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My neighbour and her preteen daughter part 2

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After the first night it was time to start the blackmail and also time to start with Sofia the preteen

I’m the morning I lay looking at Sofia her eyes closed and her hand on my cock, her little tits on show, it was now 8 am and time to get up.
I woke Sofia she smiled and then kissed me then whispered did I want her to do it again, I wasn’t going to say no I told her to sit on my legs and wank me so I could watch her her little face glowed as I watched her little tits bouncing, her legs open I could see up her shorts and could see her pussy and her little pubic hairs. I so wanted to finger her pussy but I had a plan to just go slow not to scare her off. Watching her hands wanking me made me so happy and soon I was ready to shoot my cum i felt it coming and i shot out all over her hands .
She kept wanking as I was getting soft she didn’t know to stop.
After the wank I told her get a shower and I would text her mother Karen ask what time she wanted her to come home ,I text and got a reply could I Possibly let her stay till later as Karen was not feeling well and i knew why ,no problem I replied .
Now I got my other phone out and messaged her with a message that read. Hi from last night we all thought it was good, you gave us all a good time send me a photo od hiw you look this morning to add to last night’s photo .
She replied who’s this what happened last night and what photos .
I replied we all had turns with you last night at your house and took photos you were up for it but know you need do as I say else I will send to your friends and family and work colleagues as I copied your address book from your phone here’s a photo of you last night to prove and I sent one of her on the bed in her dress.
She replied what you want me to do .
I replied I want you be a slut with men I will tell you who and remember I will be watching also I know you have a daughter too .
She didn’t reply
I sent be intouch in 24 hours.
Sofia came out of the shower and was asking when she had to go home I told her tonight so we have all day and I will take her to the shops .
I got showered and ready she had on her short skirt and a short crop top as we headed to the car she got in the passenger seat and belted up I started to drive as we did I placed my hand on her thighshe smiled and put hers on top of mine as I moved it up .
As we drove I told her if anyone asks just say I’m your dad She nodded she didn’t know her dad anyway as we got closer to the shops my hand was under her skirt just stroking her panties, when we pulled into the parking space I asked if I could see her panties and she obliged by lifting her skirt she had on little girl pink panties with a horse on i stroked her pussy through them .
I asked what she would like to buy in clothes and I said I wanted to buy her a black dress and bra panties and hold ups all matching just to wear in my house .
Also a new bikini .
She sad she would like skirt and tops .
So off we went into Primark cheap and nasty buy great kids clothes she picked a few and then we went to Ann Summers for a small dress and other bits .
After we had bought it all we went for some food instead of sitting opposite me she sat next to me and was rubbing my cock as we ate, I was horny as fuck her little fingers rubbing my cock she knew what she was doing.
I told her that we should go to the car or we could pop to the cinema in the mall whatch a movie she did she woulld love that.
Hardly anyone in the movies ao we sat in far corner and the movie started I sat with a hard on thinking off her my hand wet on to her leg just above the knee, she cuddled into me as my hand went under her skirt, she gripped my arm tighter she hadn’t been touched where my hand was going as it slid over her panties and into the waistband I slid my fingers in and slid them down aa she lifted her bum up they were on her thighs I move fthem down till they passed her knees and fell to the floor .
I reached down picked them up and put them in my pocket. I put my hand between her legs and could feel her little pussy I ran my fingers between her lips they opened and I slid a finger in, her fingers gripped my arm so hard my other hand I had undone my trousers releasing my cock and then put my hand behind her head and pushed it down towards my cock it was rubbing on her face I could feel her lips I whispered open your mouth put my cock in.
She opened her mouth and the tip went in she gulped it felt great as her tongue licked around ,I had a whole finger up her pussy she had the head of my cock in her mouth I was ready to cum I whispered swallow it all as I shot 3 streams into her mouth she gulped as she pulled her head back ,I had never done anything like this with my wife it was great she had cum on my finger and and her inside of her legs were wet .
She asked for her panties I told her just leave off, we sat watching the movie and I fondled her tits till the end as we left I noticed she hadn’t swallowed it all it had dripped onto her tshirt she didn’t know as we left to go to the car I was over the moon she had my cum on her tshirt and noone knew .
At the car she thanked me for the clothes and everything and said she may be only 12 but she wanted me to do anything I wanted.
Before we drove home I text Karen telling her that I would drop Sofia off after tea ,
Text back from her OK.
When we got to mine I quickly phone my wife she was supposed to be back tonight
She told me her sister was ill and she was staying for a while would I be ok with it, I told stay as long as she needed .
I them text Karen on my other phone saying that when the neighbour drops Sofia off flirt with him and I would know as I can see .
She text back why why me .
I just text back a photo of her on the bed covered in cum and two words DO IT .
Now I had 2 hours with Sofia and then see what her mother does .

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