Instant Chemistry

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Did you ever have a friend that when you met her boyfriend, you were immediately drawn to him and wanted him for yourself? That happened to me. It was a horrible situation I found myself in. I felt like he noticed me too. Then, I told myself, he was just being nice and it was all me. I was the one feeling like there was a connection but he didn’t. I felt guilty for feeling that way about my friends boyfriend.

But, I couldn’t get past my thoughts. Plus, it was particularly hard because I associated with them a lot. I just tried to act normal and not pay attention to him. We were all in our early 20s. When we played darts he would find ways to touch me in passing that made me think he was wanting something. He’d put his hand on my waist if he past me. If he handed me the darts he would linger, touching my hand. Little things like that.

I didn’t want to hurt my friend so, I tried real hard to make sure she never suspected anything.

I was at a bar with a group I worked with when I looked up and there was Lance. I said, “Well, hello, what are you doing here, where’s Lynn?” He said, I’m here with some of the guys from my dart league and Lynn’s not here. I had never been to this bar before. When he told me Lynn wasn’t here I got a flutter in my stomach.
He stood real close to me and said, “You know, I’ve been wanting to ask you something.” I said, “You have, what would that be?” Then he said, “Well, you need to come out to my car, I wanna see what you think about it.” Now, I was puzzled. I had no clue what was in his car. So, I got up and we walked out to his car, which happened to be a van.

I said, “I didn’t know you drove a van, you said car.” He said, “Yeah, it’s my mode of transportation.” He opened the side door and it was one of those conversation vans with a bed in the back. He helped me up into it and I said, “Wow, this is nice, Lance.” He said, “Yeah, I love it.” I sat down on the bed and he sat in a chair that was there. I said, “What did you want to ask me?”

He stood up, stepped over and sat down on the bed beside me. My heart was racing. He said, “I want to know if you have any feelings about me?” I started to say something but, he interrupted me and said, as he put his hand up to my face, “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Then he pulled me in and kissed me. I was exploding inside. I had been wanting to be alone with him since I met him. Now, he’s kissing me and telling me he feels the same way. He looked at me, and I said, “Yes, I’ve thought about nothing but you.”

He started unbuttoning my blouse, took it off and then my bra. I’m just letting him do everything. He cups my breast and kisses them. He stands me up and pushes down my skirt and panties. Then he rips off his shirt and pants. He lays me down on the bed and crawls between my legs. He said, “God, you’re beautiful.” He slid his very healthy dick in my pussy and I almost cum right then, I was so excited. He starts fucking me and reaches down and cups my ass with both hands. I couldn’t believe how good he felt.

I said, “I’m so glad to be fucking you, I’ve thought about this so many times.” He said, “So have I.” Then he starts pounding my pussy as hard as he could. I started cumming on his dick and it made me yell out in ecstasy. He’s pounding and I cum again. I’ve never been fucked like that before. He said, “Oh baby,
“Where do you want me to cum?” I said, “Wherever you want.” He raised back, grabbed my hips, rammed his dick in my and cum, grunting as he shot a huge load in me. I felt it, splat, splat, splat as he continued to finish. Then he collapsed on top of me. We were both panting and kissing each other.

We laid there for the longest time. He still had his dick in me. He was moving it in and out a little and said, “I put a lot of cum in your pussy, can you feel it.” I said, “Yes, I can, feels good.” He squeezes me and said, “I knew you’d be a good fuck.”

He pulled his dick out and rolled over on his back. I was content to stay right there in his van bed all night. We talked and he said, “I’ve lost the connection I had with Lynn, I think she knows I’m not that interested anymore.” “I haven’t been calling her much.” I said, “Well, she hasn’t said anything to me but, I haven’t seen her much either.” “I don’t want to hurt her but, I would like to see you again.” He said, “Oh, you’re gonna see me again and again and again.”

I reached over and rubbed that amazing dick of his. He moaned with a guttural growl of pleasure then put three fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking my pussy. I pushed his hand away and raised up to put his dick in my mouth. He held my head and fucked my face. Then he rolled over on top of me while his dick was still in mouth and fucked my mouth and throat. I loved how he held my head while he was fucking my mouth. He put it so deep in my throat and kept it there, I got dizzy, couldn’t breath and then he pulled out and yelled, “Oh fuck, I love your mouth.” I sucked him a long time or shall I say he fucked my mouth and throat a long time. I loved it when he slid it down my throat and fucked my throat. No one’s ever fucked my mouth like that. He was getting bigger I knew he was gonna cum. I got so excited, I cum. Then he cum in my mouth. I sucked it all down and licked it clean. He said, “I’ve never had anyone suck my dick as good as you.” Then he kissed me.

I was writhing is my own climactic juices along with his cum in me. I didn’t want to move. He laid down and said, “I wanna fuck you all night.” “Do you have to go any certain place?” I said, “No, I’m free.” He said, “You can spend the night at my place if you like.” I told him I would like that. He said, “I’ve got a roommate and we always offer out dates to each other.” “Would you be willing to let him fuck you?” I was shocked. He couldn’t be serious. I looked at him and said, “Did Lynn stay at your place and fuck your roommate?” He said, “No, she was too much of a goody goody two shoes, I never ask her.”

I ask why would you guys share your dates? He said, “Because we like to have three ways, two guys and a girl.” “Would you like something like that?” “I would love to have you to suck my dick while Wade fucks your pussy.” He said, “You saw him the other night.” I then remembered meeting him. He was good looking but I never thought about a three way. He said, “He’s got a big dick and he’s very discrete.” I can’t believe it but, I was thinking about it. He said, please, I guarantee you’ll have fun.” I thought about it and said, “Yes, I’ll go and have a three way.” “Life’s all about experiences, right?” He hugs and kisses me all over then said, “I knew you were my kind of girl.”

We got dresses, went to his place, said hello to Wade as Wade fixed us some drinks then we sat around and talked. While we were sitting there I started feeling kinda drunk. I said, “Did you put something in my drink, Wade.” He said, “Its just a little something to relax you.” “It won’t knock you out, its not a roofie.”

I did feel very relaxed. So, the boys said, “Would you like to get started?” I said, “Sure.” They stood me up and took off all my clothes and then they stripped. Wade put some kind of stuff on my ass. I said, “What’s that you’re doing back there?” He said, ” It’s just to make things easier.” I’m thinking he missed my pussy, but didn’t say anything.

Lance said, “She gave me the best head I’ve ever had.” Wade said, “I want this pussy right now.” So, he bent me over and pushed his dick in me. Wow, it was a big dick, bigger than Lance’s. He’s fucking me and Lance steps in front of me and puts his dick in my mouth. I’m loving this. I can’t believe I have two guys fucking me. That pill really did relax me. I feel great. Wade is pounding away on my pussy and Lance is about ready to cum in my mouth. Wade’s playing with my clit an I’m gonna cum. Oh my gosh, I’ve never had such an intense climax. Lance cums in my mouth and I cum on Wade’s dick. It’s gushing out of me.

Then Wade pulls his dick out and rubs my cum up and down my butt. He puts his dick at my ass hole grabs my hips and starts pushing in his dick. I’m trying to say, stop when Lance goes around pulls my butt cheeks apart and squirts something on his Wade’s dick and my hole. Wade pulls out and then enters me again. Lance is separating my cheeks. Wade is holding me still with his grip then his dick slides in my ass. Oh, my gosh that hurts and he’s big.

I’m not screaming but, it hurts. He’s fucking my ass just like he fucked my pussy. Wade said, “This is a virgin ass, Lance.” Lance lets go and goes to get his drink. Wade is fucking me hard and says, “I’m getting ready to shoot this ass full.” Then he pulls me into him and cums. He slowly pulls out and told Lance, “I made a path for you, buddy.” Lance put his drink down and pulled me over to a chair where he sat down then promptly pulled my ass down on his dick. It didn’t even hurt due to Wade just having left and all the cum he left. Lance fucks me good. I’m just bouncing up and down on his dick. I’m actually liking it.

Wade went to the bathroom, to washed his dick, he said. Then, he came back, finished his drink and walked up to my mouth with his dick. I opened my mouth and started sucking it. I’ve never had so much sex before. He fucked my mouth until my jaws were tired. He finally cum an I cleaned him off.

We fucked most of the night and some the next day. My pussy and ass were sore. I kinda enjoyed the soreness when I thought of what all we did.
Lance and I kept our relationship from Lynn for quite awhile. She started dating another guy and I told her I ran into Lance and he ask me out and I wanted to know what she thought about me going out with him. Lynn said, “Oh, go out with him, Lance is great, you’ll enjoy yourself.” So, we started dating publicly.

Lance and I are still going together and Wade, Lance and I fuck very often. But, Lance hasn’t been fucking whoever Wade brings in. They said they’re satisfied with fucking me. I know I’m quite satisfied, plus, I got the guy that makes my heart go a flutter.

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