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I’ll Make Mommy Happy – Part Two

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Part two and the final part. Mommy reached me about the pussy and other things

So I got down on my knees in front of my mommy on the couch. Her legs were spread open so I could see allll of her pretty pink cunt. She was freshly trimmed so we almost matched because I hadn’t started growing hair down there yet.

I sat there patiently for a few seconds before she starts to rub her fingers over her wet pussy. She smiles down at me and starts explaining “so first off baby, all of these parts sometimes have different names, I’m just gonna say a few of them ok? So first off the whole thing is called a pussy.” I nodded and kept watching as she ran her fingers across the whole thing.

She continues while spreading open her pussy lips a little so I could we her clit “now this baby, this is a very special part, it’s called a clit and when you touch it, it feels amazing” and she starts to circle her own clit while moaning a little.

I nod, look up at her and says “mommy, can I touch myself there?” She shakes her head “not yet baby girl, I’ll help you once I’m done ok? Now pay attention.” She moves her fingers down to her hole and she’s like “now this is the cunt baby, a lot of people call it a pussy too, this is what your dad uses when we have sex”

I whine and nod, she smiles and is like “that’s all you need to know for now baby, now if you want help touching yourself for the first time tell me.” I nod and say “yes! Yes mommy please I want you to touch my pussy” she smiles “I’m so proud of you for using your words baby, now spread your legs out, just like mommy” she says moving to sitting on the floor, they both have there legs spread wide open, my little virgin cunt twitching from the cold air and how wet I was.

She reached down and spreads my little pussy lips apart, she smiles and says “look at you baby, all wet and ready for mommy” I nod as she lets go of my pussy lips and starts running her hand over my pussy, I moan and scoot closer to the on the floor. I moan and she speeds my pussy apart together before she starts circling my clit.

I moan like “o-oh mommy! Mommy please that feels good,,,p-please mommy touch my little clit more” my mom smiles and says “I’ll do you one better baby girl” and she gets down on the floor, her face inch’s away from my pussy. She blew on it, I moaned and it twitched from the cold air, she does it a few more times before she’s pressing her face into my cunt and licking my clit.

I moan and whimper so much. She keeps doing it for at least 5 minutes, I’m so wet when she pulls away that she licks up wet ness and says “your so cute baby, my good girl.” she sits back up and is like “I want you to do what just did to you to me, ok?” I nod.

She gets back up onto the couch and spreads her legs. I immediately get as close as I can to her and lick her pussy. I keep going, over and over, loving the way my mommy tasted. She was so sweet and her cunt was so wet.

I kept licking still she pulled me away 20 minutes later. She smiles and is like “come on baby we’re going into mommy and daddy’s room.

I follow her and she sits me down on the bed before going into the drawer and grabbing a dildo. She comes onto the bed and is like “this is a dildo baby, I’m gonna put it inside your cunt and it’s gonna fee really really good ok?” I nod, trusting my mommy, she’s so good at making me feel good.

She teases my little cunt for a few seconds with the dildo before easing it inside me. I moan so loud and the moment she started fucking me with it fully I came for the first time ever and After that I jsut kept cumming so much.

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    that’s very hot! do the part three…..! and write me. we can hare material…[email protected]