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When we finally fuck

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This is a true story of me and my lil sister, no shit, but the real stuff..sorry for my bad grammar..
This was back in the days, late 90s early 2000.
This first happened one day after school, i could guess i was about 14 yo, and my sister was 5 years younger than me, aged 9. She was like normal girls at that age, no boobs and still no pubic hair. She was a bit plumpy, but not fat. I often caught myself staring at her tight gym pants as it made her have a small cameltoe and this sometimes made me horny.. well the actually day when this started, i was home from school, my mother was working and was never home before 3 hours after school was done. My sister was not home yet, so i thought the coast was clear.. i went into my room and got my hided VHS tape that i borrowed from a friend with different porn movies on and put it on in the living room. After i watched for a bit i hear my sister’s voice behind me, what is it you watching? I was stressed like hell, and turned it off.. and answer nothing .. for my big surprise she asked me if she could see it with me .. i was already horny like hell, and say ok if you don’t say anything to mom..(my mom and dad is divorced)
She say ok i won’t tell, so i put it back on.. after we watched for a while, 20 min or so i asked her if she want to my room and she say yes..
We then went to my room and she sit on my bed, and i asked her to lay down..then i dimmed the light and lay beside her, and start stroking her body.. she then turned on the side and pressed her but against my dick like dry humping.. i then started put my hand down in her pants and then down her panties.. i could feel her pussy lips and she spread her legs so i could touch her clit.. i remember her pussy was really wet, so i took of her pants and panties so i could see that bald small pussy..then i went between her leg and started eat her out, as she moaned like the little girl she was.. after a while i took out my dick and started slide between her pussy lips, but i was not able to fuck her as she was to young and tight.. then after 5 minutes i was comming real hard on her stomach…
This little fun we had here continued on from now and then, i also visited her bedroom at night to do this . But at this time it was no fucking.. after some years i went College, and one time when I was at home visit, i guess i was around 18 at this time and my sister 13. She was running around in the house teasing me wearing my boxershorts.. my mom was at work this time. I run after her and catch her in her bedroom and we had a little fight in her bed before just sit down and talking. After a while i say you look stupid in my boxershorts.. she then answear me why don’t you take them of me? I did not hesitate and pulled them down, and exposed her seetrough white g-string… I could spot her just started get pubic hairs, but still no boobs.. i also see that this panties was getting wet… I also took of my shorts and started easy to stroke my dick against those wet pussy lips, and i feel her pressing her pussy against my hard dick.. i thought to myself that this was going to be like before me just fucking her pussy lips and eat her out, but when we removed our underwear and i start sliding back and foreward on those soaking wet lips she say easy now and took 2 fingers and guided my dick against her opening.. i remember i gently push and slide into her like a bottle of lube.. it was so warm, so tight, and so wet.. i remember we fucked in different position before i burst my load inside her so my seamen dripped from her pussy hole.. she told me it was a bit painfully, but that she wanted to do it again someday..
After this we where fucking from time to time when we was alone, often watching porn at the same time. But after this we start use a condom so she would not get pregnant.. this lasted for some years until i got a girlfriend and we moved in together, and she got a bf. I think we fuck 2 times after this, but it stopped when she pass 20 yo and was thinking it was not right to do it anymore..
I still thinking of how good it was to fuck at this age, and how lovely the taste of unused pussy was..
I hope you like the story of my childhood experience, 100%true. If you like it i also got some others stories to share, happening with my neighbour girl one year older than me. For now, take care, hope you got horny

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  • Reply Fran ID:1ebr8ttuhywd

    Forgot to mention, I am 8 years older then my sister of 13 in 1981.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ct6xbbkhz9p

    Great experience for you both

  • Reply Rich ID:now95kbm4

    So fucking hot reading this story. I wish that I have a little sister like that. Can’t wait to see more buddy

    • Fran ID:1ebr8ttuhywd

      I busted my sister’s pie (cherry) wide open on March 12th,1981. My sister had a Very Fine Ass for her age of 13 then. November 24th, 8 months later, I shot my first load of cum straight into her cervix, August 26th, 1982, My incest daughter Autumn was born. Fucking ony sister until May 1994. When Michelle passed away giving birth to our, probably, 4th baby. My daughter took her place, in January 1995, Busted her cherry open Missionary fucked her, Actually I fucked a baby into her. Named our daughter after her grand ma, Michelle. My grand daughter is soon to be next. Incest is best