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Hot Mama 5

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Cindy and Charles finally have sex and a surprise at the end.

Later that evening, as Charles was sitting watching tv again, still naked as always. He heard footsteps approaching from behind. He turned around and saw his mother just in time as she reached down and pulled his lips onto hers. The moist flesh pressed against each other as they made out. Saliva running down and being swapped between them both. She then pulled away slowly and then reached down and carefully grabbed his dick, semi hard at this point, now starting to flinch. She held onto him and started guiding him down the hall.

“Where are we going?” smiled charles. He already knew but still felt like asking to add to the suspense.

She turned and gave him a seductive look but didn’t respond. As she turned into her bedroom, she pulled him over and made him sit on the bed. She walked over and dimmed down the lights to set the mood.

“Ever since I saw you I knew that one day you would always be kind to your mother and always do as I asked. And ever since I saw that massive pole you have, I knew you’d be able to please me right.” She slowly walked over and kneeled down in front of charles. She then opened her mouth and started licking his rod from the base to the tip and up and down non-stop. Spitting on top and lubing the entire shaft.

“Ooh that feels so good mom, don’t stop”, moaned charles

She then reached the top of him again and looked straight into his eyes as she then rested her tongue on the top of the penis and then slowly engulfed in her mouth. Charles just sat there in disbelief of what his mother was doing to him and how much he loved her. She kept going up and down his shaft. Licking it on the top, and then sliding it down again. Charles never expected her to be as good at this as she was. Charles reached down and started massaging both of his mothers tits and rolling his fingers over her silver dollar sized areolas. She kept sucking on his dick for a few minutes while she started to reach down and rub her clit. Moaning while a penis in her mouth made it a bit difficult but she loved it so much.
She then popped her mouth off of Charles and then stood up facing him.

“I want you to lay back and let mommy take care of you. I want to show you what it takes to please a woman.”

Charles listened and layed back on the bed completely, excited to see what his mother was going to do to him at this point.

“I need to have you inside of me, I can’t stand to see you around with that big dick just sitting around. It’s now time for mommy to show you how to take care of something that big.”

She got on the bed and then straddled Charles facing him. Charles looked down as her pussy just hovered over his dick. He saw she had shaved completely bald down. There was not a single hair to be seen and he kept staring as her lips started to leak some of her juices down onto his dick standing straight up in the air. Both of their juices met and rolled down the shaft.

“Charles, before we do this I want to make sure you’re ok with this? I don’t want to do this unless you are ready,”Cindy asked.

“Yes mom, I want to have my entire dick inside of you. You’ve been amazing this whole time and I want to feel inside of you.”

She didn’t hesitate to hear any more and then brought herself down onto his penis and completely engulfed it. They both moaned together as they were completely joined together. She started to pull up and then started to slowly bounce up and down on him.

“Oh you’re so big charles, I can’t believe how massive you are!”

Charles started to thrust upwards in time with her smacking into her as the juices started flowing down around his balls. She kept up the pacing faster and faster until she was just screaming with moans at him.

“Oh slam that big dick inside of me, I was your sperm to fill mommy entirely. I need all of that seed flowing out of my hot cunt.”

She grabbed her bouncing tits as they were tossed around as they both bounced up and down.

“Oh Charles, oh-oh I think I’m going to cum!” she screamed. “OOOOHHH CHARLES!”

Suddenly a flow of clear liquid came spraying out onto Charles belly as she squirted all over, soaking him and the mattress.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how much came out of me” she screamed.

Charles kept thrusting up and down and then Cindy began to jump up and down on him again massaging his magnificent cock.

“I need all that delicious dick inside of me, Charles, my pussy is always open for you no matter where we are.”

“Mom?” charles quivered, “I think im about to cum”

“Ok son, don’t worry i want all of that sweet semen of yours inside of me.” She moaned loudly and started to quickly thrust up and down again as she felt another orgasm coming up. “I-I want all that sweet baby batter inside of me, I want to feel it all up deep inside.”

“Oh mom I’m getting close mom-MOM!”


Charles then released the largest amount of cum he ever had before inside his mother. His balls curled up as they began unleashing all themselves inside her. Pumping more and more as the orgasm continued to last longer and longer. He kept thrusting as he filled his mom full and as cum started to leak out before he was completely empty. His mother gave one last small squirt onto her son as her orgams subsided as well. Finally he stopped pumping and layed there. Covered in his moms juices and cum leaking out onto his balls. Cindy layed down on top of him, her boobs touching Charles nipples. He leaned up slightly and kissed his mother deeply. Finally she sat up and let his limp dick slide out of her pussy, keeping all the cum inside of her. The cum started to flow out of her and leak onto him again and on the bed. The cream flowed all around and the smell filled both their noses.

“Mom, I never expected it to be so amazing, I-I can’t believe how much I came!”

“You must be like your mommy, I like to squirt my juices, you get to have extra inside those balls of yours.” She gently lifted them up and fingered them for a second. “I think it’s time we get cleaned up. Probably should wash the sheets a bit as well,” she giggled. They both stood looking at the bed soaked with the juices and cum sitting in pools around. Cindy stood there as her son’s cum leaked down her legs, she reached down and wiped it up with her finger and licked it up.

“Can’t let all your cum go to waste, it tastes too good.” She laughed as her son chuckled at her.

They both made their way to the bathroom and showered and cleaned themselves up, making sure to not dress afterwards since they both feel clothes at this point would be silly. Keeping clothes only near the door for certain occasions.

The next day as they were sitting eating dinner, Charles was wearing underwear and Cindy with a bra on (they both had just come back from grocery shopping). The door opened and they heard footsteps coming down the hall, then they saw Rachel turn the corner. Both had forgotten about his 16yr sister who had been at camp for the last 3 weeks and forgot that she came home today. Both just sat there completely frozen as Rachel gasped.

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    Not too bad. I quite enjoyed it. Keep writing, always room for improvement.

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    Oh please write a part 6 with little sister!!!!!!!

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    Boring and no lust to it.only one cat on here writes the best mom and son stories hands down.

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    love these stories more please

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    This is great keep it going