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I teach inhigh school, I m thirty with 30 d firm tits and a sexy body, one day I came to class wearing a dress and panties no bra, it was the last class of my day andit had been a normal day so far.At the end of the class most of the students were going home when a couple of the guys came up to ask me about some stuff in class I answered there questions ,they were both very ahtletic and I liked it alot,they smiled and asked if I wasgoing to the gym after school for an event and I saidyes I d be there, iwent to the event where they joined me andwechatted more about some stuff I was enjoying there conversation, after the event was over they smiled and asked if I wanted to see some ofthe gym area and I saidok I hadn tbeen there much so they showed mearound some and we went into a room with padded floorsandthey were telling me that the wrestling team practiced there,we were alone by this time and soon I felt ahand on my ass caressing it and a kiss on myneck , I felt my dress being pulled up slowly as the other guy watched myknees felt a little weak I hadn t had sex for a while soon my dress was around my waist and I felt his hand go inside ofmy panties and caress my pussy I was getting wet as he slid his finger into me,he whispred in my earthatthey were going to havesex with me and I said ok as he unziped my dress,I took it off as they undressed and I took my panties off, I got on my knees and I sucked there 8″ dicks and I laid downand spread then one guy positioned himself and slid hisdick into my tight pussy and he started fucking me hard and tod me to wrap my kegs around him and I did it felt good as he fucked me and soon he was cumming inside of me and I loved it and then he pulled out as I watched the otherguy get down soon he was fucking me to knowing I wanted it he kept going til he cum also.Welaid there together as the told me that I was going to be there whore and I was to do as they wanted and I agreed as I knewi was going to be fucked regular

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  • Reply Woody ID:1doqef8gdfvy

    I hope that you don’t teach English. How did you ever get a degree? No wo der our children are getting less intelligent.

  • Reply Jan ID:1ejgg9yi3d6m

    A copy of my stories.and not very well done

    • Jan ID:1ejgg9yi3d6m

      To compare read my stories by Dark Action

    • admirer ID:bqluwnrhm

      i agree with you