on the wrinkles, and how can girls do it when they’ve got even more wrinkles to worry about?

“Uh, Jesus.” I just took care of it, and now I’ve got another boner again. I really wonder, most of all what it feels like, to get a blow job, and that reminds me. My little brother just asked me, if it’s gay to let another boy suck your dick, and he didn’t come right out and say it, but if I’m reading between the lines right, he kinda came off sounding a little bi-curious, and I remember when my privates were so tiny. Shriveled, and hairless.

Getting boners, and not knowing what to do with them, until i figured it out, and I wasn’t that much older than eleven, when i figured it out. Was I? I had all my teeth, and so does he, so you’d have to worry about them scraping, if I let him suck my cock, or my balls, and he’s really curious about what it’s like, sucking cock, I can tell.

So, I just went back to our room, and closed the door. “You want to suck a dick?” Naked, and he was naked too, but by the time I locked the door, my boner went away.

“No, i want a blow job.” He lost his angry face, and shook his head. “Can I say that?”

“Don’t worry about that now,” if he’s old enough to want it, he’s old enough to ask for it. “but if you want to get head, you gotta give head.”

“Well,” he pointed, “I’ve got a stiffy, so you suck it first.” At mine, then his, so i picked him up.

“Okay.” I stood him on the bed, and rolled my eyes. As if i didn’t want to, but I never even tried to see one, this close, before. I was already shooting jizz, from my hairy balls, but as soon as I touched them.

His ball bag was the softest, smoothest skin i ever felt, besides my own, I guess. I took a deep breath, and put it in my mouth, but as soon as I felt his balls brush my chin, I started twisting my head, to roll them back and forth, and spit it out. “Can I suck your balls, too?”

“Yeah, uh huh! But keep your voice down. You don’t want anybody to hear you talking about sucking dick, and balls.”

“Pobop!” I let them slip out. “Sh!”

“Sorry, I’m just excited, now suck them some more.” His little hands patted me head, but that I got an idea, and tried to get all three in my mouth at once. First, I had to get the 2 inches of pink steel in, then I had to roll his balls up, one by one over my lips, so i could suck the rest of the skin in, and hold it tight.

He laughed, and pulled out. “Let me lay down.” So, i went back to the door, and locked it. Hoping Mom, and Carol don’t know the trick with the butter knife, but even if they did, I’d here them scratching around the latch first.

I got my boner back, so I out my knee up on the bed. “Now it’s your turn. Huh!” it was so warm, and wet, and his tongue slipped around, rubbing it, and swirling it in his mouth. “Try pumping it in and out, like this. Uh, huh!” He nodded, then he went faster, and faster, but he took a long long time, since i just beat off, and I was afraid that i wouldn’t have anything left in my balls, but then he stopped, and spit it out.

Looking at it, doubtfully. “I don’t have to suck your nuts, too?”

“Not if you don’t want to, but is it because they’re hairy? I can shave them, if you want me to, so you can try sucking my balls, next time.”

“I don’t like it.” He shook his head, but then he stuck his arm under my leg, and pushed my butt. His warm mouth closed over it again, and I forgot all about his teeth, because they didn’t scrape me, or nothing.

“if you don’t like sucking it, then why do you do it?”

He spit it out. “No, the hair. Your penis isn’t hairy, just you balls, and.” He scratched my pubes, “Up here.” Then, he started sucking again, and all I could say was “Yeah, faster. yeah yeah yeah, just like that, only faster. I think I’m close, suck faster!” I couldn’t believe how fast he could nod his head, in and out, and sure enough, i had to hold my breath. I wanted to pull out, so it shot all over his face, but he held onto my butt, and followed me with his head. On his side like that, i couldn’t get away, and I didn’t even want to hold back, but all i could think about is what he’d look like with his face covered in spooge, and I couldn’t open my eyes anyway, so I just imagined it.

“Ngh, mhn ngh!” He swallowed, and his tongue rubbing one side pressed the other into the roof of his mouth, which felt amazing. “Ngh kah!” He lay back, smacking his lips, and smiling. “Yeah, that’s yummy!”

“You want me to try sucking you off some more?” I looked doubtfully at his shriveled little willy, but really, I wondered what his nut sack would feel like on my nose, turned over 69 style, if he was tall enough to suck me at the same time, too. And I could get it up again, after 2 big loads, but it didn’t matter.

“Nah, I’m fine.”

“Good,” I stepped back down behind the bed, and found some clothes to put on, before somebody came to check the door.


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  • Reply Cumgulper

    That was a very interesting story I really enjoyed
    it. It almost reminds of my first curiosity of penis. I was only interested in wondering if the cum from a penis was as good as it was from a vagina. I found out that it wasn’t but I still enjoyed it as it gushed down my throat.
    Thanks for the story.

    Cumgulper 1(Snapchat)