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Lesson No.1, Don’t Get In A Car With Four Boys You Don’t Know

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I’m ashamed to tell anybody what I did several years ago but, I thought it might remind someone to be very careful with strangers. I was 14 when this happened. I went to a fair on the boardwalk with a girlfriend of mine. We were having a good time and we met two guys, Mark and Nick, we were talking to. They seemed so nice and very funny.

I always thought I was smarter and wiser than I was and knew everything. I see now, I wasn’t. I felt older than I actually was. I had sex when I was 13 and thought I was hot stuff. I had a good figure. I had big boobs, 32C. I was small or petite. I think I was okay pretty. I always had guys after me. So when the guys started hitting on us, my ego was pumped up. Mark was 18 and Nick was 19.
The guys, had some liquor. They were giving us drinks. I drank some, actually more than I should have cause, I did feel it. We had been riding rides together, playing games and having a great time.

My friend got a call that she had to go get her little brother. She left and said she would be back as soon as she could. So, I decided to stay and ride the rides and talk to the guys. Mark and Nick ran into two more guys they knew. I think they were older than the guys we met first.

I kept waiting for my girlfriend but she hadn’t returned. I called her and it went to voice mail. It was getting dark and I said I was gonna go on home. The guys, Mark and Nick said, we don’t want you walking by yourself, let us take you home. So, feeling the buzz I said okay.

We get to their car and the other two guys Dan and Terry said, “Hey, Mark, can you drop us off at my house?” Mark said, “Sure, get in.” So, we’re driving and Terry starts talking about what fun they could have with a pretty little thing like me. Dan and Nick agreed. Then Nick, who was sitting up front with me and Mark puts his arm around me and hugs me into his chest. That made me feel nervous but, I really didn’t think Mark would do anything like that to me.

I heard Dan and Terry talking about me. Terry said, “She’s got big tits for a girl her size. Dan said, ” I think I’ll fuck ’em. They were talking soft but I still heard them. I told Mark he needed to take me home first. He said, “Oh, Terry just lives right over here.”

The further he drove the less houses I saw. Then he pulled down this gravel road and I saw a barn and Mark pulled behind it and turned the car off. I said, “What are you doing?” Mark said, “The guys wanna have some fun with you.” I froze. I couldn’t believe I got in the car with strangers. And now, I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

Terry said, “Put the hatch up.” It was like a SUV and the back lifted up. Nick got out of the car and grabbed my hand and pulled me out. I’m saying no, don’t do this. He pulls me around and Terry starts taking off my clothes. I’m grabbing trying to keep my clothes on. Then, Nick and Dan hold my arms back so Terry can get my ’em off. He strips me naked, touching me as he does.
They laid me down on the car and Terry said, “I wanna fuck her first.” Dan is sucking on my titties and saying how great they are. Mark and Nick each have one of my legs holding them apart so Terry can fuck my pussy. He sticks his fingers in me first then puts his dick between my pussy lips and says, “Here we go boys.” Then,he rams his dick in hard. He said, “Well, she ain’t a virgin.” Dan is manhandling my tits.

Terry is fucking me. He’s getting ready to cum and said, “Where do I cum guys?” Mark said, “Don’t cum in her man, there’s four of us.” So, he says, “Okay, here it is.” He cums on my stomach. He takes my leg and Nick gets in between my legs and sticks his dick in me. He said, “Ohoo, good pussy.” “I ain’t had any in awhile.” Terry said, “Fuck her good Nick.” Nick fucks me harder. Terry said, “You guys need to turn her over and we can fuck her ass too.” I’m cringing and I want to beat fucking Terry to death. Nick dick is getting bigger, he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and cums on my tits. Dan gets off my titties and said, “I’m next.” He puts his dick in me and pulls me down on his dick by grabbing my legs. All my pleading and begging did nothing. They have no feelings for me.

Nick takes my leg and Mark gets ready for his turn. I’m not resisting anymore. They can do what they want. I put myself in this position and it’s all my fault. I deserve this.

Dan cums on my tits. They can tell I quit fighting them so they frog leg my legs and Mark steps up to fuck me. I said, “You fooled me Mark, you really did.” He said, “I didn’t plan this, I’m sorry.” He sticks his dick in me. I think he meant that. But, he was just too weak to go against the guys and oppose.

He fucks me and plays with my clit. It’s feeling so good. I look at him, he looks at me. I said, “You’re gonna make me cum.” He said, “I hope I can at least do that.” He keeps it up and I cum and cum. It felt so good. I didn’t want him to stop. He starts fucking me hard and I’m loving it. I reach down and grab his hips to pull him in me more.
Terry saw me and said, “Oh Mark, she’s loving your dick, she’s cumming all over it.” Mark got hard and said he was cumming. I said, “Cum in my pussy, Mark.” He pulled my hips down on his dick and shot his cum in my wet pussy. Then he lingered, sliding his dick in and out of that cum mixed with mine. He looked at me an I looked at him for the longest time. At that moment I wished we were alone.

Terry said, “Flip her over boys, who wants top and who wants bottom?” Nick said, “I want the bottom.” Terry said, “Good, I get that ass.” I said, “Please don’t fuck my ass.” Terry said, “I’m fucking that ass.” I wanted to cry but I knew Terry wouldn’t change his mind. He was mean and heartless.

Nick lays down in the car bed and they lay me on top of him. He puts his dick in me. Then Terry sticks his dick at my opening and just rams it in me. I thought I would die, it hurt so bad. He thought it was funny, how I screamed. They just keep fucking me. Terry is slapping my ass and he’s doing it hard. It’s hurting. He hits me again. He said, “Fuck man,I like this fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. It feels amazing. He said, “You guys think we should keep her for a day or two?” Nick said, “Are you nuts, man,
somebody would start looking for her.” “I don’t want the cops chasing me” “She still might report us.”
Terry said, “I was just thinking how good this pussy is, that’s all.” Dan said, “What if she does say she was raped and reports us?” Nobody said anything. So, Terry ask me if I was gonna report that I was raped?

I said, “I’m not telling anybody anything, I’m too embarrassed that I got in a car with four strangers in the first place.” “I’m humiliated and ashamed of myself, I don’t need anybody else thinking what I’m thinking about me.”

Terry’s still fucking my ass when he says, “I’m gonna cum, and he does. He pulls out and Dan sticks his dick in and starts his abuse of my ass. Nick said “I gotta cum boys, I’m gonna cum in this pussy. So, he shoots his load in me, I feel it.
Dan said, “This feels different than a pussy. He’s getting bigger and gets ready to cum and fucks me hard, then, cums in my ass. He gets done and pulls out . Nick pushes me over and gets up.

Terry said, “Mark you wanna fuck her anymore?” He said, “Na man, I’m done” Everybody seemed satisfied. Terry said, “Put your clothes on .” They got me up and helped me get dressed. We got in the car and headed to my house. I just wanted to go take a shower. I leaned my head on Marks shoulder. I was sleepy.

Mark said, “Terry, you want me to drop you and Dan off first?” He said, “No man, I don’t want her to know where I live.” Mark said, “Oh, yeah.” When we got to my house he got out of the car and said again he was sorry. I just looked at him and shook my head. I can’t believe how stupid I was. I just wanted a shower and to go in my room and pretend this never happened. I think about being fucked by four guys and I thought I could still feel something for Mark. He did make me cum and he seemed sincere . I wish it hadn’t ended this way.

I never told anyone until now. I still feel embarrassed, even writing this. But, I guess everybody has some secrets don’t cha think?

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfxzm

    You are right to feel guilty and ashamed at getting into the car. Make up for it by giving your cunt and ass up to boy who wants it.

  • Reply Mali ID:8k4bspihr9

    I’m sorry you feel humiliation but other than that, it was great writing. If you just want to talk or anything, you can message me @ [email protected]. I am a straight 18 year old boy

  • Reply Lewd1976 ID:1cqwjyko13lv

    Lovely story. Don’t be ashamed. I’d love to hear more

    Kik & Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    Why not just become a cum dump for all the guys that hit on you? 😋
    If I was female I’d personally do that but it’s up to you
    I’m 15 male btw

    • Dan ID:153jwgw820d

      You are absolutely correct she should use her pussy for good and make a whole lot of money.