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My name is tim, i am 6/2 210 pounds of muscle, blonde curly hair with blue eyes.i go to college about a hour from home.i am a male dancer on the weekends to get spending money.im 22 years old by the way.my mom renee is a 42 year old with strawberry blonde wavy hair,5/7 140 pounds with hazel eyes, total fox with a killer bod and ass.my mom is married to my 52 year old dad glenn, my dad travels alot and my mom works for a huge law firm.today is friday and i work tonight at the club.dont think just skanky women come to a strip club, i seen and had my share of hot single and married women come in and even offer me money to fuck them outside of work which i gladly would do.take tonight it was around 10:30 and we were pretty busy, this hot blonde walks in the place wearing tight black slacks and red heels and sits at a small table in the corner.about ten minutes later our waiter lisa comes up to me and whispered that lady over in the corner is requesting a table dance from you.i walk over their staring at this older hot ass blonde wearing the biggest wedding ring on her finger, hi i said to her in total shock that she looked so fine and did not even take her wedding ring off.my name is tim i said to her, you can call me ms.thompson she whispered, so how much for a table dance she ask me, and i said $10 bucks.lets do it she said with such excitement.i started working my goods for her, god you got such a nice package she said, nice total package i should say.you like what you see ms.thompson i said to her with my 8 inch dick in her face, boy do i she replied.your getting this dirty prudes pussy flowing tim.i finished the dance and ms.thompson handed me a $20 and said keep it.do you find me attractive tim she ask, i think your more than attractive ms.thompson i said.my husband left for business about 3 hours ago and will be gone for 5 days, how would you like to come over and fuck the living shit out of me tim she said, ill even pay you $500 for your services.how much time you want ms.thompson for the $500.at least a couple hours she said.for that ill fuck you all night long i said.i’ll even leave work early for that kind of money, write your address down i said and slip it to me.make sure you wear something hot for me ms.thompson because you are going to get fucked.i look forward to it she said and got up to leave.i stared at that tight beautiful swaying ass of hers.we had enough dancers that night so i told them i was feeling under the weather that i was going home.im sure the other males did not care, they saw it as more money for them.i put the address in my g.p.s.and headed to this cheating bitches house.it said it would take about an hour to get their, make sense to me if she was married and did not want to get seen or caught.i finally pulled in the driveway of this big beautiful house, must have been about half a million or more, know wonder this lady offered me $500 to fuck her.i knocked on the door and ms.thompson answered it wearing sun tan stockings with the dark brown seam up the back of the leg with pink heels and short black robe.come right in tim she said and closed the door and locked both locks.she was a fox and looked dam hot, she even had pink eye liner on.would you like a drink tim or anything she ask, i would like to take a nice shower if you dont mind ms thompson.follow me sweety she said, i followed right behind her looking at how her legs looked in those seamed stockings and pink heels, that ass of hers my god.i could not help but say to her your going to get your moneys worth tonight ms.thompson you can be sure of that.here you are tim right in here she said, i already put a towel and cloth in here, take your time tim.i took my time showering and put on these skimpy black briefs that fit tight over my bulge and on the front in white it said ” home of the big whopper”.the back part was a fish net that fitted tight on my ass.now the moment i could not wait for, i took out my vile of coke and snorted a little line, i do this to strip and do my job.i love to fuck on it also.especially a bitch like ms.thompson.i took another little snort, oh yeah i said to myself.i walked out yelling ms.thompson, in the living room tim waiting for you.ms.thompson was sitting in this big black leather recliner, oh tim look at you sweety she said, oh god look at that cock bulging in those briefs she said, home of the big whopper she said, this chair tim is where my husband sits and watches tv when hes not on business, i want you to fuck this dirty prude on it, you like fuckin’g behind your husbands back i said to her, i love it she said, he does not fuck me much.i can get it for free but paying for it is dirty and such a turn on.oh here tim by the way she said and layed out 5 one hundred dollar bills on the stand next to the recliner.you want my cock ms.thompson i said and put my cock right to her face, oh god look at that hunk of meat she said and started licking my cock through the thin silk material, oh god tim what a dick, your such a hot blonde ms.thompson i said, she had her blonde hair back in a bun like a school teacher wearing light pink glasses.she sprang my cock out of my briefs running her tongue up my shaft, what is your first name i ask her, renee she said, call me renee.get that big dick in your mouth renee and just suck it.i was feeling super horny now, that coke kicked in real good.my cock was standing full erect, you ready for it renee i said, she spread those legs wide and said bury it up their tim, fuckin’g bury it.i sank all the way in deep and started pumping.renee was even holding her pink heels back with her hands, she even had beautiful pink nails.oh god your cunt is so good renee i said, i could feel my cock hitting the back walls of her cunt on every thrust.the chair was making noises underneath as i kept driving it deep.oh god i love it tim, your cock feels so good deep inside me.the leather kept making rubbing sounds as we fucked.as i kept going in so deep as i could feel my own cock way up the back of this hot blondes cunt i would look at the 100 dollar bills loving it, i am such a dirty prude fuckin’g you behind my husbands back but its so good tim, i just stayed hitting that cunt deep and long pumping away.i felt so horny and just wanted to keep fuckin’g this slut.i just kept pumping my muscular legs driving my cock way up into the back of that cunt listening to the chair springs creak over and over as renee staired into my eyes through her glasses, i love it tim she said, don’t stop tim keep it buried up my cunt tim, i plan on it renee i said as my whole 8 inches went up her twat repeatedly and repeatedly non stop.i felt so horny and full of pure lust i was fuckin’g this married women in her own husbands chair that he watches tv in.as my cock stretched this blondes pussy.i kept whispering in her ear ” you like my cock stretching your cunt hole, you like my cock way up your cunt hole, i love it tim, oh god i love it, love it nice and deep, something broke or snapped underneath the chair and we just stayed fuckin’g, i kept driving it into the back of her cunt repeatedly , the evil lust we were doing, the coke had me so horny 35 minutes had already gone by and i just kept pumping and pumping deep into the depths of this married ladies twat.just fuckin’g the living shit out of this women’s cunt.i just could not get enough of her cunt hole i swear.after about 45 minutes of non stop pumping i blasted jet after fuckin’g jet of spunk up her cunt.oh mom your the best fuck ever i said to her.and your one hell of a stripper stud son.i knew where this lady lived, its my parents house and mom and i always play are role plays to make it fun.

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    I mainly read the incest stories on literotica tim.the people on this site do not know a great story from their ass hole.your story was just awesome tim.i had many orgasm from it.just so dam hot.