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No daddy please

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First of my Daughter is not.blood she was adopted. At 4. I know what you are going to say I’m killing the English language my grammar is poor and my spelling sucks I so sorry but it’s not perfect. Now back to my Gala fast forward a few years.to a week before Galas 12 birthday. I started to notice Gala filling out, she took her.Moms tits, and her Moms ass which I was very happy with that what I wanted and hoping for.

For a week all I keep.tbinking about was fucking her ass. By my name I guess by now you know I’m a ass man. Anyways, me and Galas Mom talked about Galas birthday, Mom would go to work that morning like usual, I would take Gala to school, and while Mom was at work I was going to.pick the cake up on my lunch break. I had other plans in mind, I called in and took the day off, I plan to fuck Gala all day long untill Mom got off work. Gala was asleep.in the back sit.

I pull in to the local Fred’s store.I cover Gala with a blanket we kept in the car, I locked the doors. And I went into.the store, I bought the biggest.jar.of Vaseline.I could find. I go out to the car and Gala is a wake, U get in the car.

Gala. says, Daddy, I’m hungry, I said.ok baby. I drive to the. Dunkin’ donuts. What do you want baby? Gala says, can I have 2 twists Daddy?.I said yes baby, u ordered to twist, pay for them and hand Gala the bag. Gala said, thank you Daddy. I said, you’re welcome baby.

I started to drive to house, I’m getting hard in the car just thinking about what I am about to do to Gala, when I passed the School. Gala said, Daddy you just passed the school. I said Gala, your not going to school today, your.going to stay.home and have a lot of fun with Daddy. Gala. Smile.and said yeah!.I was thinking to myself,I really wonder if she would be that happy.if she only knew what was about to happen to her. We get to the house,I pull into the driveway and I tell Gala to go in and go straight.to.her bedroom. Gala does has she is told she gets out and go.in the house, once she inside, I grab the Vaseline and go in.

Once in I think to myself, I. Need to get total control over her fast, I go into Galas bedroom.

I grab her by her neck and pick her up and slam her against the.wall, she has tears coming down her face she can’t talk because of the hold I have on her neck, but you can see the pain and fear on her face. I tell her in a really angry voice, you are going to do what I tell you to do, and you will not tell your mom or anyone what happened or I will hurt you bad. I sit her down on the floor and release her from my choke grip.

Gala said, OWE DADDY THAT HURTS! I said.nevermind that.take.off. all your clothes Gala. Gala said, why daddy?.I come back, WHAT DID I TELL YOU! And I slap her as hard as I could she starts to cry. I tell her, NOW AND I WON’T ASK YOU AGAIN!

Gala crying bad takes off her tee shirt, and her training bra. She kicks off her shoes, takes down her shorts and panties off.

I tell Gala to.lay.flat.on.her stamach, Gala crying bad does as she is told, she does not want hit again, she lays flat on her stomach.

I take my p pants off and climb up on the bed behind Gala, I grab. The big jar of Vaseline of the night stand. Gala now look and sees my rock hard cock,I grab Galas legs and pull them a part I opened the big jar of Vaseline and put some on my cock, I put some Vaseline on my fingers and go to 2 fingers in Gala’s ass. Gala said, NO DADDY PLEASE! I put the 2 Vaseline. Finger in Gala’s ass and she to finger her ass. Gala crying out OMFG THAT HURTS DADDY!

After awhile I take.my.fingers out.of Galas ass and line my lube up cock with Galas ass.i force my lube up cock in Gala’s right little 12 year old ass
She screaming out and crying bad. DADDY PLEASE as I rape Galas ass. After about 15 min of raping Galas ass, I cum into Galas Asshole. Gala acts relieved that it’s over.

# I noticed that I hit send to soon.iam sorry. I will try and finish it up now. When I left of at.I believe my.cock was buried deep up in Gala’s 12 year old ass in my cum.

Let.me pick it up for there. Gala looked relived that it was over. I think my cock out of Galas ass and told her to.turn over and lay flat on her back. Crying bad Gala did as she told, she didn’t want hit again. Crying bad I pulled Gala into me and pulled her legs apart.

I line my cock with Galas 12 year old virgin pussy, Gala said, No DAD’ PLEASE! I Force my cock into Gala’s 12 year old virgin pussy. Gala crying out OMFG THAT HURTS! As I rape her virgin.pussy. after some time of raping her virgin pussy, I started to slam my cock into her hard and deep, I beak through her Hyman as I tear it up.

Gala is cry in bed pain, as I keep raping her, after about 10 mins Gala said, Daddy can.hou stop please, I hay to pee really really bad. I tell her Gala that not pee, just let it go, it’s ok.to just let it go. Gala closes her eyes moan out and let’s her orgasm go.

Galas cum feels so.good on my cock
After about another 15 min I cum in Gala’s 12 year old virgin pink pussy.

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  • Reply BisexualFucker ID:5az8eo7m2

    I don’t mind schoolgirl fantasies but this just gross

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    fucking hot! 12yo ass is so tight and their screams as you tear them open make me so hard and horny!

  • Reply PedoHunter ID:1drbj2enxpjb

    What a sick story, I hope you get what u deserve

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Every 12 year old should be fucked like that

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    That was hot . Every 22 year old should be fucked hard

    • Dewbury ID:pdid4e8m

      Wish I had a stepdaughter to fuck like that

  • Reply Barry ID:1cs2pfhm7tl4

    Hot would love to hear more

  • Reply Likem 528 or 6211 ID:1dohtmbz7te9

    Didn’t even finish this.I really hope this was fiction. I know there are guys ,men hell even women that actually abuse the children they claim to love. Those are the monsters that only seek pleasure for themselves.

    • Bleedom ID:1ckwq9tl8y01

      I agree 10000 percent with you really hope this is a fictional story.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    This made my young dick really hard 😋

    • Barry ID:1cs2pfhm7tl4

      Me too

    • OJ ID:bggimftxq

      How old are you?

    • [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      I’m 15 OJ