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My Loving Stepdad “Daddy’s Preteen Birthday”

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When I was little my step dad’s birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to get him. I started talking with my neighbor friend Amy who is my age. We were playing outside together and she started telling me about the secrets her and her father have. It was the same stuff me and my step dad do also. Suddenly I had an idea. Something my stepdad would love. The day before his birthday Amy and I were both at my house. We were both in my room and I called my step dad in. When he walked in we both shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” We were both buck naked standing in front of him. I could see a bulge already growing in his pants. I walked up and undid his belt and unzipped his fly. My favorite toy was eager to come out. I started sucking his dick and passing it off to Amy. She was good at it my step dad said. Not to say I wasn’t but he was just complimenting her. He knelt down and he started rubbing both our cunts getting us going. He suggested we go to the master bedroom where we had more room. He layed on his back and Amy and I played a game on his dick.
We ran our tongues up and down his shaft putting his head our mouths when we reached the top and then returning to the bottom. Amy was the winner as he came in her mouth. She swallowed it like I always do. Dad wanted us to try something new. He had Amy and I “69” and lick each other’s pussies. I never did this before but I knew what my dad did to me and she knew what her dad did to her so we went with it. Amy’s little preteen pussy tasted so sweet. I danced my tongue on her tiny clit and she returned the favor. We were both moaning in ecstasy. Both our legs wrapped around each other’s heads tightly as we both gave into each other at the same time. My step dad took Amy and laid her down. He placed the tip of his dick into her wet folds. He didn’t want to hurt us. We were little too young to be fucked and he was always a gentle man. He started masturbating and finally came into her tiny cunt. His white sperm was oozing out of her orafice. It was time for my Mom to come home so we cleaned up. My step dad kissed Amy and thanked her. I asked if my stepdad liked his birthday gift? He said it was the greatest gift he had ever gotten. In return he gave me and Amy somethings to try as well. Of course what man wouldn’t want a threesome for his birthday? Plus it was the gift that keeps on giving. Amy came to my house a lot more after that.

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    Hot story!

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    What a good little girl. Bringing home new, young pussy for daddy to enjoy. Yummy

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    OMG!, threesomes are awesome!
    It is always a pleasure to hear a good genuine sexual awakening taking place. Those urges are so natural as is sex and I am so glad u got to experience this at a young age. I am certain your sex life has been wonderful since that moment forward. All young females should be taught he art of sensual sex and foreplay learning of their bodies and self confidence. This will lead to very healthy decisions about their bodies building confidence with ambitions to seek and fulfill all their sexual desires and fantasies openly without shame or remorse. Just remember you are a goddess and as such can create life and should be pleased when ever you so chose and I for one will be right there with you along your path of enlightenment.
    Seek and be taught proper!
    Love your bodies girls as you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of what so ever. Seeking sex is a natural hard wired instinct so please seek it then embrace it fully.

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    My daughter was 12 when I started fucking her

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      I was 11 when my dad and me started fucking. I’m 24 and we’re still “active” together

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      That turns me on

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    I have offered my four your old daughter to my girl friends and many of my guy friends.
    She loves to be played with, and watch porn. On her forth birthday, I bought her a four inch vibrator, so she can play with her little pussy.

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      You’re a model Mom. I wish all Moms were like you. Little girls should be taught about sexual things as early as possible. Their little bodies are meant to be pleased and used. And your little daughter will teach her daughters too right along with your friends.

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  • Reply Anna ID:7rmvd6t9m2

    Same thing happened to me with my dad when I was very young, he used to sit me on his lap and would make me look at porn, he’d spread my legs and stimulate my clitty with his finger or little vibrator and pinch my nipples and masturbate me slowly until I shake. [email protected]

    • Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

      I would love to hear all about that

    • Cindy ID:1rou39zk

      Anna, my mom did the same thing with me. We would watch lesbian porn. It was my mom who taught me to lick pussy, and to french kiss.

  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    How old were you 2 at the time

  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    Very very hot. Hes the luckiest daddy in the world

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    I would love a step daughter like you and your friend . The taste of young pussy is amazing , but tastes better after being filled with daddy cum .

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    I have 3 beautiful daughters they are all grown up now but they were treated like adults from 3 rd grade.. 2 still stay with dad and my oldest lives with my brother… We never stray from the family the DNA it’s often taken for granted

    • lisa ID:1i2lvmio209

      nice i want my daddy 2 give me a baby girl and i want to watch them play 2

    • Cindy ID:1rou39zk

      Candy, I have seven children, and we taught them the art of love. They gone round the house touching one another.

  • Reply Terry ID:8zqqdtm1

    I love that you and your friend gave your stepdad a threesome my daughter did the same for me

    • admirer ID:1zg1o7jb0d

      what ages were they and you

    • admirer ID:38b65p2hi

      do they still give you threesomes, what age are you and what ages are they……[email protected]