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My father-in-law Is Coming By Everyday For Sex

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I don’t know about this. I think I’ve created a monster. I guess we’ve (my husband & I) created a monster.
I told you how Jake, my father-in-law, wanted to fuck me. And he finally did by slipping into our house while I was in the shower. I didn’t hear him. Matthew, my husband was out of town on business. Jake has a key to our place. He came up behind me while I had only a towel on and forced his dick in me. After I couldn’t get away from him, I let him fuck me.

Matthew knew how his dad was always grabbing and touching me so one day we were talking and he said, “You ought to just let him fuck you.” I was shocked to say the least. He didn’t know he had forced me already. Well a few weeks later they had talked and Matthew said, “Let it be his birthday present cause we never know what to give him anyway.” Matthew’s mother didn’t give him hardly any sex these days.

So, we ended up the three of us fucking. We fucked many times. Matthew has to go out of town every couple of weeks on business and he’s gone all week. Well, I said, “What if your dad comes over while you’re gone.” He said, “Fuck him if you want.” It was up to me. I must say Jake had a bigger dick than my husband and he did know how to satisfy a woman. But, I really wanted my husband to be there when his dad fucked me. Matthew’s mother didn’t drive so that was good. I wouldn’t have to worry about her popping in when Jake was fucking me.

But now, Jake’s coming over every day. He plays golf a lot. So he tells June he’s playing golf and he comes over and fucks me all day long. He won’t leave for hours. He’s retired and I don’t work outside the home right now so I’m his fuck toy.

I told Jake, “Your dad’s coming over a lot.” He said, “Ah, come on honey, give the old man some pussy.” “He’s been denied a long time with mom cutting him off.” “Let him fuck you.”
But, he don’t understand. It’s not a quick fuck and go home. He wants to fuck me multiple times and always wants to fuck my ass and suck his dick. I’m worn out. I don’t know where he gets all his stamina.
Plus, Jake’s been getting rough with me.

He comes over first thing in the morning and I haven’t gotten out of bed sometimes. So, I say, “Wait I gotta go pee and brush my teeth.” I do that and he will hand me something slutty to put on out of my negligence drawer. Today it was a crotchless pink teddy that had little hearts to cover my nipples and spaghetti straps. It was mostly straps. I said, “Jake, I don’t wanna wear this at 7:00 in the morning.” He slapped me hard on the ass, pinched my nipples and said, “Put it on.” So, I did. He took off all his clothes and grabbed me by my wrist, pushed me in a chair and held his dick up for me to suck.

He puts it in my mouth and fucks my mouth real slow, in and out, in an out. Holding my head he puts the head in and takes it almost out and I’m just sucking the head while he’s going in and out. His dick is rock hard. Then he starts talking. He tells me, “You suck my dick so good.” “You suck it like a slut would suck it.” ” I’ve paid for head jobs before and they weren’t as good as your mouth is.” “Are you a our slut?” I nod my head.

When he talks that trash talk to me it makes me horny as hell. Now, I’m ready to do whatever he wants. Then he starts putting in deeper in my mouth and then deeper into my throat. He pushes it as far as it will go and holds it there until I can’t breath and I push him back and he’ll take it out a little. I can always taste a little cum in the back of my throat when he does that. He has a very nice dick. It’s got to be 9″ and bigger than a silver dollar. He fills me up anywhere he puts it.

He asks me, “Do you like my dick?” and “Where do you like it the most.” I tell him, “In my pussy.” He said, “I love fucking you while Matthew getting a blow job.” “I love team fucking you with Matthew.” He likes it best when he’s in my ass and Matthew’s in my pussy. He’s holding my head still and his dick is sticking straight out. He’s sliding his dick in and out of my mouth, then speeds up and pushes it in the back of my throat and cums.

After he cums, I go make coffee and he slips his boxers on but hangs his dick out the opening. He plays with it and when he gets it hard again he’s gonna fuck me. He watches me walk around in my almost nakedness talking about my body. He says,”Come here.” I walk over after I put the coffee on and Jake slides the hearts covering my nipples over and started sucking my titties. Cupping them in his hands and squeezing them together he started biting my nipples. I said, “Jake, you’re hurting me.” He said, “I know, but you can take it because I wanna do it.” I turned to walk away and he grabbed me and said, “Don’t make me hurt you.” Then he sticks his fingers in my pussy and fingers me hard. He bends me over his lap and spanks me several times then sticks his two fingers in my ass. He’s jamming his fingers I hard and fast then says, “I’ll be putting my dick in there later.” I get up and he sucks on my tits again as he squeezes my butt and pulls me against his dick.

I said, “Let’s have some coffee, Jake.” So he let me go and we drank some coffee. I started cleaning the counters walking around the kitchen and Jake’s asking me to tell him what men have done to him. He always asks about when my cousin Angie held me down when I was 10 while her boyfriend Luke raped me. I said, “I’ve told you that before, more than once. ” He said, “I know, but start from the beginning.” So he takes my hand and leads me in the living room, bends me over the arm of the chair and slides his dick in me from behind.

He said, ” Go on, start after your cousin got out of the car leaving you alone with him.” I said, ” Luke leaned over and kissed me.” “He pulled me down in the seat of the car and slid his hand up my skirt and started putting his hand inside my panties rubbing my pussy.” Jake said, “What did he say when he touched your 10 year old pussy?” I said, “Luke told me , “Ohoo, this smooth hairless pussy is just what I like, this little girl tight pussy.” Then he took my panties off. I was scared. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Angie told me to let him do what he wanted to do. So then Luke unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick, got between my legs and spread them apart. I could feel his dick touching my leg. Luke reached down and was rubbing my pussy and he slid his finger inside me. When he did that I jumped. Jake is fucking me and his dick is so hard. He said, “Then what happened?”

When I jumped Luke said, “I know you were raped and you’re not a virgin.” I didn’t know how he knew that but Angie must have told him. So, I started pushing him away cause he was trying to put his dick in me. Angie was outside the car and he told her, “I’m having a little trouble here.” So, she opened the door and got in behind me and pulled my arms up and held me against herself so I couldn’t push him away or use my arms. He spread my legs with his legs, pulled me down close to his dick and started putting it in my pussy. He held my pussy lips apart and when he got the head of his dick in he started talking. Jake’s dick feels like a rock fucking me. Luke said, “Oh my gosh, this is the tightest pussy I’ve ever had my dick in.” “It feel so good.” “It’s so tight.” I’m crying and saying, ” It hurts, it hurts.” Angie said, “It won’t hurt after he gets it all the way in.” So, Luke takes my hips and pulls me down on his dick and pushes it all the way in. Jake’s fucking me hard and wants me to go on.

Luke tells Angie, “Oh, I wish you could feel how this little pussy feels on my dick.” He leans over and kisses her while he’s fucking me. Luke fucks me for a long time and said, “Thanks baby for doing this so I could fuck her pussy.” “It’s all I could think about was fucking her little pussy.” He fucked me hard and said, “I don’t want to quit, I wanna fuck you all night.” “I wish I could take you home with me.” Angie was getting aggravated and said, “You need to finish.” He said, “I love her pussy.” ” I’ll get ready to cum in a bit.” He just kept fucking me.” He said, “Where do you want me to cum?” Then Angie said, “She hasn’t started her period yet, you can cum in her if you want.” He grabbed my hips pulled me close and started fucking me fast then said, “I’m cumming in this baby pussy.” And Luke rammed his dick in me as far as he could and cum.

Jake shot his load in me when I said that. His dick was hard as a rock when he did. He was out of breath and said, “That was so fucking good.” “I love how he raped you.” “I can’t believe your cousin held you down to help him.” “Amazing.” He said, “So you were raped before you were 10 and then you got raped when you were 10.” “When was the next time you fucked?” I said, ” I was 12. His dick jerks as he pulled out of me.

Jake reaches around sticks three fingers in my pussy and hand fucks me to makes me cum. He made me cum three times doing that. He grabs my titties and rolls the nipples hard and sucks on them again.
He said, “Man, I love fucking you.”
He got a phone call and had to leave or I know he would have fucked my ass. I was kinda glad because I had things to do. But, I did enjoy the fucking he gave me. He is a great fuck.

I’m gonna have to say something to Matthew about his dad coming by everyday. He doesn’t stay hours everyday only when he’s supposed to be playing golf. But, other days he runs in and wants to fuck me or he wants me to suck his dick.

It’s Thursday, Matthew will be home tomorrow night and his dad’s sure to come over for more togetherness.

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    After my mom takes her sleeping pills my daddy comes to my room everynight and fucks me. I love it.

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    I went on here but I couldn’t find you

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    Jan is your name? Nice

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    I did. [email protected]. I’m not on here much

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    Why do people ask to be contacted then fail to give an address to be contacted at?
    Don I’d love to converse with you
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    How you doing baby. I’d like to meet you. Fuck your pussy

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    • Taylormade ID:1a912bhj

      I’m sorry, I don’t contact anyone, actually I don’t have the time. Yes, this is true. I get fucked multiple times a day. Mostly by my father in law. My husband goes out of town a lot. My father in law is an animal. All he wants to do is fuck. My husband wants me to let him fuck me. He says, his dad deserves it. So, I let him. He’s very good and I like the size of his dick. Dream about me Don. 💋

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    • Taylormade ID:1a912bhj

      Don’t think that would work, my husband likes me pleasing his dad.

    • Don ID:16kcfyyh3cfr

      I wonder if this is a TRUe story. Or wanton fantasy

  • Reply Loving wife and daughter ID:ndooler6i9

    FIL and fathers can be ideal for filling the gap when husband isn’t around. Once you get past the mental blocks it can be tons of fun. Im 38 now and started with FIL a year and half ago and with my own dad a year ago. loving it

    • Dream ID:4a206ba4zrk

      How old are you good for you

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    But I can satisfy your p**** by myself you didn’t trouble baby

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    You says being rough with you then let you you let him f*** y** I don’t make sense to me

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    Hum. You could stoo it. If you wanted too. Change the locks on the house. Your in trouble

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    Erzähle uns mehr darüber wie der Alte Mann sich an deinen Schlampenlöchern vergnügt

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    I love old guys fuking me

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      Can I get your email I would love to hear your stories

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    Mmm. I want that man to be my father in law!!