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Son lets his Father have a go at his new wife

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When son bring home his sexy new wife, his father lusts over her body. To which so offers her to him.

I’m Sammy, 25 yr old guy, working for an IT company. I make good money so I was lucky and got married to Stacy (30yrs). She is a very very beautiful woman and had a line of guys wanting to fuck her. She did fuck a lot of guys, but when it came to getting married she choose me. Yes, she is more experienced than me and out of my league, but I’m young man with a bright rich future.
Some say she choose me because I’m a Beta Male with money and she hit “the wall”. At that age women want to settle down with a reliable guy.

Anyways, I hit the jackpot with such a beautiful girl. We dated for just 3 months before getting married. And during this 3 months she never let me have sex with her. She said she wanted to wait till marriage as she is healing from her past traumas from men. Whatever that means.

So when I got married I was very happy that finally I will get a change to fuck such a beautiful lady like Stacy. She is 36C with slim waist and round hips. She has thick thighs, blonde hair and brown eyes.
After marriage I took her to my dads house, as we got married near his place and we were supposed to leave for our honey moon the next day from the same city.
So it was my dad(49yrs), Stacy and me. Finishing up the drinks that were left over from the party.

“It was so much fun” Dad said.
“Thank you for letting us use your backyard for the ceremony ” Stacy said.
“Anything for such a beautiful lady like you”
“Oh stop it.” She giggled
“No seriously, you can have anything in this house”
“Including the residents?” Stacy said playfully
“Definitely the resident” Dad laughed and leaned forward to kiss my wife on her lips.
They started to kiss passionately.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“Dad…What are you doing?”
“Of I’m sorry son, I got carried away. Your wife is so beautiful and sexy and thick… And fuckable”
“Easy dad.. enough… she is your daughter-in-law”
“Will you shut up” Stacy said.
“Your dad has been lonely for so long. Why can’t you think from his side.” She continued
“Oh yeah.. I’m sorry dad”
“No no it’s ok.. she is your wife… I should have at least asked before kissing and groping her”
“Yes, that would have been nice”
“Sooooo….Can I kiss and grope your wife, son?”
“Ok dad.. but easy…”

They just went for it. Dad piled on her making her lay on the couch as he climbed on her. He was groping her massive voluptuous tits. He was already inside her dress, feeling her thighs. Slowly sliding between her thighs and reaching her crotch. She was moaning now as he kept kissing her lips and neck. He then started to suck on her bare tits, which he reached by pulling her dress down.
Oh boy they were huge and suckable.
They he lifted her dress completely to reveal her lacy red panties. He bit the panties with his teeth and started to pull them off.
We could see he clean shaven pink pussy. Oh it looked so yummy.
Then he stopped and looked at me.
“Is it ok if I tasted your wife’s pussy?”
“Ok go ahead.. just a lick”
He started to eat her out. She was holding on his hair as she closed her eyes and moaned as my dad eat her pussy.
I was getting so hard. Then dad stood up and pulled his pants down. He too was rock hard. He was a lot bigger than me. Then he again looked at me and said.
“Would you mind son?”
“No go ahead.. I cannot stop you now can I”

Dad jumped on Stacy’s naked body and started to insert his dick in her vagina. She was all went and ready to take his massive dick up her pussy.

“Aaaahhhh” Stacy screamed as dad started to fuck my wife.
He was ramming his whole body on her. She was loving it. He kept fucking her in missionary for like 15 mins then he lifted her up and turned her around. Then he got her in doggy position and started to thrust her hard. He was having a great time fucking a thick beautiful girl. She then turned around after a few mins and started to suck his glistening dick. She was talking dirty while looking in his eyes. She was a nasty bitch. I loved her more. Years of experience having suck so many dicks, she was making my daddy really happy. Then he held her head with his both hands and started to fuck her mouth. She was making gagging noises. She was a slut.

Then he sat down on the couch and lifted her up. She sat on his cock facing me (reverse cowgirl) and started to jump up and down on his sock while looking at me making sexual expressions. It was turning her on watching me jerk off as she got fucked by another man.

Now she started to talk dirty to me.
“You like to watch your wife get fucked don’t you… you cuck?” She spit on my face and laughed.
I was too turned on to get offended,, I kept jerking nodding my head.
“I will fuck you dad every day.. you hear me.. I will fuck all you cousins and uncles too.” She continued.
“I will fuck your friends too, specially your black best friend. I bet he has a huge cock… You would like that don’t you? Your friends massive black dock fucking your wife. Like you father is fucking me right now. he is destroying your wife’s pussy Sammy.. Your wife’s pussy… It was supposed to be yours…. Now your dad is making a gaping hole.” She was all charged up and horny. She was having orgasm.

Dad too got excited and took back control and push her on the couch and bent her over and started to rage fuck her.
“Take it you slut… You dirty dirty whore. I will make you fuck my cousins too. I will make sure your pussy is always busy you slut.” he slapped her ass as he spoke.

She was enjoying it laughing and giggling at me. Moaning hard as he was fucking her like a bitch on heat.

“I’m cumming. Bring your mouth here” Dad pulled Stacy’s hair and brought her to her knees. She was laughing as she sat infront of her. She was loving the way my dad was man handling her. Like a rag doll.

Then my dad shot a huge shot of cum all over her face. She took most in her mouth some fell on her face. She looked dad in his eyes with smile and ended up swallowing every drop of his cum as he smacked his dick on her face.

What a night. They they both fell on the couch cuddling each other.
“Go and bring some snacks for us please” Dad said to me.

When I came back Stacy told me that she is going to spend the night with dad as we will be leaving for our Honey the next day so she wanted to spend more time with him when she can. I said ok.

Next morning I went it wake Stacy to get her ready. They both were butt naked on the bed. Later she told me that they fucked 3 more time that might. She was finding it difficult to walk. But she managed.

We said out good byes and left for the airport.
I hope once I reach the Hawaii I get to fuck my wife. Fingers Crossed. 😉

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  • Reply karli ID:1dnnhedpt7nb

    loved the story, loved the wife, she took it so pleasantly and full of fun, playing slutty but also cheerful. love her. and of course the writer of the story

    • Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

      I totally agree!

  • Reply Sharing is caring ID:ndomrl3qrc

    Sharing the wife with father and brother is something my husband seems very very comfortable with. Lucky me.

    • Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

      Lucky, Lucky You. Husband, Father and Brother must also feel super lucky, and blessed, to have you to make mad passionate love to whenever it pleases them. How delightful.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1cpb1cwmptp3

    We got married at 18 and had just came home from our honeymoon a cpl of days early. Not knowing we were back my dad walked in on us as I was fucking my sexy young wife in the ass along with one of his friends and the friends 12 yo grandson. There was some tension for a cpl of mos until one night we’d been drinking and my wife stripped for us and we had our 1st threesome with my dad. Several mos later she ended up giving the 12 yo a blowjob in return for mowing our lawn.

    • Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

      Sooooooo cool!

  • Reply Wife to all ID:1arfsxufik

    My father in law always flirted with me since even before i married. And my husband seemed quite ok about it and even started encouraging me to let the old man have his way. Soon i was being used by father in law and also husbands youngest brother. Its quite satisfying being the family slut with permission.

    • Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

      Sounds pretty darn perfect. Lucky you.

  • Reply Bailey ID:1dzs383pguo0

    nice story!

    • Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi


  • Reply Rags ID:g29guf141

    My wife loves to make me watch as my fried spunks her so liked story

    • Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

      My neighbors wife is like your wife. And so are her girlfriends. They all enjoy their husbands watching, holding their hands, telling them how beautiful they look with another man inside of them. It is a good life for husband and his wife and sure makes their friends and all happy.

  • Reply DOC Holiday ID:c1es5vo20b

    Cant really get into this story 22/03/23