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Son enjoys wearing mom’s panty girdle

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Son discovers his mom’s girdle. Then he discovers the pleasures of sexual intercourse.

After my mom came out of the bedroom, I snuck in and found her girdle laying on the bed. She must of taken it off when she got home from work. She was still wearing the dress she wore to work so apparently she only removed her girdle. It was a panty girdle, very smooth, shinny with lace, oh so feminine. I couldn’t help but wonder what wearing it would feel like. As quickly as I could, I pulled my pants and underwear down and kicked them to the side. Trembling with excitement I stepped into the girdle one leg at a time and struggled to pull it up my body until it reached just under my ribs and down to nearly mid thigh.

WOW what an incredible erotic feeling. I couldn’t believe mom could wear this whenever she wanted. It was making me horny. My thing was getting hard even though it was being held tightly by mom’s girdle.

“So I see you found my girdle.” Mom calmly said standing in the doorway. I was so overwhelmed by my new discovery I hadn’t heard my mom coming upstairs. “I….I I’m sorry mom!” Was all I could sputter out. I stood there in mom’s panty girdle waiting for her to start shouting for wearing her underwear. But she stood and smiled at me. “I’ll take it off mom.” I whimpered as I reached for the girdles waist band. “No sweetheart you can leave it on, I won’t need it for the rest of the day.” Mom then turned and went back downstairs.

I couldn’t believe it. Mom gave me permission to wear her girdle. I wasn’t sure what to do. Was I expected to stay in mom’s bedroom while wearing it, or could I wear it around the house. I grabbed my clothes from the floor and headed down the hallway to my bedroom. Walking down the hallway the girdle felt really nice. I was hard as a rock. My thing has never been so excited.

After putting on some sweatpants I decided to go downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen starting supper. “Hi sweetheart, do you have it on?” I nodded yes, feeling very self conscious. Okay, you can wear it till your bedtime if you want to. Then I’ll need to get it washed for tomorrow.” “Okay mom. I really like it.” “Oh honey, I’m glad you enjoy it, you can wear it anytime I’m not.”

After a few minutes mom had supper ready. As I sat across from mom eating my meal, I felt really weird knowing I was wearing a girdle. Mom’s girdle no less, and she knew I had it on.

After supper we both cuddled on the sofa watching television like we always do. Not much was said as we watched. Actually I really didn’t pay much attention to the movie mom had picked even though I acted like I was. The wonderful feel from wearing a girdle was all I could think about. My little twelve year old thing was hard, in fact it had been hard ever since it disappeared as I pulled mom’s girdle on.

After the movie was over, mom said she was going upstairs to take a bath and get ready for bed. As she stood she kissed my forehead and patted my butt. “I’ll be back sweetheart.” Was all she said.

When mom went out of sight I reached inside my sweatpants and rubbed my thing through the girdles shinny front. Quickly I discovered a wet spot at the end. It was a small wet spot but it felt really squishy and thick. As I rubbed the end around the wet spot it felt really slippery. It felt nice.

After a few minutes mom returned and after she sat down I laid down with my head on her lap. She smelled so good. As I looked up she looked down at me with a very loving smile. “So sweetheart, now that you’ve been wearing the girdle on for awhile now how do you like it?” Before I could answer she slipped her hand inside my sweatpants and ran her hand over my stomach. “Oh my goodness, you’re so hard sweetie. I guess you like my girdle.” I didn’t know what to say, but knew having mom touching me was amazing.

“Honey, do you know why you’re little penis is all hard and much bigger than it normally is?” “Because I like your girdle?” “Yes sweetheart, but it’s hard for a reason, do you know what that is?” “No I guess not mom, it just feels really nice when it’s hard.” “Yes I’m sure it does, but it’s hard so it’s easy to put it inside a girl.” “Really mom? You mean it could go inside you?” “Well, of course it could. Then after it’s been inside a girl for a little while, it will shoot sperm inside the girl.” “What is sperm mom?” “Well sweetie, sometimes when a boy shoots sperm inside a girl it makes a baby, but not always.”

After a long silence…..Mom, did dad shoot sperm inside you to make me?” “Yes he did, a few months before you were born.” “Mom do you have sperm inside you now?” “Haha….No honey, not since you’re dad passed away a few years ago.”

Again a long silence…..”That’s to bad mom.” “Yes when he passed it was very sad. I miss him so much. But you know what….you remind me of him every day.”

Mom kept very gently rubbing my sensitive thing through the girdle. “Sweetie does this feel good?” “Yes it feels REALLY nice.” I said as I looked up into her blue eyes. “Mom, do I have sperm?” “Yes sweetie you have sperm down here.” She replied as she gently rubbed her son’s balls.

She kept rubbing her son’s hard little cock and balls as they kept looking at one another. Finally she asked her twelve year old son what they were both thinking. “My sweet little boy, would you like to put your sperm inside me?” “Yeah I guess so mom if you want me to, but I’m not sure how.” “Oh I love you so much, I’ll show you sweetheart, let’s go upstairs.”

Mom led me upstairs to her bedroom. She had me sit on the edge of her bed and then sat next to me. “Ok honey this is actually very simple. In order for your sperm to go inside me you have to put your thing inside me. That’s why it’s big and hard.” She then took her son’s hand and while spreading her legs a little she showed him where he needed to put his cock. “See sweetheart it goes right here.” She put his finger inside her pussy opening. “After it starts in you just push it in as far as it will go. Then when you get really excited your sperm will go inside me. Okay? “Okay mom.”

Then mom took her robe off and crawled under the covers. “Come here sweetheart, make love to me.” “Should I take the girdle off now?” “No you can leave it on for awhile yet, just take off your sweatpants and t-shirt and come cuddle.”

I cuddled with my mom exploring her sexy body. She continued to rub my thing through the girdle. We kissed and kissed, She even put her tongue into my mouth so I did the same. She put my hand on her pussy. She was so wet and I even found the spot that my hard thing was going to go. She started breathing heavily and holding me really tight as I rubbed between her legs.

Suddenly she said while nearly out of breath, “Sweetheart take your girdle off and put it in me now! I need to feel you inside me!” As soon as I had her girdle off she grabbed my thing and guided it to her pussy. “Right there honey, that’s it, now push it in as far as you can.” I went inside mom really easily. Suddenly I was inside my mom and the feeling was the best I’ve ever felt. “Go in and out sweetheart, please fuck me!” Mom went crazy as soon as I started to do what she said. Then I felt myself start to get very excited and I felt something shooting into mom just like she said. The feeling was so incredible. But it didn’t last very long.

I laid on top of mom as she started to calm down as I also did. “Mom is my sperm inside you now?” “Oh yes sweetie, your sperm is definitely inside me. That felt so great. As soon as your cute little cock is hard your going to fuck me again. It’s been so long I forgot how amazing having a cock inside me can feel.”

“Mom, if my sperm is inside you, won’t you have a baby?” “Oh my sweet little boy, no tomorrow I’ll go to the drugstore and get a pill that will keep me from having your baby. Then I’ll get on birth control since I’m sure we’re going to be having sex a lot from now on. In fact your going to stay home from school tomorrow and spend the day in bed with me. You know, I’ve been waiting for a long time for you to get old enough to have sex. When I saw your hard little cock, I knew the time had come.” “Mom, it feels really nice inside you.”

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