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I sold my sister to the devil and others get pimped (i get that money tho)

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Read my other sex stories too to have a better context of this story. I sold my sister to devil and i now have limitless perks.

This is a continuation of series of stories about my sister (Ayushi, 12, blonde) who i sold to the devil in exchange for unlimited perks. Please read my other stories to know entire context or just enjoy this one as I try to write to the point. My sisters get gangbanged fisted and are cock sleeves.
Ayushi was now the Devil’s sex slave. In all of their sex she was tied by chains. The Devil would entertain himself by killing her again and again and she’ll come back to life with all the memories. He penetrated her so deep his dick came outta her mouth. He then made his dick spikey and impailed her again and again till it removed all her skin from inside her vagina and ass. He fucked her with sizzling hot dick and she would scream so loud the souls trapped at depth of hell got scared. He would bite out her pink cunt n let her die n he’d shoot cum in her mouth so hard it’ll come out from the back of her head. He shows her visions that it was all her nightmare and she’s living her life happily and when she accepts it bam he opens her eyes and she’s still in hell tied with chains presenting all her holes to the devil. He fists her cunt he makes her sit on pile of razor sharp blades that cut her pussy he breaks her bones and doesn’t fix them because he’s interested more in her holes n fractures are a change of scenery.
It’s been 10 years since he’s raping her, he enjoys pleasuring her too after every 1000 tortures or so and it humiliates Ayushi to cum like a waterfall for her captor and beg him for more.
I think that Devil made my life so good and me immortal (I’m never hurt any scar i had before is healed i dont even get a cold or allergy, my cum can cure any disease and grow back limbs of person who drinks it) so I don’t ever goto heaven and then I’d have no reason to keep Ayushi in hell I could pray to god to get her back. But I’m such a fucker id not do it anyway. And the devil is not taking any chances again and lets me live like a God on earth. I literally cuck pornstars. I fuck their wives gfs sisters daughters infront of them while they are tied and the girls humiliate them with words and the male actors thank me for fucking them and taking their virginity. Other men committed suicide if I didn’t fuck their sisters or daughters n wife or gfs.
The girls those who hated me once now beg me to let them suck my cock. I fuck them in all their holes n then i tell them to torture themselves to death. One girls cut out her cunt n ate it n bled to death smiling. I ask my exes to inflict torture on them if they wanna suck my dick again and they do most painful tortures to them n both the inflictors and victims keep smiling all the way.
I don’t always fuck same girl again but I let them have sex with my female cousin Pakhi who i married and share with men and women. She’d have lesbian sex with them or fuck them with sex toys or strap ons strap on (all dildos, sex toys and strap ons have my name on them) its upto her.
Pakhi is my cum bucket wife. In a world where every girl is devoted to me she is one wife I share with others. She’s got a pimp who fucks her and sells her to any guy with a coin of any currency as I ordered. Customers aren’t short as no other girl has sex with any guy and there’s literally no other girl for men to have sex with except my sisters. Pakhi is fucked and she cries or moans or both it’s like whatever i wish to see she does like she’s connected to me telepathically. She comes home every day n tells me stories of her day and her rapes while she sucks my dick then i fuck her holes. But i keep my gfs around me who hit her with sticks like a punishment fir being a slut during our sex! She says things like “i was raped today by so many men today they fucked me like a pig. I couldn’t stop them. I was out of breath. I was so dry. There was always a guy behind the guy to replace his dick in my holes. I think my body tried to make them cum faster because i got wet and instinctively i started throwing my as back at those men and doing things with my tongue to cocks in my mouth. They called more men than they said r here and I would moan for them to make them cum faster when they fuck me.” Or “today my exes called me, they wanted to gangbang me again. I forgot how big their dicks r i feel honoured they call me to fuck it. I was fucked by all of them together and they even called other boys from our class to fuck me. I was moaning in pleasure I was filled with their cum in all my holes I felt like a cheap slut. It was just meaningless sex your dick is obviously bigger. But i like when men enjoy my body for pleasuring themselves if I could id never let a man masturbate id let everyman use any of my holes I’m the sluttiest girl ever.” Or “would you like to see me get fucked tomorrow? I’m sold to a group of men with very large dicks any dick half ur dicks size is huge snd they’re gonna fuck my lil pussy with 2 dicks together. They’re gonna fuck my mouth. They’ll tear my pussy apart. Would you like to see them fuck my holes tomorrow? Would you like to see me brother your wife getting plowed by those big men who’ll make my holes bigger? Would you like to see those men put 2 2 dicks in my pussy tomorrow while others fuck my ass and face and play with my tits? Please dont let those men rape me i’m your wife only you should touch me. Men are fisting my holes now i still have cum in my ass n pussy from today’s customers my holes hurt” She gets sent to customers then again with bunny ears or in fishnets or bride clothes or any demand they have and i can watch the action while my gfs suck my dick. Her latest customers are a group of Muslim men who ordered her in hijab. My other female cousin Mansi (11, brown, blonde n pink hair, pink pubes) is already getting fucked by Muslim men of this group (it’s actually all of muslims) n now Pakhi too while she’s wearing arabian jewellery and a hijab on her hair.
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