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My dad raped me

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I’m currently 20 and I have lived with my dad and brother since I was 12. My mom left my dad back then and I haven’t talked to her since..my dad forbid me to do so.
He and I have a close relationship, but when he is drunk he always gets more aggressive and after a while he started being touchy with me too ( I think I was around 14 when it started)..I don’t know why, but I didn’t mind it, he never went too far. When a was 16 he started doing it even when he wasn’t drunk. I tried telling him no but he kept doing it and when I resisted he yelled at me and told me I should resist and that it is normal to do this with him. He has not stopped since.
About my brother..He does not care about me, he doesn’t hate me but he minds his own business and I think he knows what dad is doing to me, but I am not sure..

It happened two days ago, I was chatting with my friends on discord and he came in drunk and pissed of so I muted my mic and tried to talk to him but he came onto me so fast. I don’t remember what made him do it, I did try to resist, but he didn’t care, when I told him no he slapped me and told me I should stop being a brat and do what he tells me to do, then he yanked me from my chair to the floor and got on top of me. He fucked me there, I didn’t resist after a while and just took it. I don’t know if my brother was home at the time..he didn’t say anything so I assume he was not, if he was it just shows how much he doesn’t care about me ig.
After that I did go back to my friends and apologized for disappearing and made up a lie as to what happened. He didn’t use a condom and came in me..I sat there talking to my friends with my dads cum still in my abused pussy.

I hate to admit it but I start to want him to do it again..

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  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    My dad raped me young too. I had just turned 8. My mom was out of town. So we were home alone. One night when he was drinking, he came in my room, yanked off my panties & licked my pussy, he told me my pussy is now ready for him, he stuck his dick in my little hole so hard, l felt like l was being ripped apart. He fucked me til he came in me. He fucked me the whole week my mom was gone. He wouldn’t stop raping. Even when she returned home.

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  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    I hope dad and brother rape.tou at the same time breeding you

    • Rapemypussy ID:1dmlnllpptze

      This sounds lovely, 2cocks are better then one

  • Reply Alone ID:2ql03bpv0

    I would love more details. How can I talk to you

  • Reply fake ID:c726pwvv3

    Fake fantasy

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Lacking a lot of detail, just another wham, bam, came in you story. Also, very short

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    hope your ass is next!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667yb0j

    Your Dad is a real stud and a rapist. Enjoy! I’m sure your brother knows what’s happening and just doesn’t give a fuck – that’s boys for you and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

    • Beefox ID:1cshpts83bz6

      You thinks so?..

  • Reply uncle dick ID:1etk7pkqdgw6

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