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Confessing Em

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Not ever expecting to have gotten to that point

I’m male 21 and on my off time before bed I like to hop on the chat side of omegle and roleplay. Stories that you normally find in porn like being the teacher that takes advantage of their student, boyfriend that takes his girls virginity or whatever the other person thinks of that might be fun.

One night though, I was about to hop off until I matched with a girl. F16. I thought nothing more about it and started casually taking about a dating scenario and exchanging locations. Oddly enough, we were in the same city and not that far from one another. She started telling me she never had anyone inside her before and I couldn’t for the life of me find any reason to stop talking to her.

Now before I continue I just want to say that the legal age to consent here is 16 so I wouldn’t have been breaking any laws by pursuing her as a partner but it just felt… wrong.

We talked the whole night about her, her family and friends. What her interests were, and what she liked in bed. What she wanted to try and how crazy we were so close.
Against my better judgment I asked if she wanted to hang out and she gave me her kik. We set up a date a week later and the entire time panic and confusion of what I did persisted. The only thing that kept me from calling it off was her pictures.
Her body was nice and tight, her white ass filled out nicely for her age and her C cup tits was just begging to be squeezed. It was insane that I was meeting her and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

The day came and I waited nervously at the spot. I was expecting her not to show up but there she was in person. In her tight jeans and denim jacket. Her smile was amazing… looks could be deceiving they say and what stood in front of me was this cute girl but underneath it was was this sex starved vixen.
We went around the area and talked a bit getting to know eachother until it started getting late and I offered if she wanted to come over to my place.
“Sure I told my parents that I’d be staying over at my friend’s.”
My voice caught and I could feel my dick harden in my pants.

We got to my place and I let her in. She looked around the room and she slid off her jacket to toss onto the couch. I had a 16 year old girl standing in the middle of my apartment whom I’ve actively talked about making her scream my name in ecstacy.
I reached out towards her and hugged her from behind. My hands start to slowly explore her body and she gives out a content sigh giving me all the reasons to continue.
I lowered my head and kissed her neck while my hands started rubbing her tits over her shirt. The next part is a little hazy but some how we made it to the bed. Her pants were off and I was between her legs in view of her purple thong.
I trailed kisses down her inner thigh before diving in and trailing my tongue up her slit, finding the clit I continued flicking it every time I ran over it. Her small moans and whimpers were enough to get me hard so I slid her thong to the side and push my tongue inside her virgin hole.
My hands held on to her wrists and when I looked up her perky tits were pressed together and she was looking at me, her eyes glossy and her mouth gasping from the pleasure she was feeling. I let go of one of her arms and pulled my mouth away from her pussy. Thrusting two fingers inside to loosen up the tight cunt. The room echoed with her screaming fuck, and the sound of the bed squeaking from her body twitching before she tensed up and squirted all over the bed. Her pussy squeezed so hard that my fingers were pushed out and her torso lifted as she had her first orgasam from another person.

I was shocked and so turned on that this little girl sprayed so much liquid all over the bed. My dick not being able to take it anymore, that once she stopped spraying I positioned myself between her legs and thrust my dick inside her warm and wet hole. She groaned and put her hands against my stomach as I buried every inch I could inside her tight cunt. Grinding my hips against hers she tightened up rythmicly on my cock. Without more of a warning I started thrusting my hips fucking the breath out of her as she continued to shake and shout how good she felt.
This young girl was acting like an animal that finally got to eat for the first time. Her tits bouncing with each thrust and her legs locked me against her.
I was so close to finishing and I couldn’t hold on any longer so I pulled my dick out of her cunt and shot my load all over her body. I don’t think I ever came that much or that far but it covered her face and tits, her stomach drenched in our cum. She was left panting while I kneeled there, my arms holding her legs apart, out of breath and having just fucked a minor.

Dread setting in post nut and I started to wonder what now since I did this to her. My thoughts racing and I didn’t know what will become of me until she started to get up and then turn around. On all fours on the bed she shook that fat ass of hers in my face and all those thoughts faded when my dick got hard again.

That wasn’t the last time we fucked though she found someone closer to her age and moved away and we stopped talking. I think those kinds of meetings are only once in a life time though the relief that I don’t have to hide my relationship with a 16 year old anymore feels so liberating. Though I will miss her tight cunt that was so easy to please.

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