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Raped and Kidnapped

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Hey My name is Naomi I am 17 at the time and this happen to to me 3 weeks ago when I was out with some friends to celebrate one of there birthdays.

Background: I met this guy when I was 13 but after I got to 15 we never talked much but a few weeks ago he messaged me Saying “hey Naomi right? I’m down here in ****** where u lived like u said can we hang out” now at the time I was with my friends so I said ” sure we can next week” I had Bella tests and things going on with school so I didn’t want to hang and get behind but he demanded that we did at 11.30pm I didn’t pay to much mind until he said ” ill wait inside your house” I thought he was joking so I said ok until he sent a picture of my house and a key in his hand I didn’t want to drink out my friends to I said I had to leave and get home because of a “test” I rushed out of the place and tried to get a cab when I got stopped by a lady asking if I needed a ride I said yes frantically and got in to her car as she took me home the peep send a pic of him in my room I closed my eyes hoping it was a dream all I remembered was a man in front of my house saying he was my of and he would take me in inside and something else but I was not fully awake When I woke put inside I was on my bed stripped naked on his nap at the time I was about 112 pounds and 5,1 I tried to get away but he grabbed my breast causing me to moan lighty and shake I asked him to let go in such a shakey tone but he demand that i “be a good girl ” and grabbed my neck so it would be easy for him to bite from behind he started to nibble at my neck I slowly started gasping as he bit harder and harder inching his hand to my pussy I jumped put and ran to the door at tears rolled down my face and it was locked ( my door locks was flipped because of the last owners and that meant someone else was here I was about to turn around when I was banged up against the door he grabbed my neck and smacked me on the face yelling “U bitch oh ho ho ho u made this 10x worst for u. He thew me back onto the bed Taking out his cock and pulling into my pussy I wined and winded as he went faster in me he tightened his grip on my neck causing me to open my mouth to get more air he pounded me non stop yelling and calling me names but all I was thinking about was how fast his cock was going inside of me I came a stort time after but he keep going he said ” ill fuck u all night I will breed the living fuck out of u make it to where u can’t FUCKIN walk bitch your mine your little body UT AP all mine and with that he picked me put and fucked me against the wall I came again from his words I never masterbated much so this was a big for MRI moaned and wined in his ear and he kept getting fasted and fasted the more I wined he camed in my pussy making it creamy and didn’t stop fucking me unti his 5 load I was so weak I maoned when he touched me he had a grin on his face saying ” see you liked that” I was to weak to speak trying to breath he then looked at my pussy and all the cum in between my legs he had filled me with I had fell asleep and woke up to “I had slot of fun last night u did too U called my daddy so many times begging me to not stop your such a slut see u next week ;)”

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  • Reply ruby ramona ID:1e19duxsdhp0

    poor writing or translation, she can’t spell and it was so unappealing

  • Reply Scott ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Wow I’m speechless. [email protected]

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    So eine Scheisse ist nur zeit verschwendung

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    Part 2 please