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My New Neighbor Invited Me To Dinner Then Drugged And Raped Me

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I had a new neighbor move in, right across the street. He seemed to be all alone. He had been living there for a couple of months before I had the opportunity to speak to him. He was a large man, not fat just very tall and kinda muscular. He was very nice looking and about 48 or so years old. I really only saw him when I was out working in the yard.

He stopped over one day while I was planting flowers and started talking. He said his name was Lance, he was divorced with no kids and worked from home most of the time. He was some kind of engineer. He ask about me. I told him my name was Sarah, and I had never married yet. He ask how old I was and I told him I was 24. He said oh to be 24 again.

He said he had made a big beef roast and wanted to know if I would come over and share dinner with him. I said I would love to and I hadn’t had a beef roast in a long time. When you live alone you don’t usually make big meals.

So, I told him I had to shower and clean up then I’d be over around 6:00. He said that would be perfect. I finished planting my flowers then went in showered, put on a summer dress, some sandals and got a bottle of wine to take over for dinner. I walked across the street and knocked on the door. He opened the door and said, “Welcome, and thank you for the wine.” I said, “I wasn’t sure if he drank wine but I didn’t want to come empty handed.” He said, “I do drink wine and it’ll go perfect with the beef.” I told him I loved how he had decorated.” He said, “Thank you.

I said, “Dinner smells delicious.” He said, “Let me fix us a glass of this wine.” I said, “Sounds good.”
We’re talking and I ask if I can help with dinner and he said I could toss the salad. It looked really good. We ate that wonderful dinner. It was so good. I said to Lance, “You’re a wonderful cook.,” He said, “”Thanks, I’ve always liked to cook.”

After dinner Lance brought us another glass of wine. We talked about everything. Partners we’d had in the past, why they didn’t work out and then all of a sudden I felt the wine. My head was swimming. Lance just kept talking and then he ask me about my sex life. I’m trying to stay with the conversation and ask what he wanted to know. He got up and sat down next to me. He put his arm around me and said, “Well, I was wondering if you fucked on the first dinner?” I looked at him and said, “What?” I felt like I couldn’t use my muscles. I was limp as a rag. Lance laid me down on his big sofa. I new what was happening but I couldn’t do any about it to stop it.

He said, “Well, I guess since you’re not fighting me I can fuck you.” So, I’ll just take a look at this little pussy under this dress.” He said, “Oh, what a slick hairless pussy you have, Sarah.” He unbuttoned my dress and opened it up to look at my titties. He undid my bra and cupped my tits in his hands then sucked on them. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t stop him. I couldn’t even talk, the words wouldn’t come out.

He spreads my legs open and sticks three huge fingers in my pussy. He said, “Wow, your little pussy is tight, I’m gonna love fucking it.” I’m thinking, oh no.
Lance fingers me a bit then said, “I’ve got to fuck you now, Sarah.” He proceeds to take his clothes off and gets between my legs. He’s rubbing his dick between my pussy lips. Then he rams his dick in me. He’s got a big dick. He said, “You are tight.” He starts fucking me and gets it all in. If I could I would say ouch but I can’t. Lance fucks me hard and cums right away. I think great, he’s done.

He said, “I’ll rest a minute and fuck you some more, you were so tight you squeezed my dick and made me cum too soon.” I thought, great. Lance did just what he said he was gonna do. He started fucking me again and he was twisting my nipples while he did.
It wasn’t horrible, but I just hate he drugged me. Why would he do that. As nice as he was I might have fucked him at a later date.
Now, how am I gonna live across the street with a man who drugged and raped me?

Lance turns me over and fucks me from behind. Oh my gosh he’s got a big dick. He sticks his finger in my ass. Oh gosh, no please don’t fuck my ass. He adds another finger. It hurts do bad. I can’t even tense up my ass muscles. He’s going in and out with his fingers and adds one more. I wanna scream.
Lance said, “Well, I think this is just about ready.” He pulls his dick out if my pussy, squirts something on my ass, pulls my hips up and sticks his dick in my butthole. I want to cry. He’s fucking me and says, “Oh fuck I’m not gonna last long in here, this feels fucking great.” His dick swells up and he cums in my ass.

He gets up rolls me back over and goes to get him something to drink. I’m wondering how long this is gonna go on. He sits on the couch next to me playing with my pussy, sticking his three fingers in me. Then he said, “That was some good sex, Sarah, thank you.”

He puts his clothes back on, then he dresses me. He goes in the kitchen and I think he’s cleaning up and putting the food away.
I feel like I might be able to move my arm. Not yet but, I’m getting better, I think. I’m laying there when Lance comes back in and said, “Hey Sarah, you gonna wake up?” I can’t believe he ask me that. I haven’t been asleep, just catatonic.
About an hour later I could move my arms. I could talk. My legs were still weak but I said, “Lance, how could you do such a thing to me?” He said, “I just wanted to have sex with you, Sarah and I didn’t think you would want to.” “So you drug, rape, and sodomize me?” He said, “I’m sorry, Sarah, I was just so horny and had no other prospects other than you.”

I just didn’t know what to say or do. My ass felt like I still had his dick in me. I didn’t know if I should call the cops or how my life would be if I did. Living across the street from him made my decision very difficult. I was wanting to go home but I was still weak. He gave me some water and ask if he could do anything. I said, “No thanks, you’ve done enough.” “I’ve just got to get enough strength to get back home.”

I sat there about a half hour more and was able to get up and walk. When I started to leave Lance handed me a plate. He said, “I won’t be able to eat all that and since you liked it, I wanted you to have some for later.” I looked at him and just shook my head. I said, “Thank you,” and I left.

I still don’t know what to do about Lance. I was so angry at him. I do know, I won’t be eating at Lance’s again.

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  • Reply C ID:371lwx8rk

    Invite him to a bbq then drug him. Find the biggest vibrator and put it in his ass

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  • Reply MR C ID:60pe5buh20j

    Dob the cunt in or better still get some payback. put some sort of plan into place then invite some male friends over fo a bbq,invite him over and put what ever plan you have into place 14/05/23

  • Reply Bleedom ID:1ckwq9tl8y01

    Excellent story !!!

  • Reply Dan ID:153jwgw820d

    I’m pretty sure she like the cock well enough that she’ll go back for more

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbb0c

    Good story and I have heard of this happening to a few I knew. I personally think it is so sad because of all the young pussy I have had and I pride myself in never stooping so low or desperate enough to do this.
    Well written and do more just without the prick in your ass right!.

  • Reply James ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Good story