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Camping with sex

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My auntie and uncle gave me a crash course in sex education when they took me away for the week.

When I was 13 my auntie and uncle took me camping for the week, but they had ulterior motives.

We were all sleeping in one big tent, I was laying on my left side facing the side of the tent, my auntie was behind me, facing me, kind of spooning me to keep warm, and my uncle was behind her, I felt my auntie rubbing her hand in circles on my butt so I turned my head to look at her, that’s when she planted a kiss on my lips.

It was no ordinary kiss, it was a passionate kiss, for a moment I was freaked out by her kissing me, but then it felt real nice and I let her kiss continue, when the kiss stopped she smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back, that’s the first time anyone has ever kissed me like that.

She turned and woke my uncle up, “Paul, go outside for a while.” She demanded.

“Huh – what?” he asked, groggy from being rudely awoken.

“Go – out – side.” She said, nudging him to leave.

My uncle reluctantly went out of the tent and as soon as he was gone, my auntie rolled me on to my back and kissed me again, this time she was half way laid on top of me and rubbing her hands up and down my body and fondling my chest bumps.

Then she pushed her hand down the front of my panties and rubbed her hand and fingers all over my pussy, I gasped, I was a virgin and this was all very new to me, I started to experience feelings and emotions I’d never had before, they were real nice.

She took both our night shirts off and pulled the sheet over us both, our warm naked bodies were touching, and my legs spread open on their own and she pushed her finger up my hole, “Argh-ouch.” I cried out, feeling the sharp pinching pain of her breaching my hymen, and she finger fucked me.

I remember after a few minutes I couldn’t breathe properly, my heart was racing, I was gasping and moaning uncontrollably, and a tingly happy feeling flowed up my body and something happened inside of me, an explosion of happiness, and a waterfall gushed from between my aching legs.

It was incredible what my auntie just did to me, making me orgasm, I wasn’t a lesbian, but I liked it a lot.

“Want some more?” she asked.

I nodded enthusiastically, “Yeh!” I said.

“Paul.” She shouted my uncle to come back inside the tent.

“What?” he asked, coming back inside the tent.

She pulled back the sheet and exposed me to him, “Feeling horny, darling?” she asked him.

He stood wide eyed, with his mouth wide open, gazing down at me laying on the floor naked, my pussy soaking wet through, my chest heaving, and droplets of sweat dripping off my brow, “I am now.” He replied, quickly getting himself out of his shirt and boxer shorts and falling to his knees in front of me.

He crawled over me, stretched out his legs to lower his waist down on to me, I remember staring at his cock, it looked like a hairy slug, and I thought, “Where’s he going to put that?”, and then he did it, I felt him push it inside my pussy and my hole stretched, painfully around his girth, “Argh – Ungh.”

I swear I could feel my hip bones popping out of place while it pushed my flaps apart and entered my body.

All I could think to do was to throw my arms and legs up in the air and wrap them around him and hold on, and he pounded my pussy deep in to the ground, thrusting with such force it sent ripples through my entire body, but even with all that, I really liked it.

“Ungh – Ung – Ungh”

My uncle fucked me real good, and I mean real good, damn it was good, and I felt him fill up my pussy with his baby fluid.

They taught me a lot during our trip and we spent the rest of the week fooling around with each other, skinny dipping and fucking in the lake, my auntie and I sharing my uncles cock around the camp fire and eating toasted marshmallows off my aunties boobs, what an educational week it was.

I love camping.

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    My dad and uncle would take me camping and fuck me

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    Camping and sex goes together

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      wanna go camping 😀

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    Very unbelivable

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    I wish I could lick and fuck my little niece

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      I want to fuck my mom

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    Nicely done I hope there’s more to go

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    Loved it, good story